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Cat Toys: Which is the Best of 2021?

There are few experiences similar to having a cat at home. Despite sleeping all day, hiding in remote places and getting into a lot of trouble, we must accept that these nice pets make us happy every day. As feline owners, we have to acquire the knowledge and information necessary to provide them with a good life.

We’ve previously written comprehensive guides on everything you need: pet harnesses, feeders, litter boxes, and beds. But we cannot forget that they also want to play. More than a desire, it is an instinct as a substitute for hunting. Next, we are going to explain everything you need to know about toys for cats.

The most important

Cat Toys
  • When buying a new toy for your pet, many times the owner thinks about what he likes. We cannot forget that the accessory is for your cat, not for you. So the best option is to test to see what type of toy entertains him.
  • There are three main kinds of feline toys: for fun, for intelligence, and for exercise. Depending on your needs, you can choose one or the other. The most important thing is that your pet is busy. Because an idle or bored cat, in addition to sleeping a lot, may amuse himself with objects that do not correspond to him.
  • Many times they are more entertained with a cardboard box than with a plastic doll or mouse. If this description fits your pet, do not be angry, because it is part of their nature. In the purchase criteria section we explain in detail the characteristics that toys must meet for your cat.

The best cat toys on the market: our favorites

The cat is a curious animal. He likes to investigate his surroundings, climb high places, and is especially good at getting into trouble. To satisfy their instincts, you can make use of toys and articles of the most varied, such as lasers, threads, plastic mice, balls and even special boxes and bags. Next, we show you the best entertainment objects.

Best interactive cat toy

This interactive toy consists of a set of 10 pieces of entertainment for your cat. The toy pack consists of: 2 feather fabrics, 3 sticky mice, 1 fish, 1 ball, 1 squeaky ball , 1 pad and 1 tinkerbell.

Each object is made of wood, sisal (a fiber), plastic, and feathers. The stick that includes has an optimal measure for safety, to avoid accidental scratches. Great value for the price.

Best selling cat toy

There are toys that cats are excited about and this is one of them. Its tower design with 4 balls in 4 levels will excite your kitty and we are not saying it, the users assure it!

Each scoop includes catnip or catnip , so you can imagine what they’ll enjoy. It is made of bite-resistant polypropylene resin. It has 4, 4 out of 5 stars and buyers are excited.

The best toy for a baby cat

Stick length: 49cm. The product includes, in addition to the bar, an elastic black thread, a bell and two feathers. It’s a simple item, but we know that cats don’t like complications.

Just lightly shake the stick, your baby pet will be activated, as it will be attracted by the movement and the sound. You can use this resource for a few minutes a day.

The best laser pointer for cats

It is a product composed of 2 flashlights with 2 beams of light (white and laser) and a mouse with colored pens. Each flashlight is made of stainless steel, in addition to including a fall arrest strap that surrounds the wrist.

The item is designed in such a way that you don’t have to press and hold the flashlight power button, once is enough. These cat toys are powered by AAA batteries, which are cheaper than button batteries. You’ll love it!

The best toy set for baby kittens

It is a set of objects and entertainment elements for your feline puppy that is made up of 3 mice, 4 rubber balls and 4 balls with bells, 1 cotton ball and a board for cats with a spring.

This product has all the necessary components for your baby cat to spend an entertaining time, as it is ideal for those moments of boredom or constant sleep. Users love it.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Cat Toys

Cat Toys

A feline retains certain instincts that, as far as possible, you can help him satisfy. And although sometimes an apartment or a house are not the most appropriate places, many times there is no choice but to adapt the games to a space closed by coexistence. Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about hobbies for your pet.

What are cat toys?

They are accessories and complements made with the intention of entertaining and educating your pet. They can have multiple shapes and be made of many materials. Your cat’s toys are essential objects for their growth and their day-to-day life, as they have many benefits that we will break down throughout this article.

Living with a cat can lead to endless situations, in addition to triggering all kinds of emotions, both in you and in your pet. In case you wonder if playing with your cat is necessary, we will say yes. However, make no mistake: no matter how hard you try, entertaining a feline is not the same as entertaining a canine.

Why buy cat toys?

When a cat gets bored or goes a long time without doing something productive, it does nothing but eat and sleep. If you don’t want his life to be reduced to these two actions, you can encourage him to have a little fun, in addition to getting a little exercise. When you play with your pet, not only she has fun, but also you.

Another reason it is important to keep your cat busy is that you should tire him out. Animals, like people, have a daily energy reserve to consume. If your feline can’t bring that energy into exercise, he will get frustrated. And not only that, but you will also have a high chance of gaining weight.

