Catnip: Which is The Best of 2021?

Although cats are strict carnivores, it is not uncommon to “catch” them by feasting on plants, herbs, or flowers. What’s more, some “kittens” adore, among other products of plant origin, lettuce or asparagus. For many humans, it is difficult to cook without “pedicones” appearing in the room. In these cases, catnip is ideal.

And not only to satisfy the eccentric culinary tastes of these endearing felines, since the best cat herbs on the market also provide them with very useful gastrointestinal benefits. However, not all of them are the same. So that you can always give your cat the best option, we have put together this guide on the best cat herbs of 2021

The most important

  • Although “catnip” and “catnip” are interchangeable in everyday life, they technically differ. Grass or catnip catnip has a more recreational use, while common herb for cats offers a more therapeutic approach.
  • Catnip or catnip causes euphoria and stimulates the cat contact with it. This is ideal if you want your “pussy” to be more active. Of course, although harmless, in some cats it can cause aggressive behaviors. On the other hand, it generates tolerance, so the greater the exposure, the less efficacy it will show.
  • Whether you buy catmint (another of the terms used for catnip ) or common cat grass, you must take into account the composition of the product, as we will see later in the Purchase Criteria section. Most brands opt for organic and 100% natural processes, however, it does not hurt to make sure before spending the money. Nothing is small when it comes to the health of your “furry” companion!

The best cat herbs on the market: our favorites

So that the different catnip options do not become a dense and impregnable forest, we take the “machete” for you to present a ranking with the best catnip herbs today. And since the variety is the taste, we have tried to gather options of all types: economic, with a pot included or based on catnip , among others.

  • The favorite catnip of online users
  • The best value for money catnip
  • The best organic catnip
  • The most sophisticated catnip
  • The Best Catnip Spray for Cats

The favorite catnip of online users

The Catit Grass Planter Germinator is the updated version of its popular predecessor, the Catit Design Senses Series Cat Grass Set. Under the umbrella of the giant Hagen Group, the Catit range of products has earned an important reputation among cat lovers thanks to its catalog focused on offering stimulating articles.

Basically, it is a nice planter that fits in with the rest of the Catit accessories (like Lego pieces). In it you can grow any type of catnip (although it is recommended to combine it with the herb sold by the brand itself). The dog”? Herb and pot are sold separately, although at least both can be purchased from the same link.

The best value for money catnip

Vitakraft is a German brand with almost two centuries of experience in the pet food sector. With this cat grass grow kit, the company seeks to offer you an inexpensive, but complete and quality product. It is made up of a light plastic pot, a base made of the same material and a bag with 120 grams of cat grass.

Although cheaper than the previous option (around € 7), its plastic pot and base do not help. However, they make up for that by including catnip alongside the purchase of the product. Based on carefully selected seeds, it offers your pet the ideal and natural complement so that it can eliminate hairballs without great difficulties.

The best organic catnip

Ecol-logic is a Catalan company based in Manlleu that is dedicated, among other things, to the production of products related to the animal world. Its main virtue? That they bet on materials and processes of ecological cutting, as well as on a hand-made manufacturing. Therefore, in this case it not only offers one of the best cat herbs, but a unique product.

So with this cat grass kit you get a pot made and hand painted with signature pine with a semi-matt finish. This pot is protected, painted and varnished with ecological products. On the other hand, the kit also includes a bag of grass, a plastic tray, a clay bag to retain moisture and two types of compost.

The most sophisticated catnip

Cat grass can not only be used as a food supplement to help your furry friend’s intestinal transit. Catnip Kasimir Cat (60g) is one such example. It is a catnip pot – also called “cat mint” – whose origin is found in the fields of western Canada, where it is extracted under the country’s ecological regulations.

And it is that you do not grow catnip nor should you expect your cats to eat it. Therefore, to get the most out of Cat Kasimir catnip, what you should do is put some pieces of it in a bag, old sock or toy with the possibility of filling. Once this is done, offer the object to your “kitten” to spend with him a time full of lysergia.

The Best Catnip Spray for Cats

The catnip for cats in Spray de Kong could be suspect in this classification. However, because it is made with the most famous catnip out there, we could not ignore it to close this list of the best herbs for cats of 2021. Also called Kong Naturals Catnip Spray, it can be used not only to spend fun times with your pet .

And why do we say this? Because it is one of the most powerful sprays on the market today. With this, it will not only be useful to spray it on your cat’s favorite toys, but also to make it fixate, and even use, scratching posts or cat trees. The icing on the cake is its preparation with 100% natural ingredients from renewable sources.

Shopping Guide: What You Should Know About Cat Grass

As you may have already seen, catnip is not simply a leaf that you offer to your cat as a food supplement or for leisure. Depending on its origin, and even its presentation, it can serve different purposes. So that you do not remain like your furry friend (paralyzed in the middle of the hall looking at nothing), we solve the most frequent doubts!

What is cat grass and what is it for?

The first thing to do is make a difference between catnip and catnip. Although we are dealing with synonymous terms in the everyday use of the language, technically they are not the same. Catnip often refers specifically to catnip or ” catmint .” This is ideal to encourage your cat’s play, as well as to capture his attention.

On the other hand, cat grass usually refers to a group of plants (each of them with specific properties) that, in general, are bought in seeds and planted. Its use is more limited to the world of food supplements, since it seeks to enhance the gastrointestinal health of the cat and the expulsion of annoying hairballs.

What types of catnip or cat grass are there?

Now that you know the technical difference between catnip and catnip, it is worth delving further into them. The catnip or catmint , whose scientific name is Nepeta cataria , is a plant of European origin, but nowadays it can also be seen in a feral form in Western Asia and North America. In cats it has a strong euphoric effect.

