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What is B.A.R.F. ?

Feeding your most loyal companion who is your pet is one of your main concern. Dogs, cats or ferrets, the quality of his diet guarantees his health. Carnivorous in nature, it is healthier to give them raw meat instead. Hence, in recent times, specialists have invented a non-industrial and raw meat-based food of about 90%, barf.

What is B.A.R.F. ?

Barf or biologically appropriate raw food that can result in biologically appropriate raw food is such a natural diet dedicated to pets. Based on raw meat, this type of diet tends towards healthier diets while removing industrial foods in wet form either in the form of croquettes that are sometimes pathogenic. Veterinarians advise this new type of ration to ensure the good health of the canine and feline population. However, be careful about the abrupt change in diet of these pets. Any change in diet may disrupt the organism. Therefore, it is necessary to proceed gradually by initiating for example with chicken legs.

What are the advantages of B.A.R.F. ?

The main advantage of B.A.R.F. Is the assurance of better health of these pets. A raw food holds minerals, amino acids, enzymes and vitamins while an industrial diet is often a source of carcinogenic diseases, pancreatitis, kidney failure, various allergies, obesity, osteoarthritis, skin inflammations, etc. . The barf ensures the appetite of the dog by having a pleasure gustative. The stools will be reduced and less fragrant. The dog will have a bodily odor and a less strong breath. In addition, raw bones provide better oral health while avoiding the formation of tartar. Better health is guaranteed with a long life expectancy.

The Barf is the future of animal feed, we are sure! However, readers are reminded of an almost systematic fear of creating deficiency when they constitute the daily portion that will be given to the dogs.

It is always complicated to define a general rule for the domestic rations to give to your canid, but know that the sarl easy barf did it, accompanied by veterinarians, they put in place an industrial process able to propose individual portions In the form of complex mixes, being certain we do not create deficiency. You only need to apply a proportional percentage to the pea of the animal to get the volume of food.

Why can we assert that these rations are the most complete on the market? The tests were carried out for more than three years on a wide variety of populations, implemented by breeding breeders, but also by thousands of individuals concerned with caring for their animals. Today, it’s a must-see, as was confirmed by a representative of the barf France association!

These mixes contain raw meat as well as fleshy bones with added vegetables and fruit, but also all the dietary supplements necessary for a perfectly healthy animal physiology. To offer barf daily to his pet, it is a guarantee of perfect age and absence of disease. More barf = less veterinary! Let yourself be tempted for these 1Kg servings that you just have to defrost. Leave them in stock buffer in your fridge and your dog will jump on it when you stretch his daily bowl! Forget the croquettes, because even in grain free version without cereal, you will never have all the nutrients and all the vitamins.

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