8 Facts About Bernedoodle

If you have ever fallen in love with a Bernese mountain dog or poodle, Bernedoodle is another dog you need to meet. This breed is a combination of Bernese mountain dog and poodle, sometimes known as Bernese mountain poo. The goal of this cross was to create a perfect dog for families of all shapes and sizes. It is a smart and loyal dog, which can be a perfect life companion. Are you considering it for the next best fit for your family? Here are a few things worth knowing about this fabulous breed.

1. Come in many sizes

Bernedoodles come in three main sizes depending upon the poodle size. These sizes include the standard, Miniature, and Tiny Bernedoodle. They can vary in height from 12 to 29 inches at the shoulders and 10 to 90 pounds in weight. Usually, males are larger than the female.

2. Don’t shed much

Benedoodles poodle-influenced coat offers the best of both worlds. This breed is a perfect choice for you if you can’t stand the shedding issues. Most of the Bernedoodles are fall in the hypoallergenic category, which makes them a perfect choice for allergic families. But hypoallergenic doesn’t mean it’s completely sneeze-free if you have allergies.

3. Happy to go hiking

Are you a hiking lover? That’s great. Bernedoodles love to go on walking trips. They are so intelligent that they can also pose for millions of landscape photos after a little training. You will definitely enjoy their company during the hiking. They also enjoy going for a short walk daily.

4. Can be a little stubborn

Yes, you rightly read. They can also be a little stubborn depending upon the environment and initial training. But don’t worry much as your dedication can easily make them a good family dog. They are highly trainable due to their intelligent nature.

5. Super loyal

Once they spend some time in your family, you will find them your forever friend. But they also have a little separation anxiety; early crate training is a good option for helping them safe and secure. Take special care for those days when you are away.

6. Fewer health problems

Being a mixed breed, a Bernedoodle can have fewer health problems. They inherited the blindness and epilepsy issues from the poodle and hip and elbow dysplasia from the Bernese mountain dog. Despite these issues, Bernedoodles tend to benefit from more diverse genetic makeup and suffer fewer health issues.

7. Many coat colors

You can easily found a variety of colors in this unique breed. A Bernedoodle can have bi and tri colors with a mixture of white, brown, and black shades. But some colors are very rare as a black coat with marbled grey and white. You need to pay more to have a rare coat color Bernedoodle.

8. Happy to blend in multi-dog family

Bernedoodles easily blend in with other big or small dog families. They are so intelligent and have the potential to make new friends. You will always found them very polite in the presence of other dogs after a little training.