What types of cat toys are there on the market?

When buying a toy for a cat, you can see that there are all kinds and conditions, not to mention materials and different uses and recommendations. Because this step can be a mess, we have prepared a table with different types of toys, characteristics of each one, and their benefits. So you will know which accessory is best for you and your pet.

Why are cat toys so important?

Investing in quality time with your pet is priceless. It often happens that, with the day to day, we are mired in our responsibilities, such as studies, jobs or social relationships. However, when we have a companion like a cat, don’t be fooled by its detached character, as it also needs humans.

Many owners of these friendly felines believe that by buying an interactive toy their pet will be entertained alone. Thinking in this way is a mistake because what the cat needs is a playmate, the objects constituting a simple excuse to entertain and strengthen the cat-human relationship.

Benefits of cat toys

We may not be able to accurately describe the full list of benefits when it comes to accessories and game add-ons. And it is that you can integrate the sessions of “action” in the daily routine of your pet, promoting its agility and resistance, in addition to fighting boredom. Next, we proceed to give you more advantages.

  • Fight obesity by exercising daily.
  • Keeps your pet entertained.
  • The owner-cat emotional bond is strengthened.
  • Develop your intelligence.
  • Quenches the natural hunting instinct.
  • He is happier when he is busy.
  • Play helps your cat to interact with others, be they feline companions or people.
  • Discharges energy, making you more calm and satisfied.

How to use cat toys?

It is a very frequent question, since the owners of these nice pets usually make a few mistakes when playing with them. It is important not to fill your feline with toys and accessories, since a cat does not have the same perception as people in terms of possession. Another mistake is putting all the toys at his fingertips, making him bored.

Playing with your pet doesn’t have much mystery, it just requires a bit of feline psychology. If you see your cat walking around the house without knowing what to do, it is a good time to go to the stick with the pen or the laser pointer. This way, you can start a gaming session without much effort on your part.

How long do you have to play with a cat?

It is not known for sure because there are many factors that influence the time you should invest in playing with your pet, such as their age, way of being, physical condition or race. For example, an overweight cat can quickly tire, causing the fun to be over in a matter of minutes.

In case your pet is fibrous and predisposed to action, you will have no choice but to get him to expend all that accumulated energy through the appropriate activities. If you still do not know for sure how long to play with your cat, we suggest that you investigate and try, but half an hour a day may be enough.

Toys for small cats

When your pet is a few months old it is the right time to teach him to play with you. Many owners let the first bites and scratches go by, mistakenly trusting and believing that over time that will automatically change. We are obliged to warn you that, if you do not take precautions, this situation will escalate.

You need to buy toys for kittens adapted to their age. Items such as string sticks or a good laser pointer could be the perfect accessories to spend some fun time. Remember that the more time you spend with your pet, the sooner it will get used to you in terms of routines and behaviors.

Toys for adult cats

People will never cease to exist who are convinced that, once the cat grows up, it no longer has fun and only thinks about sleeping. Thinking in this way is a very common mistake because all pets, in one way or another, need entertainment and moments of leisure. An adult cat, on the other hand, does not usually say no to a moment like this.

As for articles focused on adult felines, we can find interactive toys that exercise and develop your pet’s mind. However, the time your cat has the most fun is when it plays with you. There are times when he spends a lot of time alone, so if this is the case, we highly recommend that you spend quality time with him.

Why isn’t my pet interested in cat toys?

A cat can show an interest in play throughout its life. Of course, as long as you are healthy. The moment he falls ill or has no energy, he will prefer to eat and sleep. If you notice that it happens to your pet very often, do not hesitate to take her to the vet for a diagnosis based on tests. It is important to take care of your pet, never forget it.

It is also likely that if you picked up your cat from the street, especially if it is already an adult, the change of environment will be hard at first. Felines are animals that need routines and certainties, so if you suddenly see yourself in a new place you can get stressed and want to take refuge. A cat only plays when it feels confident and secure. You know how to give him what he needs.

Are cat toys safe?

Before buying any entertainment item for your pet, you should try it or make sure that it does not constitute a danger to its health. Although toys for felines do not usually harm them, it never hurts to check and investigate the origin of these items, the material they are made of and if it is good for your friend.

To be convinced that an object will not harm your pet, you can analyze the opinions of other buyers (if you bought the toy online) and once you receive the product, handle it and verify that it meets the necessary safety conditions. Watch out for poorly glued feathers, small objects that your cat may accidentally swallow, and pointed items.

