Google Docs Create and edit web-based documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Store documents online and access them from any computer. Dog: Dog Breeds, Adoption, Bringing a Dog Home and Care Everything you need to know about dogs, including dog breeds, how to adopt a dog, bringing a dog home, dog health and care, and more! Best … Read more

5 Reasons That Can Stress Your Dog

5 causes that can stress your dog

There are many situations, which we can perhaps take for granted or even non-existent, which can stress your dog. It is possible that your dog needs things that even you have not thought you should give him and that, therefore, you are not paying attention to them, and this can stress your dog. My friend … Read more

Adopting a Puppy/ What You Need to Know

Adopting a Puppy

Introduction You have chosen your puppy from a litter, at a reputable Breeders. Soon you will be ready to bring him home it is time to get a few things that you are going to need before his arrival. What age can your Puppy come home? Dogs are not able to eat solid food until … Read more

5 Tips to Have a Healthy And Happy Dog

healthy dog food

If you love animals or have a pet, you will be interested to know what to do to offer him a better life. You probably know almost everything about it, but it is always good to expand and update your knowledge. Here then are a series of useful tips and advice to help your dog grow and live healthy and … Read more

What Are The Best Farm Dogs?

Unless you are a student of agricultural history and trends, you might not know that a substantial number of domestic dog breeds were originally developed as working farm dogs. We tend to think of dogs primarily as friends, companions or family members, and not as essential components of the process by which we obtain our … Read more

Service Dogs & Housing – Know Your Rights

Did you know that you and your service dog are protected from housing discrimination? While there are several laws in place; not everyone will strive to put your interests first – which is why self-education is critical. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the different laws that apply to housing and service dogs and have … Read more

German Shepherd Dog – A Little More About Breed

German Shepherds Dogs

Being a dog lover as always, I am willing to gather information about the different breeds of dogs and of course I was more inclined to the most famous. I had heard a lot about the shepherd breed, or the most famous of them, German Shepherds and therefore wanted to know only about the characteristics … Read more