Dog Hair Clipper – Tips For Cutting Your Dog’s Hair

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Oneisall Dog Shaver Low Noise Rechargeable Cordless Electric Quiet Hair Clipper Set Suitable for Dogs, Cats and Pets

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  • 6 protective combs (3 mm / 6 mm / 9 mm / 12 mm / 15 mm / 18 mm). Adjustable trimming comb is suitable for trimming different lengths of hair; the detachable guide comb can quickly and easily replace the comb, increasing versatility.
  • Please note: If your pet’s hair is long and thick, you need to cut it short with scissors first, otherwise the hair clipper may get stuck and won’t work properly.
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The type of cut will depend on the breed and physical characteristics of your pet.

The proliferation in recent times of shops dedicated to the care of dog hair, the so-called canine hairdressers, shows the growing interest of the people for their pets. Although there are these stores specialized in dog hair care, we can also choose to cut our pet’s hair.

Although no one better than a professional to carry out this task, it is also true that by following a series of recommendations we can also cut our dog’s hair. Of course, we warn that it is not a simple task and we insist that it is necessary to follow some basic advice. In this article we collect them and we also indicate the utensils that you will need to leave your dog as a brush.

To know how to make the cut and what products to use, it is advisable the first time to go to a canine hairdresser to check in situ how the professionals work and what type of cut they apply to our dog. In case you have doubts or you do not see yourself in condition, it is better to go to a professional to avoid that our pet can suffer any type of damage or that we perform a haircut with unwanted results.

If you decide to do it yourself, in general you should know that to make the cut you will need a specific hair clipper for dogs. Depending on the type of hair of our dog, we will have to use one type of blade or another. After making the cut with the machine, we will also need scissors (preferably of various sizes) with which we can finish outlining the cut and give it the final touch. In addition, depending on the breed of our dog and its type of hair, we will also require different types of soaps, fabric softeners, and oils? In the same way, it will also be necessary to have a hairdryer, a brush and even adhesive bandages on hand.

Dog Hair Clipper - Tips for Cutting Your Dog's Hair

The type of cut, finish or hairstyle that we will apply to our pet will depend on the type of dog we have and its physical characteristics. Logically, it is not acceptable to pretend that a Chihuahua looks the same as a German Shepherd or vice versa. Based on this criterion, we must know that there are different types of hair. From the hard, which requires the use of electric razors and avoiding softeners or oils, to the curly (the one that poodles present, for example). For the latter, it is advisable to use a special moisturizing shampoo and use scissors in some areas and an electric machine in others.

For its part, the short hair, characteristic of breeds such as Pitbulls or Boxers, do not need large cuts. It will simply be enough to periodically review some areas with the razor to equalize it. In this case, it is not advisable to resort to fabric softeners either. Instead, it is useful to use a conditioner for dog breeds that have long hair, such as Yorkshire.

oneisall Dog Hair Clipper

Depending on the type of dog, we must prepare the bath with specific products for its type of hair. The bath will be the first action that we will have to carry out. Its function will be to remove all dirt and leave the hair ready for cutting. After this task, we will have to dry our pet with a towel and leave its hair damp, since this will make it easier for us to proceed with the cut. Before, however, we must thoroughly brush the hair to remove any knots that may exist.

Once we have made sure that there are no knots and tangles left, we can proceed to cut. For this task we must find a firm table on which we will place our dog, exerting pressure to prevent our pet from moving and could be injured. The ideal is to be accompanied by another person to help us in our task. The cut should be done smoothly and reassuring our pet at all times, especially if it is restless or nervous. Remember that the fundamental thing is that it does not suffer any type of damage.

The back and the hind legs should be the first areas where we should start cutting the hair, to continue with the neck, the chest, the front legs and the belly. In general, you should start cutting in the areas that have more fur. It is advisable to start the cut with the scissors and then use the razor.

The machine cut should always be done in the direction of the coat and smoothly, without exerting too much pressures to avoid shearing. On the other hand, if the cut is done only with scissors, we will have to help ourselves with the fingers and a suitable comb. In one way or another, we must seek that the cut has a homogeneous result. To cut the hair from the dog’s face there are some tricks, such as using adhesive bandages to hold the ears and bangs.

When you finish the whole cutting process, it is essential that we dry your pet’s hair with a dryer while we comb it. On the market there are special dryers for dogs that make less noise, although if we don’t have one we can use ours. The purpose of this task is to remove the excess hair and leave the hair that is shiny and smooth. Spend time drying to avoid moisture remaining and fungus to appear in certain areas.

The Best and Recommended Dog Hair Clipper

The Best and Recommended Dog Hair Clipper