Choosing a cat kibble distributor, there are several types of cat kibble dispensers, depending on the configuration of your home, your cat’s habits and functions that you feel are essential. To be used correctly, your dispenser will need to be strategically placed, and preferably fixed to the floor or wall to prevent it from falling on your little cat.

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The Different Models of Kelp Dispensers

Automatic distributer

The automatic cat kibble dispenser is ideal if you are used to being away for a weekend. It dispenses a quantity of kibble defined in advance, at the hours configured in the device. There are vending machines with an analog or digital timer depending on your preferences. These will allow you to predict the timing of meals of your cat in advance, without it lacks food during your absences.

The manual distributor

The manual dispenser is certainly inexpensive and practical for preserving kibble in a closed container, but it is not suitable for obese or overweight cats. It allows the cat to use as it sees fit, without any control.

The 2 in 1 distributor

More expensive but also more practical on a daily basis, the 2-in-1 kibble dispenser not only delivers food, but also water. It allows you to save space and offer your cat fresh and constantly renewed water. Again, a must-have distributor if you go away regularly or your cat drinks a lot.

The compartmentalizer

If your cat is used to eating varied, it is this distributor that will suit him at best. Programmable and automatic, it consists of three to six closed compartments that will allow you to offer different types of croquettes / pâtés to your cat so that it will never get tired!

The toy distributor

The toy dispenser allows you to feed your cat while inviting him to exercise. This is the preferred dispenser if you have an obese cat or who has a tendency to be overweight. This type of dispenser can come in different forms: pipolino, ball, bottle … It is your four-legged friend who, playing with the distributor, will deliver his own kibble. A good way to play it and to make it eat more slowly.

Our Tips for Choosing Your Cat Kibble Distributor

To choose your cat kibble retailer, try to find the right balance between your budget and your needs. Also consider your cat’s profile. If it is very active, a manual dispenser could be enough. Conversely, if your little wild animal has a propensity to overweight, better be offered a vending machine or a toy distributor. Attention, in no case your new vending machine should be used as an excuse to leave your cat more than two days alone. The distributor will not replace your presence or your caresses, and we advise you to keep your cat on vacation, in case of prolonged absence. It can also happen that a distributor breaks down and your cat is hungry during your absence.