What materials are cat toys made of?

Each toy is made in different ways. The manufacture varies greatly depending on the origin and characteristics of the article, in addition to the recommendations for use. We have components of all kinds, such as fabric, plastic, stainless steel, wood and sisal (material of the rope that they manufacture for scratching posts and cat trees), among others.

In addition, you also have to keep in mind that some products may need batteries to work, such as laser pointers, interactive toys, glow balls and many more. We recommend that in the event that your cat chooses to entertain himself with an electronic element, it is always under your supervision. It’s better to prevent than to cure.

Is it better to buy cat toys or make them myself?

Cat Toys

Both buying an entertainment product for your pet, and doing it yourself, have advantages and disadvantages. However, despite the fact that making a toy for your cat with your own hands can be satisfactory (and cheaper, let it be said), in this case we have to break a spear in favor of acquiring a good item in your trusted store.

The main reason we opted for investment is simple: a manufacturer, especially a well-known brand, is more likely to be more knowledgeable about cat fun than a new owner. It is also true that this premise is not always fulfilled. What is clear is that you need to know the likes of your cat.

Purchase criteria

We assume that, as you read the article, you become more clear about what types of cat toys suit you. In the previous section we answered all the most frequent questions regarding entertainment needs. In this section we proceed to reveal those details that you should take into account when buying one of these items.

  • Size
  • Durability
  • Sharp edges
  • Threads and strings
  • Cat age

The dimensions of the toy are very important because they can be decisive for the health of your cat. By choosing an article that adapts to the conditions and physical shape of your pet, you will have more guarantees of success. Not to mention that a feline is not interested in those objects with which it cannot interact correctly.

It is true that your cat gets bored very easily and the reason is found in his way of thinking. If you look closely, your pet usually likes to hide to stalk his “victim.” If it turns out that this is not perceived as easily manageable, the feline will lose all interest, making your purchase was in vain.

Nobody likes to buy a product that breaks on the same day of purchase. Neither does your cat, but it may happen that, “in the heat of battle” between your pet and the toy, it ends up unraveled or broken into pieces. Your friend’s nails can be very dangerous for the most delicate products.

You will most likely be interested in investing in cat toys that will last a long time. In that case, we recommend that you not only be guided by one brand. While it is true that, for example Kong, is a manufacturer that has earned the trust of thousands of pet owners over time, you can try other companies. The trial and error method will be very helpful.

Sharp edges
You must be careful with possible sharp corners of the toys because they can cause accidents during play. To avoid scares, we recommend that you buy items with a rounded shape, capable of safely offering entertainment. We have several examples, such as sound balls, plastic mice, or tunnels.

Many visits to the vet are caused by events that occur during fun times: a blow, a loss of an eye, a gum injury or a broken tooth. Remember that the owner is responsible for the health of his cat, so do not choose toys with pointy shapes. Instead, opt for products with rough and soft surfaces.

Threads and strings
Something that drives a cat crazy (in a good way) is a string attached to a small object, like a hollow ball or feather. For this reason, a good investment can be a wooden rod that meets these conditions. Indeed: it is not necessary to spend a lot of money on entertainment elements for your cat, you just have to know it.

When selecting toys for cats, especially yours, find out if what they really like is a fast moving thread. By the time you try it on your pet, we’re pretty sure you’ll both really enjoy such a cheap item. Despite appearances, the best product often does not go hand in hand with the price.

Cat age
The fun needs of a cat do not remain constant. While it is true that there are some characteristics that it continues to retain (chasing moving objects, for example), as your pet gets older, you may notice that it no longer interacts in the same way. Instead of worrying, think of it as natural.

If this is your case and you have an adult cat, it is likely that it tends to be calm, so it is a good option to acquire a toy with which it exercises more intelligence, or stimulates its senses, than the body. It is important that you never stop playing, because a pet that is entertained, and subjected to constant challenges, is happier and lives longer.


Having a cat as a pet can entail a series of expenses (feed, feeders, scratchers, beds, trees, veterinarian, pipettes and sandboxes, among others), in addition to needing to buy suitable toys for felines. And the situation gets a little more complicated if instead of having one you have two or five. However, we are convinced that quality is better than quantity.

Acquiring a good toy for your feline is not an expense, but an investment: in his happiness, in his physical and mental health, in his state of mind and, above all, in strengthening the relationship between you and your pet. We hope that all the time spent with you is full of magical and wonderful moments. Because a cat at home can be a blessing.

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