Ticks And Allergies, The Main Problems For Our Pets in Spring

Despite being locked up at home because of the Covid-19, pets can go on short walks and relieve themselves. These walks can become dangerous if we do not take certain precautions, since with the arrival of spring, it is important to increase the precautions with the departures. Good weather is accompanied by a series of dangers, such as the increase in the number of ticks and allergies. To avoid major ills, it is important to take certain precautions.

Let’s see below some keys so that our pets can enjoy a safer spring published by AniCura Uribe Kosta Veterinary Clinic.

Attentive to the proliferation of insects

The presence of numerous insects at this time favors the presentation of pathologies caused directly by these bugs, such as bites, allergies or irritations, or indirectly by allergies to the bite or transmission of diseases.

Within this group ticks deserve special mention, which are transmitters of numerous and serious diseases such as babesiosis, canine ehrlichiosis or borreliosis, They can cause fever, severe anemia, skin blemishes, arthritis, even, in the most severe cases, death. On the other hand, the leishmaniosis and filariasis are transmitted by mosquitoes They also increase after spring and must also be prevented depending on the geographical area in which you live or visit.

In the case of contact irritations, the one caused by the pine processionary, which at this time comes out of their shelters in the crown of the pine forests and in its transit through the ground is extremely dangerous due to the serious injuries caused by contact with the mucous membranes of our curious companions.

Allergies increase

The development of outbreaks related to atopy (animals that present allergic reactions with an abnormally high frequency), an allergy to algenes from the environment, is very frequent at this time, since the presence of pollens in suspension and in the ground begins in these months . Dogs suffering from this disease begin to experience the appearance of itching, eczema, otitis and dermatitis much more frequently and seriously at this time. Chronic patients have exacerbations of their symptoms, both dermatological and respiratory, so it is advisable to be attentive to these symptoms and go to the consultation as soon as we detect them.

Watch especially the diet

When developing more activity at this time, it is convenient increase the amount of food, always maintaining a weight control that avoids the presence of obesity, which is one of the most frequent pathologies in our pets. Likewise, we must Increase fluid intake to avoid dehydration with the arrival of heat.

Muda from winter to summer hair

In the spring the most striking change in the hair of our friends begins, since change winter hair for summer. This is much more striking in certain breeds and they make brushing should be much more frequent. The move is a natural and necessary process that should not scare us.

The season of zeal begins

Jealousy in canines occurs approximately every 6 months and does not have a marked seasonality, however, in cats, the season of jealousy begins shortly before spring and lasts until summer. In this way, a cat can have multiple jealousies since the end of winter, depending on the breed and the presence in the environment of other cats with sexual activity. Fortunately, the spread of sterilizations has greatly reduced the problems caused by unwanted pregnancies in our pets.