Cat Water Fountains

How Do Cat Water Fountains Work?

Are you considering a cat water fountain? Wondering what the benefits are over a simple water bowl? You’re in the right place!

As cat lovers and manufacturers of cat water fountains, Closer Pets is ideally placed to provide the information you need to make an informed decision.

What Is a Cat Water Fountain?

A cat water fountain is a relatively simple device that can provide running water for your pet.

Cat water fountains are mains or battery-powered devices with a reservoir for water and a water bowl.

Water is kept flowing into the water bowl and will always be ready for your cat to drink.

As our four-legged friends prefer running water to still water, a cat water fountain is an inexpensive way to provide that.

Rather than a plain bowl with still water, you can give your cat fresh running water that feeds into their instincts and helps encourage them to drink more.

A cat water fountain designed by Closer Pets brings together 35 years of experience to bring you the best, tried and tested cat water fountains on the market today.

How Do Cat Water Fountains Work?

Cat water fountains are made up of a water reservoir, water pump, water bowl and, sometimes, a button to request water.

You fill the reservoir with fresh water and the pump will create a steady flow of water from the reservoir to the water bowl.

Some cat water fountains have specially designed polymer-carbon filter cartridges that trap dirt, fur and any other nasties. What’s more, the activated carbon removes chlorine and unpleasant odours from your tap water, therefore improving the taste and even the smell for your pets’ sensitive noses.

Some cat water fountains use a simple button mechanism the cat can use to request fresh water.

Others use a self-levelling mechanism to keep water constantly flowing to and from the bowl.

Both are very effective at delivering fresh water that should encourage your cat, or small dog, to drink more.

Cool and filtered

Some cat water fountains can even keep the water cool too, encouraging your feline friend to drink even more!

The movement of the water can help disperse heat, delivering water that can be 1-2 degrees cooler than standing water.

That may not sound much, but to a creature as sensitive as a cat, it’s a lot!

Pumps and Speed

Depending on the cat water fountain you buy, it will have a constant speed pump to deliver a steady flow of water or a variable speed pump.

If your friend prefers a slow trickle of water, you can provide that. If your cat loves a good drink and prefers a faster flow, you can speed it up.

Cat water fountains will use removable batteries or mains to power a quiet pump to keep water flowing. It’s a simple, reliable system that should provide many years of effective hydration to our furry friends.

Water fountains aren’t just our feline family members. Some have multi-height bowls ideal for kittens, large cats or even small to medium-sized dogs.

Just make sure you buy a water fountain with enough water capacity for everyone to drink without it running out.

Why Do We Recommend Cat Water Fountains?

A cat water fountain is a simple device that satisfies the instinctive need for running water.

All animals in the wild prefer running water. Evolution has taught them that running water is healthier and better for them than still water.

Even though cats are now thoroughly used to us waiting on them and providing for their every need, that instinct is still there.

A cat water fountain helps deliver that.

As cats generally don’t drink enough, anything we can do as cat lovers to encourage them to drink can only be a good thing. A cat water fountain can help with that.

We have designed all our cat water fountains to be quiet, reliable and deliver the long operating life our furry family members deserve.

Anything we can do to improve their lives and bring them closer to us, is well worth doing.

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