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Other aquarium heaters, meant for use with tropical fish, need no adjustment as they are programmed to maintain a constant water temperature of 78ºF. From mini aquarium heaters to submersible aquarium heaters, Petco offers a variety of options to keep your tank at proper temperatures all year long. Related Categories:

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Depending on time of year & the type of fish you own, aquarium & fish tank heaters, chillers or thermometers might be right for you. Shop Petco’s selection here.

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Marineland ML90655 Precision Heater for Saltwater or Freshwater Aquariums, 400-watt

  • This 400 watt heater is for aquariums up to 125 gallons. Adjustable temperature dial allows you to set the temperature 1 degree with every click.
  • Thermal Switch automatically turns off as temperature rises above an internal preset and turns back on once it cools down.
  • The advanced heating element contains a mica core surrounded by a mesh heating element for superior heat transfer with enhanced durability
  • Advanced mounting bracket securely attaches to glass and provides 3 window positions to view the temperature display
  • Easy to view sliding scale tells the exact temperature setting. Top dial view shows the setting from an additional location.

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Petco Submersible Aquarium Heaters Create the ideal aquarium environment for either freshwater or saltwater fish with the help of our slim-line Petco Submersible Aquarium Heater. Designed to virtually disappear when mounted in your tank, this easy-to-set-up heater is made with shatter-resistant quartz tubing and features a variable temperature thermostat.

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Aquarium Heaters & Submersible Fish Tank Heaters | Petco. Up to 4% cash back · Other aquarium heaters, meant for use with tropical fish, need no adjustment as they are programmed to maintain a constant water temperature of 78ºF.

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FREESEA 100 Watt Aquarium Fish Tank Heater with Aquarium Submersible Thermometer

  • ★【100 Watt Heater】: This Aquarium heater is suitable for 15 to 25 gallons aquariums, Length – 13.5 inch,voltage 110-120V, power cord is 4.0 ft, please choose the right wattage aquarium heater according to our size chart.
  • ★【Temperature range】: 63°F~95°F , It is very easy to adjust the temperature you need, we also deliberately give each customer a free diving thermometer, you can observe the water temperature of the fish tank at any time.
  • ★【Intelligent temperature control】:Automatic constant temperature function, when water temperature reaches to specified temperature value, heater will automatically stop heating, when water temperature is lower than the set temperature, heater will automatically start heating. Furthermore, Automatic safety shut-off feature, and overheating protection.
  • ★【Explosion Proof】:★【Note】: 1. Aquarium heater is 100% submersible use only, during its heating time, heater must be 100% submerged into the water.,Please unplug the power supply when cleaning the fish tank or aquarium water changes. 2. Heater rod is suitable for people over 16 years of age. Children or minors should be under adult guidance or supervision. Thickened quartz glass,can be used in fresh water and salt water aquariums,easy to hide in the tank.
  • ★【SATISFACTION GUARANTEED】Gain the confidence to go hard with us! Our Aquarium Heater is built with durability in mind and safety for every design, In the remote possibility that you’re not satisfied with our product, just contact us, and we will gladly give you a new Aquarium Heater replacement. 12 Month Warranty and 24 Hour Professional After-sales Service.

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The heater and thermometer: Place the heater into the tank. Do not plug it in at this time. The best place for the heat-er depends on the type of heater. Clip-on non-submersible heaters that must hang vertically in the tank should be placed as close to the outflow of the filter as possible. Submersible heaters …

Best Seller #3

Uniclife 100 Watt Aquarium Heater with Thermometer, Fish Tanks Heater of 20 Gallon

  • Can be used in both freshwater and saltwater, applicable for 10~25 gallon fish tanks.
  • Adjust temperature by top red knob, range 68°F-93°F. Tube temperature displayed.
  • Water-tight of IP68 sealing. 2mm shatterproof quartz housing, bottom clash-proof cover. (NOTICE: Can’t be used even just cracked a tiny bit, pls contact us for replacement)
  • Measurement 9.7″ x 1″ (L x D). Only allowing for vertical or horizontal installment.
  • Package include aquarium heater x 1; Suction Cups x 3; stick-on thermometer x 1.

