Cat Fountain: Which is The Best of 2021?

Water. Synonym of life. H2O for the most “pure”. Almost magic, as it is one of the few materials in the world capable of being solid, liquid or gaseous. An element made up of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom that is essential for life. Although always insufficient, its presence is total: 70% of the earth – and of our body – is water.

In the case of “kittens“, their body is 60% water and, although they are not very friendly to it, their survival also depends on the liquid element. It is proven that a cat that drinks enough is a healthier cat. However, traditional drinkers can discourage you from quenching your thirst for a number of reasons (such as stagnation). The solution? Fountains for cats.

The most important

Cat Fountain
  • Filters in cat fountains need to be changed regularly. In this way, the water will always be free of impurities and bad smells. If you are going to opt for this exceptional option at the expense of traditional drinkers, you need to commit to the product so that your cat can receive the best.
  • If your “furry” bases a large part of his diet on feed, you must make sure he drinks enough water. Traditional drinkers do not encourage this, since the water stagnates and, as it is not in motion, it does not attract too much attention from the feline, which by nature is not very prone to approach the liquid element. A cat fountain will encourage you to interact with the water and drink more.
  • The purchase of a cat power supply depends largely on the cat or cats you have. Keep in mind that, the more “kittens”, you will need a greater capacity (or more than one medium capacity source). Also, your need (s) for H2O will depend on your age or physical activity.

The Best Cat Fountains on the Market: Our Favorites

Cat food has low humidity levels. Therefore, your “furry” needs to make up for this lack with water. Their ancestors did it through hunting (prey like the mouse is 70% water); however, the modern house cat can rarely do this or is simply lazy. To help you, we offer you the five best sources for cats today:

  • The favorite cat fountain of online users
  • The quietest cat fountain
  • The largest capacity cat fountain
  • The best source for cordless cats
  • Best Fountain for Sensor Cats

The favorite cat fountain of online users

The DADYPET option fights like few others to take over the throne of the best source for cats on the market. Not surprisingly, the brand is a specialist in pet care and, this particular model, the best-selling Amazon cat fountain on the mythical portal. It has three useful water flow settings: smooth, bubbly, and calm.

With a capacity of 2 liters, it is a quiet and really easy to clean cat fountain. For the latter, you simply have to disassemble it, wash it in the dishwasher (or by hand) and reassemble it. In addition, it is made of high quality plastic free of harmful compounds for your “kitten”. All this with exceptional after-sales service.

The quietest cat fountain

One of the best sources for cheap cats is the PEDY proposal. For just € 25, it offers you a striking and charming floral design, a large storage capacity (up to 1.6 l) and a 360º water flow system. Thanks to its three outlet configurations with constant water circulation, it will not be difficult to find a proposal that interests your cat.

Through its activated carbon filters, the water always remains clean, fresh and free of odors that can deter the animal from drinking it. In addition, this electric fountain for cats is accompanied by a waterproof mat made of silicone to avoid wetting the floor. The finishing touch? More than two hundred thirty ratings with an average of 4.6 / 5 stars.

The largest capacity cat fountain

Another cat fountain by the famous DADYPET. With a slightly higher capacity than the other option (2.8 l), it is made of antibacterial and ecological PP (polypropylene) resin. It is another silent source for cats, free of BPA (bisphenol A) and therefore non-toxic. With a sober but modern design, it stands out for its ease of assembly and cleaning.

Like most electric cat fountains, it also offers three settings for the water flow. In addition, it has a design with strategic inclinations to avoid possible spills. As for the charcoal filters of this cat fountain, they use double-density polyester pads to prevent the water from filling with hair and other debris.

The best source for cordless cats

We close this list with the best sources for cats with the Torus Water System proposal from the manufacturer Torus Pet. It is a cordless cat fountain. This is not to say that it is a battery powered cat fountain. This option uses a unique system that provides your “furry” with the water it needs through a bowl, while storing the rest inside.

Thanks to this, the water remains isolated from pollutants and is not wasted. In addition, before being available to the cat, this cordless cat fountain passes it through its exclusive filter so that your “kitten” can always drink it as fresh and clean as possible. With a capacity of 1 liter, it also stands out for its ease of cleaning.

Best Fountain for Sensor Cats

If you are looking for a cat fountain with sensor, you will love the brand new Honey Guardian option. With this system, you can make the water run only when your “furry” approaches a certain distance from the device. Thanks to this, you will save some energy. Although due to its low consumption, it is possible to keep it in “Continuous supply” mode without problems.

