Tortuguera Which is the Best

Tortuguera: Which is the Best of 2023?

Create the perfect home for your turtle with our top-rated tortuguera options for 2023. Browse our selection and give your pet the best!

Having a turtle as a pet is one of the best ways to gradually teach responsibilities to the little ones in the house, in addition to having the faithful company of these calm little animals. And like any member of the family, your turtle should have its own space, so the turtle is the ideal bedroom for her.

Despite being small and not requiring great care, the habitat of these reptiles converges between wet and dry areas, such as the banks of rivers or lakes, so your turtle must have certain characteristics that ensure their comfort. Next, we tell you everything you need to know about these products, as well as the best on the market.

The most important

  • Aquatic turtles are usually small in size, reaching 20 or 25 cm, depending on the species, so it is extremely important that the turtle has enough space for your pet to move freely, but that it is also sufficiently comfortable and easy to clean.
  • For this reason, you must compulsorily integrate a humid area at least 15-20 cm deep, as well as wide dry areas. Likewise, it must include a ramp that connects both spaces to allow the animal to move comfortably.
  • The safety of your turtle is a must when it comes to having one as a pet. For this reason, your pet’s own space at home must be safe enough so that the animal does not hurt itself. Not all turtles are the same, so it is necessary to find the most suitable one.

The best turtles on the market: our recommendations

The turtle is the place where your pet will spend most of its days, so it is essential to acquire one. However, we currently find a wide range of turtles that vary in shape, size and color, among other characteristics. Next, we show you a list of which are the best turtles of this year.

  • The best big turtle
  • The best glass turtle
  • The best wooden turtle
  • A cheap turtle
  • Your turtle with island

The best big turtle

Colorful turtle hatch (random color) with a classic design, light, spacious and easy to transport and very complete, that is why we have chosen it. It is made of plastic and has a metal upper door for ventilation and lighting.

It has a fun ramp for the turtle. It also offers a cheerful décor with palm trees. Its measurements are 23 x 34 x 45 cm, it has 4.3 out of 5 stars and users highlight its price and aesthetics.

The best glass turtle

From the Ciano house, this glass turtle is available in 3 different sizes and is perfect for lovers of the classic style, that’s why we have selected it for you. The 80 model is available and its measurements are 80 x 24.5 x 29.7 cm.

In addition, it has 2 solarium ramps so that the turtles can rise to the surface. The glass prevents your pets from jumping out. It has 4.4 out of 5 stars and users are delighted.

The best wooden turtle

Do you like wooden turtles better? There are and that is why we have selected this one for you. It is not the cheapest, but if you can afford it you will surely love it. Its measurements are 90 x 21.5 x 45 and it includes a beautiful glass screen so you can see the activity of your pet.

It does not include the legs that you can see in the photograph, but you can purchase them separately. This turtle, in addition, also serves you for a reptile. You will not want another!

A cheap turtle

If your budget does not allow for more, we present you a great, cheap turtle with a lid. It is made of resistant plastic and measures 32 cm long. Actually, its full dimensions are 8.5 “x 8.5” x 8.5 “and it is not only suitable for turtles, but also frogs, crabs and the like.

You can use it for travel without problem and it has a large island with a ramp. Its rating is also 4.7 / 5 stars. There is nothing!

Your turtle with island

This cute plastic turtle with a clear lid, island and metal top rack is the perfect environment for any turtle, they will be delighted! It is compact, comfortable, spacious and ideal for a single horse.

The material of manufacture is quite resistant, so you will not have to fear from shocks. It is perfect for small spaces, although its dimensions are 58 cm long by 33 cm wide. It has 4.2 out of 5 stars.

Shopping Guide: What You Should Know About Tortuguera

As part of caring for your pet, it is necessary to know everything related to the environment in which it will develop. A good turtle will be the home that will ensure the well-being and growth of these adorable little animals. For this reason, it is essential to know the characteristics of the product, as well as the specifications regarding maintenance and care.

What is a turtle?

A turtle is the territory where turtles develop at the domestic level and that will become their home, so it must be a comfortable, adequate and welcoming space, so that your pet grows and remains healthy and happy. It has an appearance similar to that of a fish tank, with the difference that it includes a dry space for the animal to rest.

