Tips For Buying a Persian Cat

The average price of a Persian cat in the US is between 800 and 1,200 USD for household cats. Although not a breed commonly found in animal shelters, it does not hurt to contact our regional centers before making a purchase offer and starting an adoption offer. Even if we can’t find the breed we want, the veterinarian always recommends the option: “The kennel and kennel are on homeless Cats For Sale.”

If it is impossible or deliberate that our firm choice is to buy a Persian cat, the best thing is to go to a professional breeder who knows how to guarantee us and answer all our doubts about the breed and managing it. Also, if you choose this path, you need to consider the following issues when getting a Persian kitten.

The seller is a type that can easily develop these pathologies, so make sure the seller has conducted a genetic test of the parents for fetal polcystic disease (PKD) and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (CMH).

Before bringing a Persian cat home, you need to prepare everything you need at home, including a comfortable sitting area, proper food, a container that can hold clean water at all times.

Watch out for anyone who wants to give us a Persian cat for three months — at this stage, the animal must be with its mother and brother, feeding and strengthening the immune system, so that the process of socialization must perform. Exactly.

Persian cats should have the first two vaccines in place, at least pass the first basic test, and remove the deworm. In many cases, the animals were sterilized prior to delivery. To find out all this, the breeder provides a booklet that this information, signed by the veterinarian, appears with a “health” certificate issued by the veterinarian.

It is important to review the condition and lifestyle of the cat before bringing it home. Active state, eyes and nose show no secretions, and the hair looks healthy.