10 Main Mistakes Made by Dog ​​owners

A pet may be able to fill any home with love, but for this it is important to devote the necessary time to care. To achieve this, nothing better than owners informed about their attention, love, habit formation and other things. As it is not always the case, today we have compiled some of the main common mistakes made by dog ​​owners in their care.

Choose the type of dog wrong

When acquiring a dog, it is important to take into account certain aspects such as the space we have, if we are one of those people who go for a walk or the area in which we live. It is important to know the needs of each type of dog to know if we can offer them. Ideally, choose a puppy that suits your lifestyle and where you live.

Be inconsistent

Avoid confusing your puppy by changing the rules or routines. A confused dog will assume that he has no reason to follow that indication. You should talk to the rest of the family too, for example, your children cannot let them jump in the beds if you do not allow it, reach agreements and follow the same line.

Skipping training and socialization

A puppy that does not receive a basic training can suffer, since it will always be in situations that it does not understand and also receives scolding. It is important that this initial learning teach: places to do your needs, accessible areas of the home, walking behavior, living with other animals or how not to put yourself in danger. Many owners often delay or avoid teaching these basic actions, the love for your partner is not fought with the rules, do not see it as a job, it is an activity of love that you will live with him.

Not offering enough exercise

Lack of exercise can trigger health problems, extreme behaviors such as hyperactivity, or other boredom in your puppy. According to each race, it is important to consider your exercise needs, and remember, a responsible family exercises their tenderness as needed, not when they can.

Little mental stimulation

In addition to exercise, our puppies need to keep their minds busy, just like us, boredom leads to disaster. Mental stimulation in dogs prevents it from destroying things. Participate with him in games to find his favorite toy, catch the ball, or try to change environments.

Skip brushing your dog’s teeth

More than 80% of dogs older than 6 years have periodontal problems. That happens because many people do not include brushing teeth in the hygiene routine of their dogs. Ideally, this process is carried out every day and it is necessary to take the precaution of carrying it out with specific products for dogs.

Do not go to the vet

It is usual to not go to the vet until we see our pet badly. This is a mistake, as it could be late for any unforeseen event. It is recommended to visit the veterinarian from time to time to carry out a check-up and make sure everything is fine.

Wrong feed

Each type of dog requires adequate food and amounts for growth. It is necessary to know how to choose the type of food that is appropriate at all times. In case of doubt, it is best to discuss this issue with a veterinarian or with any expert in the field.

Give him human food

It is a very common practice but it is not recommended. It is one of the factors that contribute to the obesity of dogs, putting their lives at risk since many of our foods are difficult to digest for them.

Not be prepared for the worst

An excited, scared dog or without a clear discipline can put himself in danger as well, whether he runs away and goes through a busy street; that it moves away so much without the possibility of reaching it, or that it escapes from home; they are painful situations that neither he nor his family should live. Remember to know your dog, can he get out without a leash? Does he get scared or violent in the presence of other dogs? Does he have an identification badge or chip? It is better to be prepared in one of these situations.

Having a dog in addition to bringing extra happiness to the home involves various responsibilities, make sure you have the time available, be financially prepared for it, know the opinion of your family members about it, if you have another pet evaluate how their behavior would be with a new partner. Don’t risk having a sad dog, remember that you have to take care of it even before having it.