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In contradiction to the saying that cats have nine lives, cats only possess one precious life just like every creature in the world. Our role as their masters and protectors is that we must learn the basics of caring for them. And we must be able to perform this health care for cats to the best of our abilities. We need to understand our cats. We have to learn what is normal to them and we should be keen in observing their behavior. Knowing what a healthy cat looks like should be a must in order to become a responsible cat owner.

One way and probably the best way to watch over our lovely felines is by performing a mini-physical examination to our cats on a regular basis. Plus seeing your friendly vet on regular check-ups. And we say performing a mini-physical examination on a regular basis, we mean an ideally once a week grooming session with your cat.

First of all we need to make ourselves and our cats to feel comfortable as we conduct our mini-physical examination.

  • The skin and the coat. – As you perform your grooming session with your cat, you will get the chance to examine your cat’s body. Let your hands pass over your cat’s body and feel if there are any irregularities or weirdness such as bumps, lumps or swelling. Take note of the cat’s fur. If you ever find some patches of hair loss or fleas or any unwanted creature like fleas for that matter, inform your vet right away in order proper medication may be provided for. You should also face your cat away from you and gently lift your cat’s tale. If you get to notice some tan colored rice shaped objects right there, you might be looking at tape-worm eggs. This must be taken into priority.
  • The eyes. – Your cat’s eyes can show if it is in good health or not. A healthy cat has bright eyes and equally sized pupils. Gently roll down your cat’s eyelids and see if the tissue lining the lid is pink. If it’s red or white something is wrong with your kitty.
  • The ears. – Flap your cat’s ear and see if it is clean. It is actually an important part of health care for cats to be sure their ears are not harboring ear mites. If it’s not, don’t clean it by yourself. Get a professional to do that for you. Probbing on your cat’s ear might cause irritation or infection. Your cat’s ear must be light pink in color, not swelling and not secreting any stenchy odor.
  • The mouth and the nose. – You also need to examine your cat’s gums and teeth. A cat’s healthy gums must not be swelling and must be pink in color, not red nor white. Your cat’s teeth should be clean free of brownish tartar. Smell your cat’s breath, although cat’s breath was never of heavenly scent, irregularity on this department might mean something bad. Too much drooling may also be an indication of a possible oral disease. The cat’s nose should be pink as well.
  • Your cat’s pulse rate. – The normal pulse rate of an adult cat is 140-220 beets per minute while on kittens range from 160-240 beats per minute. You can get your cat’s pulse rate on the inside of the hind leg near the groin.

Paying attention to your cats mood and habits as well as performing a little examination is all part of health care for cats that should be done by every cat owner. Keeping your cat in good health will insure that you have your furry companion with you for many years to come.

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