But apart from being a great source for sensor cats, this HoneyGuaridan model offers a large 2.5 liter capacity as well as a compact and unique design. In addition, it has a led that turns on to warn you every time the fountain stops having enough water. From the link that we propose you can also buy packs of six carbon filters.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Cat Fountains

Cat Fountain

Are you leaving already? Wait! We have presented you with five of the best Amazon cat supplies today, but there is still cloth to cut. So that you can be soaked in knowledge, like your cat’s tongue of water, we have done research on the product. The result? Answers to the most frequent questions about cat fountains.

How exactly do cat water fountains work?

Obviously, there are several types of cat supplies. However, its operation is always the same. Moreover, its components are, in general, the same (although some models may have some additional or exclusive element). We talk about the water pump, the filter and the diffusers. Next, we explain these three components in detail:

  • Water pump: Essential so that water can circulate throughout the system that makes up the fountain. Several of the Amazon cat fountains that we have collected in our classification present three settings with which you can change the way in which the water pump works. In this way, if one configuration does not convince your cat, you can always try others. They require electrical power for their operation, but don’t worry, their consumption is very low!
  • Filter: Key so that your “pussy” has access to clean and healthy water. Most of the available options use activated carbon filters. That does not sound strange to you, since it is a filtering material that is also used in products intended for humans. Obviously, the shape of the filter will depend on the model; However, with regard to its operation, there is little to say: the water passes through the activated carbon in order to eliminate impurities.
  • Diffuser: This is where the water comes out. It is the element of the electric cat fountains that varies the most, since, although functional, its greater weight is ornamental. The options, therefore, are multiple: gentle jets of water, waterfalls, bubbling water or permanent flow. Everything will depend on the character of your cat. For example, some ‘kitties’ will respond more actively to cascading water, however, others may prefer a gentle and discreet flow.

What are the advantages of cat fountains over traditional drinking fountains?

The 21st century is the century of unbridled capitalism. Its machinery had not been as sophisticated and precise as until today. The like-minded media and the irrational cult of self it fosters have plunged us into a spiral in which consuming unnecessary products is the norm. But, what would you think if we told you that cat fountains are the exception? Convince yourself!

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of cat fountains:


  • They attract the attention of your “furry” and, consequently, he ends up drinking more.
  • Clean and fresh water for your feline 24 hours a day.
  • They tend to have a compact design with great storage capacity.
  • Despite not being a traditional drinker, it is not difficult to clean.
  • The available technology allows to offer silent cat fountains.
  • They do not have to be plugged in all day (and, even if they were, they consume very little).
  • They do not force you to be constantly aware of how much water they have left.
  • Most of the available models warn you that there is little water left through a led.


  • The initial investment is more expensive, but it pays off in the long run.
  • It takes a little longer to clean them.

Are there sources for wireless jack?

Yes, as well as automatic cat fountains (also known as sensor cat fountains). These are devices that detect when your cat approaches to start the flow of water. This way you save more energy. On the other hand, the sources for cordless cat are represented by models like Torus, and that we have collected our list.

What materials can a cat fountain be made of?

Like any other drinking fountain, cat water fountains can be made of many different materials. The most common of them is plastic. On the other hand, any model of cat fountain will not use only one material, since components such as the motor or the water pump need something more. That is why you should always disassemble them before cleaning them.

  • Plastic Cat Water Fountain: The best options use premium plastic. For this reason, plastic fountains often stand out for their long useful life. In addition, being made of this material, they are cheaper than their competitors. Of course, they require superior maintenance, since plastic tends to wear out and generate small cracks where bacteria can proliferate.
  • Stainless steel water fountains for cats: This material stands out for its lightness, but without compromising resistance levels. Hypoallergenic, it has characteristics that make it more difficult for cracks to appear. In addition, sources of this type usually have more than acceptable capacities (between 2 and 4 liters), as well as avoid the appearance of unwanted odors in the liquid element.
  • Ceramic Cat Water Fountains: Ceramic- based options stand out for their robustness, so they last quite a bit. In addition, they are also easy to clean and allow the water temperature to be better preserved due to the thermal properties of the ceramic itself. Against him? They tend to crack somewhat more than plastic ones, so bacteria and other unwanted agents can accumulate in the long run.

Are sensor cat fountains or classic cat fountains safe?

It does not matter if they are classic style or incorporate some function that makes them a sensor cat fountain: they are totally safe. In fact, they are more natural for cats, since they tend to avoid stagnant water, but constantly seek to interact with moving water. Therefore, with a water fountain your “furry” will drink more.