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your guide to aquatic success – Petco

Petco recommends starting with a minimum 29-gallon tank. As a general guideline, allow three gallons of saltwater … should be placed on the opposite side of the aquarium from the heater, in a position that is easy to check. Important: See tank tip on next page before plugging in your heater filter, powerheads and

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Submersible aquarium heaters are submerged entirely in the water, efficiently heating both large tanks and mini-aquariums, such as Betta tanks. Some small (under 5 gallon) tanks can be heated with an external heater underneath the aquarium. With heaters from top brands, …

Best Seller #4

Aqueon Siphon Vacuum Gravel Cleaner Medium – 5 Inches

  • Perfect for quick water changes
  • Efficiently separates debris from gravel
  • Self-priming, using up and down motion, to start water flow
  • Includes a clip for attaching the drain hose to the inside of a bucket
  • Suggested for Aquariums: 5-20 Gallons

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LUYS Aquarium Heater, Upgraded 300W/500W Fish Tank Heater with Intelligent Leaving Water Automatically Stop Heating and Over Temperature Protection System, Suitable for Marine Saltwater and Freshwater. 4.9 out of 5 stars 35. $54.99 $ 54. 99. Get it as soon as …

3 Best small aquarium heaters for tiny tanks 1 – 10 …

08/11/2020  · Best small aquarium heater for 6 to 10-gallon tanks. Good news! Once you reach this size, you can use almost any heater you want. But when it comes to precision heating, size and reliability, there is only one aquarium heater you should pick… Check the price. Out of all the aquarium heaters we reviewed, the Cobalt Neotherm was the clear winner.

Best Seller #5

Tetra 55 Gallon Aquarium Kit with Fish Tank, Fish Net, Fish Food, Filter, Heater and Water Conditioners

  • LARGE ENVIRONMENT: Larger environments can house more fish or a greater variety of fish. Maintains water temperature. Essential for tropical fishkeeping
  • KIT INCLUDES: one 55 gallon tank, EasyBalance Plus, TetraMin, AquaSafe, 6” fish net, 200W heater, WPF 60 Filter, Stick on digital thermometer, 24” Tetra hinged hood x 2, 2 plant multipacks and a boxwood plant, TetraCare brochure and instruction sheet
  • LED LIGHTING: Included lighting adds the natural daylight effect to your aquarium, giving you illuminated viewing of the entire space
  • DIMENSIONS: 51.90″ L x 24.40″ W x 16.40″ H
  • WEIGHT: This aquarium tank weighs approximately 79 lb by itself. With water, total tank weight can reach 521 lb.
  • COMPLETE YOUR COMBO WITH THE MAJESTY STAND: The Perfecto Majesty Stand (ASIN: B00BUFU77U) properly supports the weight of this tank, while also providing storage for supplies.

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At Petco, we’re dedicated to helping connect people with pets. If you want to learn to keep exotic aquarium fish, upgrade to a bigger and better aquarium or just find new accessories for your current tank, get started today. Go to one of our physical locations in Redding or browse our extensive selection of online products.

Best Aquarium Heater: The Ultimate Guide in 2020 …

The best aquarium heaters for one person, may not necessarily be for another. The type of heater that you choose will most likely fall down to three main factors; size, cost and personal preference. Size. The very basic rule of thumb is that you need between 2.5 and 5 watts per gallon of water volume.

Best Seller #6

IOAOI Aquarium Heater for Fish Tank 50W for up to 20 Gallons Tanks Shatterproof for Both Marine and Fresh Water Engineering Plastic Tube Outside and Stainless Steel Tube Inside Temperature Adjustable

  • This 50W aquarium heater is fitted with stainless steel tube inside and engineering plastic tube outside to protect against damage. No glass components. Equipped with dry-fire protection device.
  • Temperature range of this tank heater is from 68℉-88℉, adjustable via a simple knob on the top. +/- 1 ℉accuracy. The light will go on while it’s working and off while not.
  • Can be placed vertically or horizontally. BUT NOT TILTED. It will not operate if the bottom is higher than the top. Must be FULLY submerged.
  • Can be used both in freshwater and saltwater. Will not rust.
  • Dimensions of this fish tank heater: Height 8.6 in, Width 0.8 in of the tube and 1.2 in of the top. 6 ft cord.

