Researchers have found that dogs sleep for many hours, but not continuously. In fact, they do it between 5 and 20 minutes in a row and another 5 are revealed, repeating themselves during the time they are resting. This occurs due to the so-called ‘waking state’ that the wolf has inherited from its predecessor and with which, thanks to its special hearing and olfactory sensitivity, they can wake up at any time since their vigilant instinct prevents them from falling asleep in a way definitive.

According to the study of encephalograms, while they sleep, they have brain waves similar to those of people and go through the same phases of sleep. Like us, our pets create their own reality when they sleep. They also dream, we notice it when they make spontaneous gestures such as grunting, sticking out their tongues, lifting their ears.

In addition, it is proven that the knowledge learned by the pet is reinforced during sleep. For this reason, puppies dream more than adult dogs, since they are processing many stimuli and assimilating greater amounts of information and new experiences.


It is curious to know that dogs of smaller age and size spend more time in their REM phase, the deepest and in which they dream, thus having more dreams, although of shorter duration. On the contrary, adult and larger dogs have fewer dreams but are longer.

Although it is not possible to be sure exactly what they dream of, the certainty is that they do so with daily activities, memories that they recall and actions that they have carried out during the day such as a walk they have taken, an emotion due to a game or smells of food. If we observe our pet while it sleeps, we can see how it makes a movement or reaction because of the dream they are having. For example, if you move your legs, you may be dreaming that you are running or chasing a toy.

It is very common for your pet to dream of your face, your smell, your pampering, playing with you and looking for you in their fantasies. After all, you are the most important thing to her and you are a part of her life every day.

To improve his rest, that he has good mental and healthy physical activity, make sure he has a comfortable place to sleep and, above all, do not wake him up because it can be disconcerting and have negative reactions.

Like us, he may have insomnia or problems that prevent him from falling asleep such as noise, stress, anxiety, illness, drafts, pain, … If you notice that your dog is not resting well, it is possible that he is suffering from one of these symptoms . The best thing is that you go to your veterinarian so that he can tell you what the causes are and advise you on what to do in each case.

As we know that your pet is part of your family, his rest and health are very important. Because We Love You, We Protect You.