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Impacts Of Early Neuter Or Spay In Golden Retrievers

Golden Retriever is one of the cutest and most beautiful dog breeds that is basically a British breed of retrievers. This breed is famous because of its golden hair and gentle nature. This is the reason why people love to keep these retrievers with them as their pets. Veterinarian advisors and websites like Golden Retriever News, took great initiative to present authentic information, myths, facts, valuable tips, and suggestions about the golden retrievers. However, many of the owners get their golden retriever spayed or neutered for some reason. According to research and studies, spying and Neutering before the age of one year can lead to some serious health conditions such as cancers and other life-threatening diseases. Dogs being neutered at an early age are more at risk of getting affected by such health conditions as compared to those that are spayed later or never. Here are some of the impacts of early neuter or spy in both male as well as female golden retrievers.

Orthopedic Disease

Spaying and Neutering at an early age can cause some severe orthopedic conditions. Sex hormones are associated with the physical growth and development of living organisms. This is why after spaying, some golden retrievers suffer from hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, ligament disease and some other growth and orthopedic diseases.


A number of neoplastic conditions have been reported in golden retrievers after being spayed. Females suffer from mammary cancer; however, early research suggests that after being spayed, the chances of developing uterine or ovarian cancer in females reduce to 0%. Similarly, in males, after neutering, the chances for testicular cancer eliminate down to 1%. If we summaries the findings of these researches conducted earlier, we can conclude that golden retrievers, if spayed at an early age, are less prone to tumors and cancers as compared to those spayed in old age. But, the latest research and studies have proved these findings wrong. It is true that age is a very important variable that needs to be considered when spaying dogs, but spaying at an early age is not beneficial; rather, it’s dangerous for not only golden retrievers but many other breeds too.

Behavioral Issues

Behavioral issues are another side-effect that is observed in this breed after neuter or spaying. Fear issues were also observed in the golden retrievers that were spayed at quite a young age. Many previous pieces of research suggested that these dogs tend to become less aggressive after spay, but now the research claims that the dogs that undergo this procedure are more aggressive as compared to others.

No doubt, spying and neutering have some benefits that urge the pet owners to let their dogs undergo this procedure, such as reduced chances of developing ovarian cysts, prostate and personal fistulas. In addition, according to the stats, spayed dogs live longer than intact ones, but at the same time, as a pet owner, it is essential to know what’s the right age for getting their pets spayed. Getting your pet neutered at the right age will make sure that your pet gets its actual benefits. As the current studies and research suggest, it is better to wait till your retriever grows a year old rather than risking its life.

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