How to Choose a Bed For The Dog

The choice of the dog bed will depend on many factors. To choose the best option for bedtime we must take into account the following aspects:

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Climate of the place of residence

It is not the same to choose a bed for a city with a hot climate than for one with a cold climate. When selecting the dog bed, if your place of residence is warm the bed should be made of materials that do not give heat. In the coldest places the beds should be made with warm materials, which protect them from the cold and give them warmth.

The size of the dog

The size of the dog directly influences the size of the bed. We should not choose the bed according to the size of the puppy, but the size of the dog when it is adult. The dog should be able to stretch in bed without limbs leaving the same. Otherwise he will not be totally comfortable.

How the dog sleeps

Each dog sleeps in a way so the way you rest is important to choose your bed. If the dog sleeps rolled up it is advisable to choose a round bed. If you sleep stretched the best option is a rectangular mattress


The most advisable thing is that you can dismantle the mattress from the base of the rest of the bed to be able to wash it. There are some beds that have a cover that can be removed to wash it completely. These are the most recommended to keep the dog’s hygiene in order. It is more than advisable that the fabric of the bed is waterproof. In this way liquids that fall into it can be eliminated easily.

Tips for a good choice

The resting place of the dog is necessary for them to have a good development. Dogs spend several hours a day in their bed, and the older they get, the more time they spend in it. That is why it is very important that this place be as comfortable as possible for them.

We must remember that we have to provide them with a winter bed and a summer bed. We change the sheets according to the season and the dogs must also have different beds according to the season.

Elderly dogs spend more time lying down, so we must take into account the age of our dog so that their rest is as comfortable as possible. As well as the materials that makes up the bed, since older dogs are more delicate and need more comfort.

Regardless of the bed model we want to choose, we must remember that it has to be padded. It is very important that the bed has a thick mattress, which is comfortable and isolates them from the floor.

Finally, we must remember that we must wash the animal’s bed at least once a month. Dogs are playing on the street and can bring bacteria or small bugs. The best thing is that the bed has a cover that can be removed to wash it easily.