5 Important Tips to Take Care of Your Health

The autumn is the time chosen by the dogs to change the hair but also to catch a cold due to the lowering of temperatures. Be careful!

As happens to humans, the dogs suffer in the same way as their owners when fall arrives. The reasons are not other than the temperature drop the decrease in hours of light the changes that occur in their fur and post-holiday depression . Yes, they are more like us than we think! Therefore, in this season of the year you should not lose sight of your hairy since take care of your health is the most important thing especially if your dog suffers from some other chronic problem. In Wamiz – in addition to teaching you how to find love – we give you several tips so that you face the falling of the leaves with your dog without any mishap.


Autumn is the time chosen by the dogs for change their fur . During these months, you will notice how your hairy loses the fine hair that covered his skin in summer (this will be reflected, on a practical level, in your clothes and in each and every corner of your home) to receive with open arms a much denser fur that will be of great help when the winter cold starts. Each dog breed has a different type of coat, but what they all agree on is the care that you should do to your pet’s hair so that it is perfect. “The ideal is to brush your dog a couple of times a week – if you do not have excessive fur – and daily if the opposite occurs. This action is very important so that your dog does not suffer because if we do not remove the knots or aerate its hair will suffer many itches and dandruff “explains veterinarian Juan Fernandez.

PROTECT YOUR PARASITES DOG [19659005] Do not forget to take your pet to the veterinarian . “People are used to visiting us in the summer because of the fleas, since there is a tendency to think that this is the most prone time for your dog to catch them. However, the humidity of autumn is also perfect for a dog to suffer this problem “, Fernández says. To which it adds: “in the fall you have to control the dogs and give them the appropriate treatment to protect them from all the parasites that can attack them during the next months”. Following the expert’s words, we can only remind you not to forget to control your hairy so that the “back to school” starts on the right foot.


After enjoying an intense summer at your side and going on vacation with the whole family, the worst days for your pet arrive . Autumn implies, among other things, routine and … your dog will suffer a lot (in some cases to the point of becoming depressed)! For your hairy it will be very hard to separate from you while you go to work or, in the event that there are children at home, when they are in school. Therefore, it is very important that you play with your dog the instant you enter the door of your house. Pay attention, love him, do not despise him and take him for a walk . He will thank you!


(Or, simply, take care of his diet.)

Remember that both your dog and you came to enjoy a busy summer. The long walks at dusk, the races in the park and the food whims will be in the background since the decrease of hours of light and cold will make you both very lazy. Do not let the reluctance conquer your habits! Take advantage of your free time to go out with your dog . This way your muscles will be toned and the risk of being overweight will not be on the lookout. In addition, autumn is the ideal season to make a vitamin cure and monitor your diet. “A specific feed, with the contribution of nutrients that help strengthen your body and your skin as the omega 3 fatty acids will help the dog to be healthy and show off a shiny coat” emphasizes the veterinarian.

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