Unique Types of Luxury Pet Furniture

Pet furniture has quickly evolved in recent years. Gone are the days of the tin bowl, overstuffed square dog bed, wooden square dog box/house and hideous cat tree consisting of a carpet wrapped pole. There are now many unique for luxury pet furniture out there for those who not only want they’re pet furniture to serve their purpose, but look good doing it.

Dog Bowls

Luxury dog bowls come in all forms. Probably the kind growing fastest in popularity are elevated, or raised dog bowls. These dog feeders are raised off the floor to give dogs a healthier eating position so they aren’t hunched over as they dine. Over time this constant hunching over can start negatively effecting their health. Raised dog bowls elevate this issue.

Wall mounted dog bowls are another new style which serve the same purpose as raised dog bowls, but instead of being set on the floor like the elevate bowl version, they are secured to the wall, allowing you to raise or lower them to the perfect height for your pooch. Also they tend to have an even more modern look than the raised dog bowl design.

Automatic pet feeders are great options for those who sometimes forget to feed their pet as often as they should, or for those with busy lifestyles who aren’t always able to get them fed when they should be. Reason being, these ingenious feeders can be timed to automatically feed your pet.

Dog Beds

Dog Beds also have been enhanced over the years. One of the newest styles now on the market are dog bunk beds. These are a contemporary, canine take on the traditional bunk bed. They consist of two levels, connected by a stairway for dogs to go up and down between the two. The top bunk gives pooch a great view, while the bottom offers him security.

Luxury dog beds are the must have for those who like elegant style and don’t mind putting out the dough for it. These beds are made of premium quality and materials. Though often it seems that dogs don’t get as excited over these luxury furniture pieces as their owners do.\

And possibly the most popular style of bed is the modern dog bed. These take on the mid century modern traits of the mid-1900’s, including clean straight lines, bold colors, minimalist design, etc. Just like modern styled human furniture, modern pet furniture will never only go out of style, it just seems to get always get more and more popular.

Dog Houses

Out of all the pieces of pet furniture mentioned here, probably none have evolved the most as dog houses have. They now come in almost any color, shape, material or size, and many with numerous customized functions. Some of these cool modern functions include a mechanized door, air conditioning, heat, sunroofs, wheels and built in dog bowls.

Dog campers are a recent style of dog house which resemble miniature pop-up or trailer style campers, fully equipped with a walk up step, windows, tires, bowls and a front hitch. They’re usually for smaller dogs and can be easily rolled around to new locations.

Location themed dog houses take on the look of various countries or cultures. Taj Mahal is a luxury themed dog mansion which is in the shape of Taj Mahal in Mumbai. Tahiti is in the shape of a tropical hut with bamboo walls and posts and a straw roof which looks like something you’d find on an island in Bora Bora. And Seoul is an Asian inspired dog house with a Korean style cedar roof, oriental hand carvings on the front shutters, and a floral designed cushion on the inside.

Indoor dog houses are another type of contemporary pet furniture which are becoming more popular. These of course are bought more for look than for necessity so they usually come in nice modern aesthetic designs.

Cat Trees

And finally let’s not forget cats. Contemporary luxury cat trees have thankfully made traditional cat furniture a lot more attractive, so cat owners actually won’t mind having guests see them anymore when they visit.

Wall mounted cat trees, such as the popular Russian made Catissa, are a very modern concept of the traditional tree being raised off the floor, and look beautiful hanging on the living room wall, giving the room more personality and style.

Themed cat trees are another type perfect for those who like to have an fancy original look to their decor. Some examples of these are: Lifeguard, which is beach themed, taking the shape of a lifeguard’s chair; Lollipop, a modern cat condo shaped in the form of a lollipop; Stiletto, which takes the shape of an actual woman’s stiletto with the bottom platform serving as a cat cave, the mid part a stairway up the top where cat’s can lounge on the heel, and the base heel serving as a scratching post; and Katris with it’s five uniquely shaped parts which can be connected to form various shapes, similar to the classic Nintendo game Tetris.

With so many options out there now, you have no excuse to settle for the tin bowl or carpet wrapped pole, get your little one a cool piece of luxury pet furniture.