By contrast, cat grass encompasses a group of plants. Its use in cats is not recreational, but therapeutic. The best herbs for cats on the market are a great option for your “pussycat” when it comes to taking care of their gastrointestinal health in a natural way. Although there are many plants that are sold as cat grass, these three are the most common:

  • Umbrella ( Cyperus alternifolius): It is a completely safe plant for your cat. Many of these felines love it. Its downside? Its sharp blades can harm the animal if it does not learn to interact with it.
  • Ribbon ( Chlorophytum comosum ): This plant has the property of inducing vomiting. Therefore, it is an exceptional alternative if what you are looking for is something that helps your cats expel ingested hairs. Its downside? Its ability to absorb harmful substances from the air, something that can harm your “furry”.
  • Wheat, barley and other cereals: the grains of some cereals allow them to be grown quickly and cheaply in order to obtain cat grass. Furthermore, the feed of some birds can also be cultivated for this purpose. Its downside? A priori , none.

What are the properties and effects of catnip?

Catnip, that is, catnip , acts as a kind of MDMA or stimulant “drug.” But do not worry! It is completely harmless! Once your cat comes into contact with it, and as long as it is sensitive to its active principle, it will begin to show a playful, outgoing and affectionate behavior. The effect usually lasts about 10 minutes.

After that, the cat will return to its previous state, although it will continue to show some unusual mildness or an exacerbated desire to play for a while. All this thanks to nepetalactone. This is the active ingredient in catmint, which stimulates your “furry’s” sensory neurons and activates its central nervous system. That is why it is so useful to use it on scrapers.

In contrast, cat grass does not produce any euphoric effects. As we have already pointed out previously, its properties are merely therapeutic. This is something that you should take into account, since, depending on what you are looking for for your favorite feline, you will have to opt for one option or another. For this reason, we have prepared this small guide table:

How can I grow cat grass effectively?

Cat grass is usually purchased in seed bags, ready to grow. Obviously, each product is accompanied by specific growing instructions. However, you don’t have to be any “lights” to understand that these will not differ much from each other. So if you are thinking of growing cat grass, keep these tips in mind:

  • Try to use a growing substrate not industrially treated.
  • Soak the seeds in a bowl of water for 1-2 hours.
  • Grab a pot or use the one that came with the cat grass kit to fill it with the substrate.
  • Plant the seeds that had been soaked. For best results, make sure you do it about 2 cm deep.
  • Place the pot with the newly planted seeds in a bright environment. Of course, try not to give it direct sunlight.
  • The seeds should have an even moisture level. Make sure this is the case, in the same way that you prevent them from getting soggy.

Is catnip effective with all types of cats?

First, cats do not usually respond to the active ingredient in catnip until they are six months old. Of course, as in everything, there may be exceptions. On the other hand, nepetalactone generates tolerance, so that cats that are exposed to it frequently will end up not showing any reaction. Although this is reversed with “abstinence.”

It should also be noted that catnip is not harmful or addictive to our “furry.” However, not all cats react to it in the same way. What’s more, some studies suggest that 30% of these felines will not show any behavioral alteration or visible symptoms that may be associated with exposure to catnip or catmint .

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using cat grass?

Surely you have already deduced some of the advantages of using cat grass or catnip with your “kittens”. If that’s not the case, don’t pull your hair out! To close this section of doubts about the best herbs for cats on the market, we have decided to present you a table that collects the advantages of their use.

Purchase criteria

Now is the time to decide. Now that you know what cat grass is, as well as its different manifestations, you may feel even more lost. Do not despair! You already have the knowledge; now you just have to learn to manage it. Just look at the following criteria and you can start buying catnip without fear of being wrong.

  • Brand
  • Purpose
  • Packs or individual format
  • Opinions of other users
  • Composition

When it comes to caring for cats, Catit is a leading brand. Its cat grass is not only exceptional, but also its pot fits perfectly with the rest of the accessories in its Design Sense series. However, each replacement of grass is around € 20. If you are looking for a good but inexpensive brand, you may want to opt for Vitakraft or Kong (this one for catnip ).

If you are looking to stimulate your cat to be more playful, the ideal product is catnip or catmint . Also, if you want him to use his scraper more, you should also opt for this option, but in spray . For the care of your digestive system, the answer is in cat grass like the one offered by Catit. Always analyze your claims.

Packs or individual format
The first purchase must be cautious. Whether it’s catnip or common cat grass, you have to go little by little. Therefore, in your first investment, avoid the ” savings pack ” or the higher priced herbs for cats. Your cat may not react to catnip or show interest in the weed. Also, if you are lazy to grow, maybe you can buy it in croquettes.

Opinions of other users
One of the great advantages of buying through Amazon is that you can compare the characteristics and promises of the product with the opinions of the users who have used it. This can be very useful when buying the best catnip of 2021. However, keep in mind that each cat is different, so it should not be defining either.

You want the best for your cat, right? Therefore, you should look for natural products and, if possible, ecological. Options like the Wengué Cat Grass Kit respond well to this look. On the other hand, if you are going to buy spray catnip , check where it was extracted from and how it was processed. Cats are animals much more sensitive to chemicals than we are.


The “kittens” are animals of extreme sensitivity and elegance. As domestic companions, we must take the best possible care of them, both physically and mentally. The best herbs for cats are a great investment in the pursuit of this endeavor. The catnip to activate it and encourage it to play; the common cat grass to take care of your digestive system.

In this article, we have taken a comprehensive tour of the different types of catnip, as well as their properties and benefits. The witness is now yours. To do this, we have completed the content with the purchase criteria that you must take into account when buying cat grass. Some of them are very important, like your goal or composition.