Why Does My Dog Lick My Other Dog’s Mouth?

Why Does My Dog Lick My Other Dog's Mouth?

Dogs do not shy from interacting with other dogs. They like to meet new people and things get more interesting when dogs find another dog. If you have two or more dogs, they might often lick one another. Some dogs also lick the other dog’s mouth and pet parents find it quite strange! 

So, why does my dog lick my other dog’s mouth? This question will puzzle you for a while. Being social group animals, dogs try various methods to interact. Licking the other dog’s body or mouth is one of those methods of communication. This post will help you understand your dogs lick each other and why it is important! 

Puppies licking other pups or adults

Puppies always rely on adult dogs for their food. Wolf cubs lick their mother’s mouth when it is back from hunting. It is a signal that pups are hungry and then the mother offers food. 

Dogs have evolved but their basic behavior has not changed yet. Little puppies lick an adult dog’s mouth to seek food. Some puppies also do it when they want to play. 

Experts also believe that young puppies lick adult dogs’ mouths to please them. Suppose your adult pet is not always around the pup, the pup will come to it and lick its mouth. It appears like the puppy is trying to start a new friendship and blend with other dogs. 

Adult dogs licking mouth of another adult dog

Some habits of domestic pets do not change and licking adult dogs’ mouth is one of those habits. Suppose you had adopted a puppy along with an adult dog, their relationship will remain the same. The pup will get larger, but its habits won’t change. 

Adult dogs also lick one another for grooming and showing affection. Your pet might lick the other pet’s mouth if it has recently munched on some delicious treats. Some people find mouth licking habits weird, but it is completely normal for a dog. 

Some submissive dogs lick other adults to show their compliance. It calms aggressive dogs and resolves the conflict. 

Mother dogs licking puppies

Mother dogs rarely leave puppies alone. They constantly feed and groom puppies to make them comfortable. Mother dogs often lick the mouth of their puppies to clean them and avoid health problems. 

Many other animals lick their offspring for cleansing and showing affection. It is normal behavior and you should not worry about it. Most female dogs target the face, but they also lick the mouth to groom the pup perfectly. Puppies enjoy it and some dogs never forget that display of love. Therefore, they seek more licking and rubbing. 

What else does encourage your pooch to lick another dog’s mouth?

The following reasons can encourage your pet to lick another pet’s mouth:

Your dog can smell food!

Did you just feed some mouth-watering treats to the other dog? Your dog can smell it and that pooch will start smelling and licking the other dog’s mouth. It can get pretty curious about what the other dog has just eaten. Your pet also wants to taste it and therefore it is licking the other dog’s mouth. 

Consider it a signal that your pet is hungry and it also wants to have the same treats. Feed some good to your pooch and it will stop licking. 

It is bonding

Dogs rarely fight when living under the same roof. They always seek a partner to play and it’s like dream come true when you bring another dog home. Your pets will sniff one another, some growling will take place, and then they will lick each other. That’s how a friendship begins and it lasts forever. 

Your dog is trying to comfort the other dog

New pets take time to adjust to a new place. If you have recently brought a new pet at home, your old pooch will try to comfort it. Dogs often lick other dogs to comfort them. It can also happen if the other dog is injured. This behavior can continue until the new pet is comfortable in the new environment. 

What should you do if your dog does not stop licking?

Licking is common among dogs, but every dog is not a fan of this canine ritual. Some dogs may get angry when another dog is licking their mouth. You won’t like to witness a vicious fight among your loving pets. Therefore, you must take some action to control this behavior.  

Use treats

Treats can do wonders when it comes to controlling certain behaviors of dogs. If your pooch’s mouth licking habit becomes irritating for the other dog, use treats to keep them away. Always feed a few treats whenever your pet licks. It will distract your dog and it might soon avoid licking. 

Offer toys

Many toys are designed for dogs. These toys can prevent dogs from biting and licking. Offer toys to your dogs to control their licking behavior. It will keep them away and they won’t approach the mouth to soothe their licking desires! 

Feed both dogs together

Dogs may lick mouths when you feed them separately. Pick the same time to feed both dogs. Thus, both will stay full and they may probably avoid licking. 

You can also keep dogs in different rooms or areas to prevent them from licking. Keep them away for a few days and their behavior will improve. Licking the mouth is not a bad thing until it occurs occasionally. It becomes an issue when it occurs frequently. That’s the time when you should try the above-suggested solutions.