Snuggle Buddies For Your Pet – Burrow Blanket

Like human beings, pets also go through anxiety and instinctually crave enclosed and protected places. However, it is not always possible for you to have your pets sleep with you and for this purpose, BedHug have introduced burrow blankets which gives the comfort and protection which your pet needs.

These pet bed covers are fluffy and comfortable and allow your dog or cat to relax in when they are feeling anxious. This anxiety might occur when you leave the house, resulting in your pet creating havoc, hence, in your absence, the burrow blankets can serve as their cuddle buddies to soothe their nerves.

BedHug provides these pet bed covers in one size, which fits most pet beds, however, the three different colors lets you choose the one that your pet would love the most! The burrow blankets are extremely soft and would ensure that your pet sleeps peacefully throughout the night.

Due to the instincts of pets, especially small cats and dogs, to burrow, BedHug introduced these pet bed covers to ensure a place where your pet feels protected. Bed hug also ensures that they give back to the pet which is why with every purchase, they contribute for animal shelters and rescue which gives you all the more reason to go out and make your contribution for your pet and other animals too.

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