Actionable Hacks To Calm Down An Anxious Dog
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Actionable Hacks To Calm Down An Anxious Dog

If you own a dog, dealing with anxious behavior would be a part of life for you. Canines experience anxiety due to different reasons, from thunderstorms to firecrackers and traffic noise.

You can expect it to get stressed while traveling or even on separation from you or a family member. As an owner, you are responsible for keeping the pet calm and happy.

It is essential to understand the underlying cause of canine anxiety and work on it. Here are some actionable hacks you can rely on for calming down an anxious dog.

Eliminate the triggers where possible

The best thing you can do is to eliminate the anxiety triggers where possible. For example, you can create a safe corner in the house where noises wouldn’t disturb your pet. Cover the kennel with an old blanket or towel to make it relatively sound-proof. Line it with cozy fleece and install dim lights in the room. Similarly, you can make the pet comfortable with short car rides to curb travel stress. Ensure someone is always with it to prevent separation anxiety.

Use aromatherapy

Surprisingly, aromatherapy isn’t just for humans but works for animals too. You can seek recommendations from the vet to use essential oils and balms for soothing and calming the dog. Just rub the oil on your palms and pat along the dog’s back. You will feel its muscles relaxing soon. But make sure that the animal is comfortable with the smell. Watch for the cues to understand the animal’s reaction.

Invest in a lick mat

The best strategy to help a dog going through a panic attack is a distraction. You can invest in a lick mat for dogs to distract the animal during such troubled situations. All you need to do is dab it with a delicious treat like peanut butter, whipped cream, or anything the pet loves. It will keep the animal busy and entertained, and anxiety will soon be out. The product is non-toxic and easy to clean, so you can use it regularly.

Provide mental stimulation

At times, boredom and lethargy can cause canine anxiety. Just keep the pet busy, and you can make it calm and happy. But you must think beyond physical activity. You can provide mental stimulation by teaching new tricks and skills. Buying new toys and indulging in mental games is a good idea. Enroll the dog at a training gym if you want professional help to deal with anxious behavior.

Reinforce positive behavior

Dogs are intelligent animals, and you can educate them with the right approach. You can reinforce positive behavior and discourage negative actions to ensure that your pet can distinguish between right and wrong. Reward it for positive actions with treats and toys, and discourage negativity firmly. At the same time, be kind and compassionate when the animal seems scared or stressed.

Dealing with dog anxiety is easier than you imagine. Follow the behavior patterns and try to address stress from the root, and you can eliminate it for good.

Behavioral therapy is a possible treatment for phobia anxiety of loud noises. It involves teaching the dog new habits to eliminate the fear of noise. Moreover, environmental modifications may also reduce the stress felt by pets by minimizing the length of time that the pet is left alone, providing exciting and interactive toys, ensuring a comfortable, safe space, and refraining from using punishments.

However, these treatments alone may not suffice for dogs with severe anxiety. In this case, sedatives, anxiolytics, and antidepressants are prescribed.

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