What Should You Feed Your Crested Gecko To Keep it Healthy?

What Should You Feed Your Crested Gecko To Keep it Healthy?

Correlophus Ciliatus, or the crested gecko, fondly referred to as Crestie by pet owners, is among the most popular pets worldwide. If you want your crested gecko to be healthy, you need to feed them right. Now, you might wonder, what do crested geckos eat? They usually feed on a balanced combination of commercial crested gecko food, insects, fruits, and vegetables.

What do Geckos in the Wild Eat?

Geckos in the wild eat anything from soft seeds, berries, pollen, wild fruits, insects (mostly), caterpillars, small butterflies, roaches, etc. Not surprisingly, geckos in the wild love eating smaller lizards (sometimes their young ones), vertebrae prey, and young rodents.

Geckos in the wild love eating insects like snails, locusts, crickets (Brown, Black, and Banded), stick insects, roaches, dubia, and domino. They also seem to relish worms and love gorging butter worms, silkworms, wax-worms, and calcium worms. You don’t need to worry much about where you’ll find all these because you can order them online.

The Captive Gecko Diet

It is practically impossible to provide your pet gecko its original wild diet, and you have to check the next best alternatives. As mentioned above, a balanced combination of commercial crested gecko food with live insects, fruits, and vegetables should be ideal for maintaining the good health of your pet crested gecko.

If you feel that your pet is missing its natural habitat and food, you may want to feed them gut-loaded insects, fruits, and vegetables. Providing a balanced, healthy diet ensures the longevity of your pet crested gecko.

What Fruits Can You Feed Your Crested Gecko?

An all-fruit diet is not recommended, but crested geckos love fruits like mangos, bananas, pears, figs, apricots, grapes, strawberries, peaches, dates, watermelons, blueberries, and plums. It is never a wise idea to feed whole fruits, and advisable to mash the fruits and put a little at a time in the feeding bowls.

Premixed Powders and Granules as Alternatives

With more companies offering premix powders for crested geckos, pet owners have switched to these meal-replacement powders (MRPs). Mix this powder with water to prepare a smooth paste, and your crested gecko’s meal is ready. You also have tiny ball-shaped granules that you put directly into the feeding bowl.

Premixed powders and granules are wholesome as they contain essential ingredients like banana, apple, honey, and some select flowers. Most manufacturers add a dash of insects to make the mixture appealing to crested geckos. Some manufacturers include probiotics and pollen, the latter being one of their preferred foods while in the wild.

How Often Should You Feed Your Crested Gecko?

If your crested gecko is six months or below, you can feed them on alternate days. There may be some leftovers to discard the following day. Do not remove such leftovers, and ensure there’s some food in the bowl as they may feel hungry any time during the day. Offer live insects once a week, and keep them free of food once a week.

It is better to feed juvenile and adult crested geckos on alternate days. Feeding them during the evenings is preferable. If there’s any uneaten food the next day, remove such food as adult crested geckos rarely eat during the day. Also, premix powder paste tends to harden and is not safe, and needs to be replaced.

Make sure you reserve the weekends for special treats like live insects and choice fruits. By now, you probably have the answer to your question, “what do crested geckos eat?” Happy feeding!