Of course, the safety of the device also depends on you. Cat water fountains need solid maintenance and commitment. So that the water always comes out fresh, you must make sure that you change the filters of this once every fifteen or thirty days. In addition, you have to clean it completely from time to time to avoid the accumulation of dirt.

How do you clean an electrical fountain for cats?

If you are wondering how to clean a cat water fountain, this is the section you were looking for. Obviously, the procedure can vary depending on the model, but, broadly speaking, it is always the same. Don’t panic, keeping a cat power supply in good condition is almost as easy as doing it with a traditional drinking fountain:

  • Unplug the cat water fountain.
  • Empty the fountain tank.
  • Disassemble it to have all its components individually.
  • Excludes the water pump from cleaning. It can be damaged if it gets wet.
  • Clean each of the pieces with water, a sponge and a suitable product. You can also put them in the dishwasher.
  • Dry each piece properly and reassemble the fountain.
  • Repeat the process every ten to fifteen days. Also, be sure to change the filter on your cat fountain periodically.

What type of filters are available for use with cat fountains?

Almost all cat supplies today use activated carbon filters. However, some may add extra elements such as pre-filters or resort to alternatives based on other materials. Remember that a good filter is essential for the proper functioning of the appliance, since it keeps the water free of odors, dirt and bacteria:

  • Ultraviolet filter: Ideal for purifying water. This type of filter eliminates all harmful microorganisms present in the liquid element.
  • Active carbon: One of the most effective and used. It purifies the water and removes pollutants of all kinds such as heavy metals or chemicals present in the air – and that usually end up in it. In addition, it helps to eliminate bad smells, something crucial to encourage your cat to drink.
  • Ion exchange filter: This type of filter for cat water fountains allows cleaning the element liquid of heavy components and excess mineralization. Therefore, they are more effective in combating the formation of kidney stones (although any option meets this goal to a good level).

How long does a cat fountain filter last?

Cat Fountain

A question many users have is “How often should I change the filter on a cat fountain?” Well, there is no universal answer. To begin with, it will depend on the quality of the filters and the manufacturer’s instructions. Each machine is a world unto itself, so you should consult the instructions of the model to find out.

On the other hand, remember to clean the appliance and change the water frequently, since it will be useless to change the filter if you do not keep the appliance in good condition or renew the liquid element. Also, changing the filter will depend on how many cats you have and whether you use bottled or tap water. In the latter case, the city where you live also influences.

Purchase criteria

Graduated in cat fountains, you are looking for how to put your newly acquired knowledge into practice. Like doctors, or any other specialist in any other field, who use the formulary of their discipline, we have prepared one for you. With it you will be able to evaluate the different products that we offer you and always be able to buy the right one:

  • Capacity
  • Energy consumption
  • Design
  • materials
  • Cat type

The best cat bowls usually offer 1-3 liters of capacity. This is the amount of water the appliance can store. If you only have one cat, you won’t need too much. However, if you live with more “furry”, whether they are cats or any other family of animals, you will need more. Buy in proportion to what you have for a better return.

Energy consumption
Although most cat fountains don’t consume much energy, it never hurts to make sure. Failure to do so can lead to unpleasant surprises on your electricity bill. Also, remember that there are sensor cat fountains that only activate when your furry companion approaches them; something that further reduces your energy consumption.

When we talk about design, we not only mean that it has a “attractive” finish, but that it is compatible with your home. Although most cat fountains are compact and will fit almost anywhere, they do have their differences. Therefore, you should be clear about the size of the model you want and values ​​if it fits well where you plan to put it.

In the Shopping Guide we talked about the different materials that a cat water fountain can be made of. Whichever material you choose, make sure it is top quality. For example, if you’re looking for a plastic cat pan, make sure it’s free of BPA, a harmful chemical used in the manufacture of some plastics.

Cat type
If your cat is very active, he will drink more. On the contrary, if you have a somewhat lazy or “old man” cat, it will tend to do less. On the other hand, and as we already said in the Capacity criterion , your needs will vary depending on whether you have one or more cats. With this in mind, analyze what your cat (s) is or are like in order to offer them the cat fountain (s) they really need.


The “kittens” are not very fond of water – almost all races hate bathing – but they need it to survive. Therefore, as the father or mother of one – or several – of these beautiful felines, you must provide them with access to clean and fresh water at all times. Fountains for cats are an excellent tool to fulfill this objective in the best way.

Throughout this article we have talked to you about the different existing cat fountains, as well as their components (water pump, filter and diffuser). In addition, we have prepared for you a list with the key criteria when buying a product like this. For example, their capacity, which should be greater as the number of cats under your care increases.