Custom Dog Crate Furniture – Best Safe Haven For Your Pets

Custom Dog Crate Furniture

Regardless of your pet’s age or size, getting custom dog crate furniture for your dogs will be beneficial for both of you. For you, it’ll give you the assurance you need that your dog won’t mess up the apartment while you are away, and for your dog, it’ll become a comfortable spot to call their own.

Custom dog crate furniture can keep your young puppies safe when used properly. Furthermore, getting them used to living in a crate will come in handy if you ever need to contain them for medical reasons. If you consider getting a crate for your pet, this article covers everything you need to know.

What Types of Crates Are Available on the Market?

Dogs are friendly, lovely pets, and giving them the best is always on the mind of every pet lover. If you’ve just got a dog and you work multiple hours, your next priority may be to find a custom dog crate to keep your pet comfortable and contained.

There are dozens of dog crates available on the market to choose from, and they come in different sizes and structures. You can get a wooden crate, plastic crate, or, more preferably, a clear acrylic dog crate.

Regardless of what type of crate you choose to settle for, it should be big enough to accommodate your pet. There should be enough space for your pet to move, stand, and sit comfortably. Let’s have a look at each custom dog crate type and what they have to offer.

Plastic Crates

Plastic crates are a great option if you plan on giving your dog more privacy or if you plan on traveling with a large dog on a plane. These crates are easy to move around, easy to clean, and you can easily convert the crate to a dog bed.

Furthermore, they offer low visibility, which is great for shy dogs, and they’re great for protecting your dogs from cold air.

The drawbacks with this type of crate are that most of these crates are unattractive, your dogs can overheat in hot weather, and the low visibility can cause lots of stress in some dogs.

Metal Dog Crates

If your plan is to set up a furniture dog crate and leave it at home, then a metal crate is a good option for you. Metal crafts are very common, and locating one in a store won’t be much of a job. The best part? Metal crates allow high airflow, open visibility, and you can install an optional crate cover if your dog needs more privacy.

Furthermore, these types of crates are foldable and can comfortably accommodate your growing puppies. The drawbacks of metal crates are that they’re heavy, rust over time, and your dog can escape from them easily. Furthermore, the open visibility provides less privacy for your dogs, and your dog can damage their teeth if they chew on the crate.

Metal Dog Crates

Clear Acrylic Crates

Who says dog crates have to be boring? Clear acrylic dog crates are making waves on the market, and this type of custom dog crate furniture provides your dogs with the comfort they need.

Acrylic dog crates are comfortable, easy to set up, provide enough visibility and airflow for your dog. These crates also don’t have visible limiting bars, so your dog won’t feel constrained.

Why Should You Get an Acrylic Dog Crate

Confining your dog and ensuring their safety in your absence are some of the top reasons why most people buy a custom dog crate. These clear acrylic crates come with three clear Lucite walls and a freestanding gate.

These lucite custom dog crates give your dog a clean, clear view, free of restricting metal or plastic bars. Furthermore, these acrylic crates come with four smoothly polished air openings on the sides to allow perfect airflow and metal latches to provide security. You can also install a pet cushion to keep your dog comfortable all day.

To install this crate, simply place one tray on the floor, put the hinged acrylic walls in the tray slats, and then place tray number two on top. Furthermore, you can use the lucite top as a side table, place it next to your bed, chair or couch. These crates are easy to set up and transport. Furthermore, they provide enough comfort and visibility for your dogs.

However, if you’re looking for custom dog crates for two dogs, this dog crate may not be the best option unless you’ll get two of them.

What to Look for in a Dog Furniture Crate

Furniture crates are a great addition for your pets, and they provide the assurance you need that your dogs aren’t messing up your apartment when you’re away. Here are top factors to consider when getting a dog crate:

  • Safety

The safety of your dog should be your top priority when considering any dog crate. Your dog crates shouldn’t contain any components or parts that could hurt or pinch your dog’s paws or tail. Furthermore, the crate should be solid enough to contain your dog without any wobbling or shifting.

  • Airflow

While some dog crates are attractive, this shouldn’t be the primary consideration when selecting furniture dog kennels. The second factor to consider is the crate’s airflow. Make sure the crate comes with proper ventilation to keep your dog from overheating inside. Your dog crate should have more than one window or picket area to allow proper airflow.

  • Visibility

Keep in mind that your dogs are less likely to relax in crates that reduce their visibility. Ensure the pet cage isn’t filled with too many solid limiting bars.

  • Upkeep and Bedding

Consider the doorway and design of your pet cage, and make sure that cleaning the cage won’t be much of a challenge for you. It wouldn’t be nice to spend hours cleaning up your dog crate anytime your pets have an accident. Furthermore, make sure the furniture type allows you to install removable and washable dog beddings.


Dog cages are a wonderful addition for you and your pets because they provide a safe haven for your dogs at home while also allowing you to transport them to a new environment conveniently. Make sure safety, airflow, visibility, and bedding options are on your priority list when searching for custom dog crate furniture.