The Grooming of The Persian Cat

The Persian cat is a very clean animal although from time to time we should give it a bath. It is not something that he loves but if we talk to him with affection and we do it with tranquility he will accept it willingly.

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The ideal temperature will be about 38 degrees and we can put a towel on the bottom of the bath so that it does not slip. We will avoid getting water in your ear and your face will be the part of the bathroom that you like the least. We will rinse it with a lot of water to avoid remaining traces of shampoo.

We will dry as much as possible with a towel and the rest with a hairdryer, without putting it too close to the cat because it may scare you, and at a temperature that does not burn you. We comb hair and counterbalance while leaving the hair without any moisture.

At the time of the daily care of the hair of the Persian cat, we will have to comb it every day to avoid knots and also to prevent that they swallow balls of hair that can damage their stomach and their health. We can put malt in the leg to help the hair does not stay in your stomach or intestine. The most conflicting areas in terms of knots will be gut, armpits, hind quarters, tail and chest.

We will clean the eyes of the Persian cat with sterile gauze or cellulose scarves that we can soak with warm boiled water or physiological saline also warm. Afterwards, we will dry with handkerchiefs. As for the ears, we will use specific products for this.

When we clean the Persian cat, we will take the time to investigate its skin and check if it has parasites such as lice or fleas, or any cut or wound. We will also study the claws in case it has an embedded object or also some wound.