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Does Your Cat Need a Pet Water Fountain

Pet water fountains encourage your cat or dog to drink water more and more frequently because they keep the water moving!

Cats should drink extra water, especially if they only eat dry food. However, the extra water that cats get from drinking helps them even when they only eat wet food. Therefore, it has become more and more clear that cats require a drinking fountain in order to live long and healthy lives.

Numerous health problems, such as renal disease and urinary tract infections, can be brought on by dehydration. By continuously delivering water, drinking fountains for cats can increase hydration levels, which in turn can boost nutrient absorption.

Because they perceive rushing water as being fresher than water in a bowl, cats are naturally drawn to it. Cat fountains are a wonderful way to keep your cat entertained, but be careful to choose the right one.

Although there is no proof that cats enjoy flowing water, researchers have discovered that they do have strong individual preferences. 2 Despite the fact that a water fountain cannot ensure that a cat is well hydrated, some cats prefer it to a dish, and there is a potential that your cat will adore one.

There are many products for cats on the market, therefore it might be difficult to know whether or not your cat needs a particular one. This information is crucial if you’re considering buying a pet water fountain and wondering if it might benefit your cat.

Cats and Water

Cats are still a species with a low thirst drive because they developed as desert animals. Wild cats don’t really need to drink much more water after that because they usually get most of it when they consume their prey. However, many indoor cats’ dry food diets don’t contain enough moisture, and as a result, many of them are chronically dehydrated, which can either cause or worsen conditions like kidney and urinary tract issues.

When cats do drink water outside, they seek out flowing or trickling sources rather than still pools. Cats apparently discovered during their evolution that stagnant water sources were more likely to make them ill. Since our housecats still possess this innate wisdom, sipping from water bowl is not good for them.

Due to their great sensitivity to flavors and scents, cats may drink less water than they should. A cat may not drink tap water because of the toxins in it or the flavor or smell of the bowl itself. This problem can be solved by installing a water fountain with a filter, which will give your cat odor- and flavor-free water.

When a Pet Water Fountain May Be Required for Your Cat

A list of warning signs that your cat might benefit from a water fountain is provided below:

Your cat has a long-term medical condition, such as chronic renal disease or recurring urinary tract issues. Getting additional water into a cat who is experiencing these problems is of utmost importance because dehydration makes these problems worse.

When you get out of the shower, your cat may frequently climb into the shower to lick up water or jump on the counter to try to grab a drink from the faucet. This behavior suggests that your cat thinks the water in her bowl is not fresh enough and is searching for fresher or flowing water.

Before sitting down to consume it, your cat uses a paw to bat at the water in the dish. Your cat is attempting to stir up the water in her bowl when she bats at it.

The water bowl appears to be bothering your cat, who may approach it and then leave during the day. Cats who constantly “examine” their water bowls but don’t drink from them may not like the taste of the water or how stagnant it is.

A pet water fountain may promote more water consumption if your cat exhibits any of these actions in relation to her water.

How to Introduce Your Cat to a Water Fountain

Cat Water Fountain

Firstly, you need to choose the ideal water fountain for your cat. We like Pet Water Fountain with a Filter for Dogs, Cats, Birds, and Small Animals, WOPET Cat Water Fountain Stainless Steel, 67oz/2L Silent Cat Drinking Fountains

ColorSilver, Grey
MaterialStainless Steel
Operation ModeManual
Target SpeciesBird, Cat, Dog

Regarding this item

  • Premium components: The WOPET cat water fountain is composed of ABS-free, premium stainless steel that has outstanding corrosion resistance. In particular, cats with chin acne or other sensitive skin conditions can benefit from this material’s natural skin friendliness.
  • Encourages Drinking: The WOPET cat fountain mimics cats’ inclination to drink rushing water. Additionally, it makes use of circulating filtration technologies to maintain a constant flow of water to make cat drinking more exciting and pleasurable.
  • Double Filtration: The WOPET cat water dispenser has a filter made of activated carbon to eliminate odors and impurities as well as a sponge to catch hair and other debris. Your pets will always have access to clean, fresh water thanks to double filtration.
  • Large enough for cats and dogs of all ages as well as households with many pets, the 2L dog water fountain has a high capacity. Because it can hold water for a week without needing to be refilled every day or very frequently, the dog fountain also saves pet owners time and energy.
  • Usefulness: Our pet fountain was simple to install thanks to its smooth surfaces, lack of fissures, and a minimal number of pieces. The straightforward design is not only simple to maintain by hand, but it also dishwasher safe.


Pet water fountains encourage your dog to drink more and more frequently because they keep the water moving, keep it cold and clean, and guarantee that there is always fresh water available. It’s crucial that your cat can still access her old water dish if she chooses to do so because cats occasionally require some time to get used to new things. You can take away the old bowl once you notice that your cat is consistently drinking from the fountain many times every day.

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