The turtles offer two areas, an aquatic area, with a certain degree of depth and that will be filled with water, and a dry area or solarium. The first will allow the turtle to swim and cool off, while the second will allow the pet to rest and sunbathe. Both spaces are essential for the turtle to feel in its habitat.

What are the advantages of a turtle hatch?

A turtle is the habitat of your pet in your home, so it represents a space of its own for the turtle, where it can swim freely and feel comfortable without having to leave the house. By having a turtle as a pet, its space will be essential for its development and health. Next, we reveal the benefits of turtles.

  • They provide security.
  • They are very comfortable.
  • They provide a space similar to the natural one.
  • They are very easy to transport.
  • They are easy to clean and maintain.
  • They allow easy access to the turtles.
  • They provide adequate lighting.
  • In them, the turtles can live alone or accompanied (depending on the capacity).
  • They are usually resistant.

How to clean and maintain a turtle house?

Hygiene is an aspect of vital importance, along with food, for the health and well-being of your turtle. Most turtles are easy to clean and each brand usually includes its recommendations. However, cleaning and maintenance generally depend almost exclusively on constant water change.

If they are small turtles, it will be enough to change the water completely twice a week. For larger turtles, it will be necessary to change the content once a week. It is important to wash each of the components or pieces of the turtle separately and to use a special conditioner for the water.

What types of turtle are in the market?

Guaranteeing the habitat of your turtle at home is essential for its development, growth and proper behavior. For this reason, according to the needs, size of the animal and style of decoration, there are several types of turtles available in the market today.

It doesn’t matter if you have one turtle, two or more, because the options are endless. When selecting the right product, you must consider all the characteristics, indications and specifications of each type of product, as well as the space available at home and the size of the turtle. The main types of turtles and aquaterrariums are as follows.

Why is a turtle safe for my pet?

When you have a turtle as a pet, it is logical to think that it should get used to a different type of environment than its own. For this reason, turtles represent an excellent alternative to house your pet inside the house. The idea is to keep the turtle as safe as possible and this environment provides such a solution.

In nature, turtles must be confined to a specific area that provides them with a space to swim, eat and sleep, with adequate lighting and temperature, without neglecting their safety. Remember that, in a natural habitat, hazards are not controlled. On the other hand, in a turtle, as it is a closed space, they can be foreseen.

How to choose the size of a turtle hatch?

The size of the accessory is another essential factor to consider when choosing one. Remember that the turtle will be your pet’s own space where it will sleep, rest, feed and entertain. Therefore, the dimensions that a turtle must have will depend directly on the following factors.

  • The shape, species and growth rate of the turtle. Not all individuals are the same, so their size and growth will be different.
  • Number of turtles that will coexist in the turtle. A turtle for 2 small turtles is not the same as for 12, for example.
  • Available space in the house for its location. We invite you to consider and analyze the space where it will be located.

In case we are referring to one or two small turtles, you can start with a basic plastic turtle. However, depending on the species, your pets will grow to their final size. We must take this aspect into account to determine whether or not it is necessary to build or adapt a permanent space for these pets.

What are the parts of a turtle hatch?

The turtle has two main spaces: the aquatic zone and the dry or terrestrial zone. The first refers to a space of at least 15 or 20 cm deep, which contains clean water without additives, intended for your pet to cool off. This area can be decorated with certain types of plants to improve the environment.

For its part, the dry or terrestrial zone includes the space where the turtle will rest and sunbathe, so it must integrate a ramp covered with some non-slip material to avoid falls. It is important that this area (like the water area) receives constant maintenance, to prevent the animal from getting sick.

What is the minimum height of water in a turtle tank?

Turtles are used to water, but they don’t really need that much to live healthy. With a swimming space that is 15 or 20 cm deep, it will be enough for these adorable little animals to sit with confidence and comfort. Therefore, the total size of the turtle must be sufficient to contain the required amount of water.

When it comes to adult turtles (larger in size), the minimum depth should be at least 40 cm. The volume of water is also essential and can be calculated by multiplying the following elements of the turtle: length x width x height (depth) divided by 1000, the minimum amount of water required for each turtle being 15 liters.

What temperature should a turtle be?

Although turtles are reptiles and therefore are cold-blooded animals, they tend to prefer environmental temperatures that range between 20 and 30 ° C, with a water temperature between 25 and 28 ° C being more suitable. But in addition, you must have special Caution with regard to sudden changes in temperature, for which it should be controlled as far as possible.

