Are Vitamins Good For Dogs to Have More Energy And Less Illness?

Like people, dogs also go through times in their lives when their immune system appreciates a boost. There are natural fortifiers, based on vitamins for dogs and other components, which promote energy and vitality. In this post we are going to tell you how they work and why they are recommended.

Today, we are increasingly aware that everything is connected: taking care of the body generates well-being, and not only on a physical level.

The same thing happens with dogs: the more we take care of their health, the more vitality, more energy and, ultimately, the greater happiness we provide them.

The importance of vitamins and other micronutrients for dogs

The health of animals (dogs, cats, birds, horses and even people) depends on the absorption of sufficient amounts of nutrients in the intestine. This is especially relevant when we talk about the so-called micronutrients:

  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Trace elements

Micronutrients are essential elements that living beings require in small amounts throughout life. They are essential because they have a series of metabolic and physiological functions that allow us to maintain health.

A deficit of micronutrients can make our dog sick.

To give a very clear example: the lack of iron can cause anemia. Or a lack of Magnesium can cause our dog to have muscle cramps and heart weakness.

Therefore, vitamins for dogs and other nutritional supplements are highly recommended at certain times in the life of dogs. They are very beneficial natural fortifiers for the body.

When is it advisable to strengthen health with natural supplements?

  • Growth stages
  • Pregnancy or lactation
  • Older animals: senior dogs have less efficient absorption and use of nutrients than young animals.
  • Convalescence after illness or surgery
  • Acute energy exhaustion (for example in sport dogs).
  • Seasonal changes: from summer to fall, etc.

During seasons of high physical activity, or in the growth stages of the puppy or the gestation and lactation phases in bitches, the nutritional demand is very high, so a supplement helps to fill the nutritional reserves and allows the body to work with all the resources you need.

What do and how do natural fortifiers based on vitamins for dogs and other nutrients work?

On the market there are natural products, which are complementary foods for pets that act as natural fortifiers. They are recommended as nutritional support in:

  • Elderly companion animals, both dogs and cats or even horses.
  • Puppies and kittens.
  • Post-operative or convalescent animals
  • Animals that present inappetence or lack of vitality and energy
  • Sport or working dogs
  • Pets with dry or dull fur and skin

Its formula is 100% natural based on brewer’s yeast, malt, orange juice and honey. And without artificial additives.

Its effectiveness is based on the fact that yeast cells contain a significant amount of nutrients that are released into the syrup by a unique manufacturing process called plasmolysis. Plasmolysis breaks down yeast cells and allows substances to remain in a highly bioavailable form (that is, very easily absorbed by the animal) and to be easily used by the body.

Are you looking for a 100% natural supplement of minerals, trace elements and vitamins for dogs?

Product with a very notable effect on energy, vitality, recovery and immunity.

This nutritional supplement contains 61 highly bioavailable vital substances (that is, the dog’s body can use them very easily), and its most outstanding and scientifically proven effects are:

  • Increase energy and vitality
  • Improve appetite
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Increases coat shine and skin health
  • Facilitates the absorption and digestion of nutrients

The highlight of this supplement based on vitamins for dogs, minerals and trace elements is that its benefits are not limited only to the composition of the product itself (61 substances), but also makes it easier to take advantage of all the nutrients in the usual diet of the dog. dog or any other supplement that is being given.

A solution against the cold in dogs

71% of dogs that come to the veterinary clinic with respiratory diseases have a cough.
Anima-Strath® Thyme is a 100% natural yeast-based dietary supplement with thyme extract and primrose root that contributes to the recovery of respiratory problems.

This supplement is ideal in times of change of season, during which dogs are more exposed to catching colds.

Thyme extract has antiseptic properties against viruses, bacteria and parasites, and also has the ability to relax smooth muscles, so it acts effectively against coughs.

Both thyme and primrose extracts are high in saponins, which are part of the natural defense mechanisms of plants against pathogens. In cases of colds in dogs, they are ideal because they act as expectorants by thinning the mucus and facilitating its expulsion.

Take care of health in the most natural way

Food supplements are a natural way to support the immune system of our dogs, increase their energy and vitality. But we must not forget that other things as natural as dedicating quality time to play with them, walking with them and observing what they need at all times are key when it comes to ensuring the level of well-being they deserve.