The average price of a Persian cat in USA ranges between 800 and 1,200 USD in the case of pedigree cats. Although it is not a breed that is usually found in animal shelters , it never hurts before planning the purchase contact the centers in our area to launch an offer of adoption ; an option that the veterinarian always recommends, even if we do not find the breed we want, since “associations and kennels are up to homeless cats”.

In the event that it is not possible or, simply, that our firm option is the purchase of a Persian cat , the most advisable thing is to go to professional breeders who offer us guarantees and who know how to answer all our doubts about this breed and its care . In addition, it is important that if you choose this route we take into account the following issues when acquiring a Persian kitten:

Ensure that the seller has made genetic tests of parents for Feline Polycystosis (PKD) and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (CMH), since it is a breed predisposed to develop these pathologies.

Before taking the Persian cat home we must have arranged everything necessary for your comfort at home: a comfortable space to rest, proper food, and a container with fresh water always available at your fingertips.

Be wary of who intends to offer us a Persian cat less than three months, since during this stage it is essential that the animal is with the mother and siblings, both to feed and strengthen their immune system, so that the socialization process is carried out properly.

The Persian cat must have the first two vaccines in place, have passed at least a first basic review and have been dewormed; in many cases, the animal is even sterilized before delivery. To find out all this, the breeder delivers a booklet where this information signed by the veterinarian appears along with a certificate, also issued by the veterinarian, of “good health.”

It is essential to check the status of the cat and its living conditions before taking it home: that it is active, that its eyes and nose do not present secretions, that the fur looks healthy…

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