The arrival of an adopted dog at home is an once-in-a-lifetime event for many families. And it is important to know that this new stage is going to produce changes in the coexistence at home. In fact, if you don’t take it seriously, you will have to deal with various inconveniences. Therefore, it is worth taking into account the following recommendations to teach an adopted dog.


Tips for taking care of an adopted dog

Next, we are going to give you various tips and recommendations to take care of an adopted dog:

  • Educating and understanding an adopted dog is essential so that its adaptation to the new conditions of life is the best possible. Be aware that this animal may have had unpleasant experiences that contributed to its trauma.
  • Show an understanding attitude at all times. Its adaptation can last from a few weeks to half a year, so it will be up to you to fill yourself with patience and understand that at first it can develop in a somewhat elusive way. Do not show anxiety, since you could pass it on and living together could be more difficult.
  • Among the problems that can affect these dogs, we highlight incontinence, aggressiveness, shyness, hyperactivity, laziness or excessive barking. Try to know everything, what your new partner has gone through before being adopted, since having extensive information about he will give you keys to understand his problems and treat him accordingly.
  • Do not always apply the premises that have worked with other animals. Each case is different and your solutions will require different alternatives. When in doubt, go to your veterinary clinic and you will receive the relevant advice.

Needs of an adopted dog

As for the needs of an adopted dog, as it comes from a shelter, we recommend that you prepare a space where it will feel comfortable:

  • A space where you can lie down and have some privacy. Also, place a drinking fountain near it with enough water.
  • It is important to feed him on set times.
  • Create a routine for walks, which will be essential for him to relieve himself and perform the appropriate physical exercise. Get him used to learning his walking routes little by little and he will gain more and more confidence.
  • Take your veterinarian to do a complete review and ask him about the Double Monthly Protection so that he is protected every day of the year, against the most frequent internal and external parasites in our environment. You can download the coupon and get a gift just for being informed.

The first days of an adopted dog with a new companion of its kind

If you already have a pet in your home and you have adopted a puppy, the first days may be more complicated. Prepare your first pet for the meeting: you can accustom him to different smells and to socialize with other animals so that his new companion does not cause him rejection.

Once you’re together, let them establish their own hierarchies. They will get to know each other and adopt to coexistence.

If you earn their trust, they will be your new and faithful friend. Thank you for giving it a second chance and making it one of the family!