The temperature of the turtle can be controlled through an aquarium thermometer, which can be easily integrated into this product. Today, there is a wide variety of models, with different technologies and features available on the market. They are usually easy to install and use.

What complements and accessories does a turtle hatch need?

A basic turtle hatch normally includes the key elements necessary for the pet to have a healthy and comfortable life in this environment. However, there are other factors that are generally not integrated, such as temperature, lighting and humidity control. Next, we make a description of each one.
Water filtration equipment: ideal device for keeping water clean and balanced.

  • Specific heater: it is a device for the automatic thermoregulation of the temperature of the water in the hatchery.
  • Lighting system: it is a device designed to provide the UVB and UVA light that the turtle needs daily for the adequate absorption of vitamins.

Purchase criteria

Now that you know everything about turtles, you should consider the most important factors when choosing one. Remember that it is the habitat that you will create so that your pet feels comfortable at home, so it is essential to acquire the best one for your animal. The factors to take into account are the following.

  • Size
  • “Bizona”
  • Ramp
  • illumination
  • Temperature
  • Security


The dimensions should not only be adapted to your needs or the space you have in your home, but mainly to the needs of your turtle. However, a good turtle will satisfy all your requirements regarding this factor because it must be of a shape and design that is adapted to the intended area and the size of the turtle.

Likewise, it is also important that the turtle is of a weight that is comfortable and easy to transport, since you will not only have to take it from the store to your home (except for online purchases), but you may have to change its position in more than once, so weight cannot be a problem.


The double environment that turtles need by their nature is another essential factor when choosing a turtle. To think that a small container will be enough for the turtle to live at home is a huge mistake. The turtle must be as similar to its natural habitat. Therefore, having a dry area and a water area is essential.

It is necessary that both areas are arranged in a balanced way, without taking space from each other. In addition, they must have a harmonious decoration that integrates both areas in the best possible way. The wet area should be deep enough for swimming, and the dry area should have adequate access to lighting for relaxation.


The ramp is the bridge between the dry zone and the one that contains water. It must be made of a non-slip material, to avoid accidents and instability. In the same way, it must have the appropriate size for the turtle to enjoy resting or feeding. If there are more than 2 turtles, it is worth considering installing more than one ramp.

Usually, the turtles include a ramp with decoration referring to tropical areas, which makes this space fun and pleasant. However, for lovers of elegant designs there are also alternatives, so you can choose the most appropriate and that best suits the needs of your animal.


Aquatic turtles need a daily sunbath for their proper development and growth. Therefore, the turtle must be located in an area of ​​the house that allows the natural entry of UV light in the correct amounts. If you do not have a light input of this type, you can opt for turtles that include a special lighting system.

There are even manufacturers of these products that offer specific systems for the size and type of turtle, as well as for the number of turtles and installation capacity, among other factors. Lighting is a delicate criterion in terms of turtles, especially if there is no adequate space to locate them.


The ideal turtle must ensure the proper temperature for the turtle, either through its manufacturing materials or by having an integrated system that controls it. Be that as it may, the temperature must be ideal for the survival and well-being of the turtle at home. An incorrect temperature could lead to illness for your pet.

Both the environmental temperature and that of the water in the small pond must be controlled at all times. Without a doubt, it is one of the most important factors when having a turtle as a pet, since it is directly related to its safety, so the ideal product should safeguard this matter effectively.


Not everything is comfort, fun and decoration. An aquaterrarium must provide the greatest possible security to these animals on a constant basis. This space has to be the place where they feel most safeguarded and where threats are non-existent. From material of construction to shape and size, all items must be safe for the turtle.

It is important that the walls of the turtle are high enough so that these animals cannot jump or escape, much less be invaded by other animals or insects, since they could put their well-being at risk. The size, shape and materials of its walls must be adequate to protect your pets.


While it is true that turtles are simple reptiles to care for, there is no doubt that their vigilance and maintenance is essential for them to enjoy a healthy and happy life. The turtle is that specific place in your home for them, so you must ensure that it meets all the necessary characteristics.

In addition, the turtle is a beautiful decorative element if it is properly integrated into the home style. So you should choose the one that best suits your needs, not only because it is visually attractive, but also because it is functional. Give your pet a nice and suitable space and she will know how to thank you.

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