House Training a Dog Pads

Bringing a new furry friend home is exciting, but house training can quickly become a messy headache. Luckily, for some pups (and busy humans!), potty pads offer a convenient solution.

However, before diving in, let’s understand the pros, cons, and effective training methods for pad-perfect pups.

Pawesome Potty Pads: House Training Your Dog the Easy Way

  1. Glad for Pets Black Charcoal Training Pads for Dogs – Super Absorbent & Odor Neutralizing Dog Potty Pads, Leak-Resistant Puppy Pee Pads, Pheromone Attractant for Easy Training, 23″ x 23″ – 100 Count
  2. Super Absorbent Waterproof Dog and Puppy Pet Training Pad, Housebreaking Pet Pad, 50-Count Small-Size, 17.1’’X23.6’’, Blue
  3. OUT! PetCare Go Here Attractant Indoor and Outdoor Dog Training Spray – House-Training Aid for Puppies and Dogs – 32 oz
  4. Artificial Grass Puppy Pee Pad for Dogs and Small Pets – 16×20 Reusable 3-Layer Training Potty Pad with Tray – Dog Housebreaking Supplies by PETMAKER
  5. Super Absorbent Waterproof Dog and Puppy Pet Training Pad, Housebreaking Pet Pad, 50-Count Small-Size, 17.1’’X23.6’’, Blue
  6. Peepeego Non-Slip Dog Pads Extra Large 72″ x 72″, Washable Puppy Pads with Fast Absorbent, Reusable, Waterproof for Training, Whelping, Housebreaking, Incontinence, for Playpen
  7. IMMCUTE Dog Pee Pads Extra Large 28″x34″, X-Large Training Puppy Pee Pads Super Absorbent & Leak-Proof, XL Disposable Pet Piddle Pad and Potty Pads for Dogs, Puppies, Doggie (XLarge:28″*34″- 30 Ct)
  8. Bodhi Dog Potty Training Spray | Indoor Outdoor Potty Training Aid for Dogs & Puppies | Puppy Potty Training for Potty Pads | Made in USA
  9. Powools 100-Pack X-Large Puppy Pads – 34” x 28” Pee Pads for Dogs Potty Training with Leak-Proof Quick-Dry Design, 6-Layer Wee Wee Pads for Dogs
  10. Spotty Super Absorbent Heavy Duty 5 Layer Housebreaking Training Leak Proof Pet Puppy Dog Pee Pads, 100 Count

The Perks of Pad Power:

  • Convenience: Perfect for apartment dwellers, busy schedules, or pups with limited access to outdoors.
  • Cleanliness: No more muddy paws or accidents on carpets.
  • Accessibility: Great for older dogs or those with mobility issues.

The Poop on Pads:

  • Not a permanent solution: Not ideal for all dogs and can hinder outdoor training in the long run.
  • Costly: Replacing pads adds up, especially for larger dogs.
  • Environmental impact: Disposable pads create waste. Opt for reusable options if possible.

Ready to Train? Unleash These Tips:

  • Puppy Prep: Start with a young pup (8-12 weeks) for faster learning.
  • Pick a Pad Palace: Choose a quiet, easily accessible location away from food and water bowls.
  • Schedule is Key: Take your pup to the pad every 2-3 hours, especially after waking, playing, and eating.
  • Cue the Cues: Use a consistent command like “go potty” before placing them on the pad.
  • Reward Success: Celebrate every elimination with praise, petting, and treats.
  • Confine and Conquer: Use a crate or playpen to prevent accidents when unsupervised.
  • Clean Up Wisely: Remove waste promptly and use an enzyme cleaner to eliminate odors and prevent marking.
  • Be Patient: Accidents happen. Don’t punish, gently redirect, and clean up thoroughly.

Bonus Tip: Consider transitioning to outdoor potty breaks gradually as your pup matures. Place a pad near the door, then slowly move it outside, eventually eliminating the pad altogether.

Remember, consistency, patience, and positive reinforcement are key to successful house training. With these tips and a little love, your pup will be a pad-pro in no time!

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Disclaimer: This blog post is for informational purposes only and should not be a substitute for professional dog training advice. Always consult with a qualified trainer or veterinarian for personalized guidance.

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