6 Tips For Choosing The Best Cat Bed

6 Tips For Choosing The Best Cat Bed

Choosing a cat’s bed requires more thought than most people realize. The trick is to concentrate on your cat’s habits and then choose a bed for them accordingly. You may also need to consider other factors, such as the cat’s age. For instance, getting an elevated cat bed for older cats won’t be a good fit because of the challenges they face with their age. 

But kittens need beds with strings or beads as they can swallow them and end up being catastrophic. There are several cat beds that you can find, including pads or cushions, pods, window perches, furniture-style, and luxury cat beds.

So, as you get ready to get a cat bed, consider the following tips that may influence your choices; 

  1. Select The Appropriate Size 

The cat bed you’ll get will depend on the size of your cat. The right-sized bed will keep your cat comfortable. Therefore, take the time to look for a bed that will easily fit your cat.

However, overly large beds may not be as cozy for your cat compared to the right-sized beds. You also don’t want the bed to be too small as your feline friend won’t have space to move around.

  1. Read The Cleaning Instructions 

When shopping for a cat bed, most pet owners end up getting eye-catching and fancy beds that are hard to maintain. Fortunately, most cat beds are now machine washable to prevent potential bacterial infections and the buildup of foul odors. 

Get a practical cat bed that you can regularly wash to keep it fresh and clean. You can go for some beds made of fabric that’s removable or replaceable. Once you remove these fabrics, you can throw them in a washer for easy cleaning.

And since some materials tend to trap cat hair, you may have difficulty cleaning it. So, keep in mind that the bed material should be easy to clean even when it starts to collect fur.

  1. Keep In Mind The Role Of The Bed’s Material

Since cats like to spend most of their time in bed, you should consider getting a cat bed that they won’t be allergic to and won’t make them react. Go for a breathable material that doesn’t accumulate moisture, which could result in mold or mildew growth. You should stick to natural fibers such as cotton or wool.

Moreover, when fabrics are loose, they weaken. The cat may then end up chewing on the loose fabric, affecting their health. To prevent these health issues, look for a firm and durable material.

  1. Don’t Forget About Heating

Cats tend to seek out warm and comfortable places. Therefore, if you notice that your feline is curled up in familiar places or seeking the sun, then you should consider getting a heated bed. 

Go through your options and settle for a heated bed that’s best suited to your cat’s needs. You can opt for an electrically heated bed or one that needs a microwave to heat. 

Alternatively, you can settle for beds that trap or conserve the cat’s heat, thus ensuring your cat stays warm. And by getting these beds, aging cats with arthritis will be more comfortable.

  1. Prioritize Durability

The durability of the cat bed will determine the safety of the cat. With that in mind, make sure that the structure of the bed won’t collapse, especially in furniture-style beds. It should also be able to survive the cat’s scratching or biting. 

If you’re considering getting a window perch bed, ensure that it’s strong enough to withstand the cat’s weight. Moreover, a sturdy window perch bed will prevent a drop to the floor that would otherwise be significantly harmful to the cat.

  1. Consider Placement And Style

Consider where your cats are most comfortable in your house. If you have a cat that loves watching the events or scenery outside, the window cat bed will be a great choice. On the other hand, a climbing tower bed will be more fitting if they prefer high places. 

You also wouldn’t want a bed that sticks out. So, choose a bed that will blend in seamlessly and flawlessly with your home’s interior. 

Bottom Line

Making your cat feel comfortable should be your main priority as you look for a cat bed. You should consider the size of your cat before deciding on a bed to buy. As cats can be sensitive, also pick a bed that’s easy to clean and maintain.

Additionally, go for breathable and dirt-resistant materials that won’t loosen and weaken fast. And for extra comfort, choose a heated bed. 

Lastly, consider the bed placement in your home according to your cat’s behavior. Your cat’s bed should also fit in seamlessly with your interior design to avoid sticking out and ruining your décor.