Horse Trailer Insurance

Why you need Horse Trailer Insurance?

Protect your valuable investment with horse trailer insurance. Learn why it’s essential for any horse owner and how is it peace of mind.

Horse trailer insurance UK is different than a policy that would cover a Horsebox due to the differences in the types of vehicles they are. Because they are not self propelled and instead pulled by a motorized vehicle, the trailer is not required to have third party vehicle insurance by law.

What is in a standard horse trailer policy?

In most standard trailer policies for transporting a horse, the trailer is protected against accidental damage, fire and theft. There are a few insurance companies that only off protection for fire and theft, which costs less. Horse trailer insurance by  offers this type of cover with breakdown cover as an optional extra. 

This type of policy is only available for privately owned horse trailers that are not used as part of a business. The maximum value of the horse trailer is limited to £10,000 to £25,000, depending on the insurance company. Only standard fittings on the trailer from the factory are covered in the policy.

The cover is active for trailers being used in the UK along with 50 to 60 days annually of being in Europe. The exact number of days that will be covered is dependent on what insurance company is underwriting the policy.

Many policies will also include public liability covering the trailer when it is standing alone unhitched to the tow vehicle. This can be up to £1.5 million.

What add-ons are available for the horse trailer?

The breakdown cover for the trailer is a very common add-on many horse owners have. Included with repairs to the trailer, there is also a recovery service that will transport the horses when the trailer can’t be repaired on the side of the road.

Also available is complete breakdown cover that will include both the tow vehicle and the trailer being covered for repairs. This will also include the recovery of the horses if needed.

For those that have a new trailer or one that is less than 2 years old, the option of replacement at full market value is available when the trailer is written off. For trailers that are two years old or older, the payout is at fair market value.

What is required by the horse trailer owner?

All drivers that hook up to the horse trailer must have a valid UK driving license is part of many insurance policies.

To protect against theft of the trailer, a wheel clamp or hitch lock must be used and in place when the trailer is unhitched and or left unattended.

A horse trailer insurance policy is not required by UK law, but it is highly advisable. Without a policy like this, you would be responsible for all damage occurred and the cost of repairs.

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