The Most Famous Adopted Dogs on Instagram

The adopted dogs of the famous l Instagram

In Wamiz we always bet on the adoption of pets, and we are pleased to know that some of the top celebrities also do it. Being handsome, rich and famous is no excuse for not adopting a furry who needs it!

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For most "mortals", adopting a pet is a complicated decision. We have to know if our lifestyle allows us to give our hairy future the care and time it needs. For the "celebrities", this may not be such a problem because they have, most likely, more means to take care of their kennels when they are on tour, filming or posing on a sailboat … (yes, it gives us a bit of envy) . For that reason, we are happy to know that there are not a few who bet on adopting their pets, giving a home (and what a home!) To dogs that need it. Because adopting, without a doubt, is worth it.

We had already introduced you to some of the most famous Instagram dogs and today we continue with the ranking. Although, in this case they have not achieved fame by their own merit (like the previous ones), but by the popularity that their dads and adoptive mothers already had. Follow us if you want to know which celebrities have adopted their puppy!

Lobo: Dani Rovira

We had to start the list with him because, not only has he groomed several dogs, but he has also welcomed those furry ones that have not yet found a definitive family. Lobo is the child of his eyes, but he is more than accustomed to sharing pampering and affection with his adopted little brothers. Bravo for Rovira!

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Tina: Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus

Several dogs and a pig has Miley (all adopted), and when the actress had her social networks active we could see the narrow relationship with all of them. Currently the actress is in the background, but her dog family has joined the kennels of her boy, the actor Liam Hemsworth . In addition to adopting, and like Dani Rovira, the actor is super active in raising awareness to take care of our hairy, not abandon them and rescue them.

Wine: Penélope Cruz

The Spanish actress does not usually share her private life, not even a little, in their social networks. But the story of Vino circulated everywhere in his day. Apparently, while filming the movie Bandidas there was a dog that followed her wherever she went and the acrtiz I end up adopting. In this film she shared the spotlight with Salma Hayek one of her best friends and who, moreover, is also a great defender of animals. Although Vino has not had the opportunity to see it in Pe's Instagram, we did not want to miss the opportunity to talk about it in this compilation. Surely it would triumph if he had his own account!

Lupe and Eight: Salma Hayek

Salma is not as reserved as her friend Pe, and we have been able to see more of her pets in their social networks. Eight and Lupe are adopted, and one of the joys of the Mexican actress, who did not hesitate to pose with them on dog day . In addition, Salma also helps other puppies find mom, another bravo for her!

George: Ryan Gosling

Ryan does not have an official Instagram account, but this is not a problem, as his fans have become his official community managers. It is thanks [email protected] that we can see the photos of George his adopted dog who has even accompanied him to some television broadcasts. If that is not fame …

Kenobi: Anne Hathaway

Another Hollywood star in love with her hairy is Anne, who poses whenever she can with Kenobi . In addition to having welcomed this dog, the protagonist of Les Miserables is a great champion of animals in general, and considering that has more than 12 million followers on Instagram … not bad.

Pistachio: Blanca Suárez

Much has been said about Pistachio the perret of the actress Blanca Suárez: if that boyfriend or someone else had given it to her … But finally the actress explained that she did not it was a gift, but some friends had puppies and ells decided to welcome Pistacho, because when he saw him, he fell madly in love with him. Not only is he one of the most famous dogs of the networks, but he has also starred in more than one magazine cover of the heart.

Herry: Andrés Velencoso

They fall in love separately, but when they pose together … Oh! Henrry the dog of Andrés Velencoso, is also called the "model dog", and is as influencer as its owner, with his own Instagram account (@herrythedog). Henrry was a gift for Andres, and since then they are almost inseparable: they have a book together in the official account of the model and in the puppy's staff.

Rumba: Inma Cuesta

Ten years have already taken the actress Inma together Cuesta and her dog Rumba and his is true love, as the actress always points out in her Instagram account. In addition, each time that Cuesta publishes a photo of his dog, he takes the opportunity to launch messages to encourage adoption and to make people aware that having a dog is a real responsibility. Thanks Inma!

Danka: Malú

Finally, the Spanish singer Malú has several pets, three bitches and a cat, to be exact. But it seems that he has a favorite, Danka the apple of his eye and the one he welcomed at the Animal Welcoming Center of the Community of Madrid. For Malú his furry are his family and he defends them by heart and sword, them and all the little animals he can.

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