Most Popular Dog Breeds on Instagram

What are the most popular dog breeds on Instagram?

Any excuse is good to celebrate man's best friend. On this occasion, the reason is its growing popularity in networks. On Instagram, the social network with more pull, especially between generations Y and Z, more and more canine supporters upload and share photos with their pets with more than one billion users.

The search engine for vacation rentals Holidu ( has conducted a study to find out which dog breeds are the most popular on Instagram. It has been a close battle and all races have fought tooth and nail to be the most beloved. The classification, based on the number of mentions, has given the following results:

1. Chihuahua, #chihuahua: 19,378,097 mentions

 1. Chihuahua, #chihuahua: 19,378,097 mentions
As the saying goes, the best essences are kept in small jars. The Chihuahua, the smallest race of all, is the one that manages to steal the hearts of Instagrammers, as shown by its 19,378,097 mentions. Whether in the variant of long or short hair, the Chihuahua does not lack followers, even among the stars and aspiring to be. The Chihuahuas of Paris Hilton are an example of canine celebrity: Tinkerbell, who died in 2015, was the first to conquer the flashes and now it's the turn of Diamond Baby, who already has numerous photos on the social network. Normal, with that name it was clear that he was born to be a star.

2. French Bulldog, #frenchbulldog: 18,518,709 mentions

The French Bulldog is not far behind, and lands in the rankings on the heels of the Chihuahua with no less than 18,518,709 mentions. Again, we are faced with a race of reduced dimensions that gives off a particular charm. Part of that charm is due to its bat ears and its air of faithful companion that makes it irresistible. Therefore, it is not surprising to find so many photos on Instagram where the French Bulldog is the absolute protagonist.

3. Carlino, #pug: 15,374,524 mentions

At this point in the classification it has become clear that the Instagrammers are attracted to the smaller races. The third of the list could not be less, and with his 15,374,524 is the Carlino who takes the cat to the water (canine humor). It is a happy and serene breed that gets along well with other pets, making it perfect for animal lovers in general.

4. Golden Retriever, #goldenretriever: 14,689,728 mentions

Hairy breed with a kind and intelligent nature that causes a sensation among dog lovers and with its 14,689,728 mentions is done with the fourth position. A characteristic feature of the Golden is, as its name suggests, its golden color, which varies from darker to lighter shades, reaching the cream white. Thanks to its friendly nature, the Golden is also very popular among families with children. What is clear is that it is a very photogenic race. You just have to keep an eye on the Instagram photos to see for yourself what kind of panache they give models before the target.

5. Bulldog, #bulldog: 13,732,520 mentions

The Bulldog manages to sneak into the top 5 with his 13,732,520 mentions on Instagram. The term 'Bulldog' usually refers to the English Bulldog and includes dog breeds of greater size and more corpulent than the French Bulldog. They are characterized by deep folds and drooping ears. Their folds make the dogs of this breed transpire a lot in summer, so it is better to give them a truce, lots of water and avoid doing too much physical activity in this time. That must be the reason behind the multiple snapshots in the social network where you can see Bulldogs in poses as comfortable and relaxed.

6. Labrador, #labrador: 13,475,316 mentions

The sixth in the ranking is the Labrador, which with its 13,475,316 follows closely the Bulldog. This breed has in common with the Golden its calm and balanced nature that makes it ideal for families. Even so, it's a dog that loves activity, whether it's strolling through nature or swimming in the water, as innumerable Instagram photos show.

7. Husky, #husky: 12,118,254 mentions

The Husky, or sled dog, is in seventh place with 12,118,254 mentions. This native race from northern Siberia conquers with its beautiful blue eyes, it feels better when it is part of a herd and needs a lot of activity. The most athletic owners are those who most enjoy their Huskies. If you do not like sports so much, you can settle for a look at the photos that star on Instagram. You will fall in love with this photogenic race.

8. German Shepherd, #germanshepherd: 10.103.993 mentions

The German Shepherd is probably the most iconic race of the nineties, when Rex, the police dog, starred in the television series "Rex: A different police" – On the other hand, on Instagram there are many more dogs of this breed that have achieved celebrity status. The German Shepherd is an intelligent and attentive race that has a characteristic protective instinct, which makes it the guard dog par excellence. With its 10,103,993 mentions on Instagram, the race is widely represented on the social network.

9. Poodle, #poodle: 9,973,737 mentions

Anyone, fan of dogs or not, is able to describe a poodle, which already gives a clue as to its popularity. Its curly fur marking the house is its most distinctive feature. Like the Chihuahua, the Poodle is a race of high birth that causes sensation among the chic people. Among the examples of celebrities who have fallen at their feet include Marilyn Monroe and Winston Churchill who, of course, also allowed themselves to be photographed with their furry friends, although at that time there were no social networks to boast of them.

10 . Sausage dog, #dachshund: 9,680,466 mentions

We could not close the list without including a dog as charismatic as the Sausage, which with its 9,680,466 mentions puts the finishing touch to the classification. Behind its elongated shape and its short legs hides a skillful and self-confident hunting dog that requires training. On Instagram, however, that is not the facet that is shown. As with other races, the photos that abound are those that show their most adorable poses.

The ranking has been compiled by the Holidu vacation rental search engine based on the number of hashtags of each race on Instagram . The count was made for 60 different hashtags and the number of mentions was compared (consulted as of: 04.10.2018).

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