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Eheim Jager TruTemp Aquarium Heater | fish Heaters | PetSmart

Eheim Jager TruTemp Aquarium Heater at PetSmart. Shop all fish heaters online

Titanium heaters Fish Supplies | Bizrate

Aqueon Submersible Aquarium Heater, 150 Watts. Aqueon Submersible Aquarium Heaters are designed with thermal shatter-resistant glass, making them extremely durable. Each unit has an adjustable temperature dial for precise heating and auto-shut to avoid overheating. more

Best Seller #7

SZELAM 25W Smart Mini Aquarium Heater, Betta Fish Tank Heater Thermostat Warmer Submersible Anti-Explosion/Energy-efficient Water Temp Controller

  • Smart Control- Adopted intelligent circuit board, with a precise temperature sensing probe and constant temperature heating system. No thermometer required, no more operations: Unlike other conventional heaters, need you to manually adjust the temperature. Our Smart Aquarium Heater just plug the power cable then it will work. It works in intermittent operation mode and will automatically turn on/off to achieve the setting temperature constantly and stably, Energy-efficient.
  • Easier to Use- SZELAM Mini Heater different from a manually adjusted heater. Our heater automatic temperature regulate on 73ºF-82ºF(25℃-28℃) , no need to set. Prevent electric shock and burns. Keep you and your family safe. Position it near a strong water flow for whole aquarium are in the same temperature. The outlet of filter is ideal.
  • High Quality- Made by heat resistant ABS housing, sandy quartz filler and MCH Alumina ceramic heating system, anti explosion & cracking, it is scald-preventing for your pets and safe operation for you, safer and more stable to use.
  • Mini Sized- Fully submersible compact betta fish heater Gift with 2PCS Aquarium Decor Artificial Plant. Specific perfect for mini aquarium under 5 gal/20L. SZELAM Mini Heater provide a constant warm for your pet fish to stay healthy, suitable both for fresh and salt water.
  • Quality Assurance- This product have certificated by CE, ROHS, FCC certifications. We provide 1 year quality assurance for this product, we will provide replacement items for any product problems within 1 year after your purchase it.

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No Cooked Fish! The Best Aquarium Heater Controllers

19/11/2020  · If your aquarium heater also has a thermostat, then the temperature controller is an extra layer of safety. 2. The thermostat and sensor are better quality. I have to hand it to modern aquarium heaters – they manage to squeeze a thermostat, temperature sensor and heater element into a tiny product that barely takes up any room in your tank.

Best Seller #8

SeaClear 50 gal Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set, 36 by 15 by 20″, Cobalt Blue

  • Combo includes aquarium, reflector and electrical 24″ light fixture
  • Acrylic aquariums are clearer than glass, 17 times stronger, and only half the weight!
  • More impact resistant and less prone to chipping or cracking than glass, making it safer around children and pets
  • Safe for Salt or Freshwater
  • You won’t believe how your fish and decorations will pop when viewing this beautiful SeaClear aquarium

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Aquarium Heater 300W Watts Submersible Fish Tank Freshwater Saltwater 40-60 Gal. $12.88. … Details about Petco Submersible Aquarium Heater For Fresh Water or Salt Water Aquariums 300W. Petco Submersible Aquarium Heater For Fresh Water or Salt Water Aquariums 300W. Item Information.

PETCO Cascade 300 Watt Submersible Heater. 12 Inch For 75 …

Shop with confidence.,300 Gallon Aquarium Heater – 13 results like Jager Aquarium Heater – 300W – 20 in – 159-264 Gallons, PETCO Cascade 300 Watt Submersible Heater. 12 Inch For 75/125 ,PETCO Cascade 300 Watt Submersible Heater. 12 Inch For 75/125 Gallon Aquarium – 1245252 – 2 Sellers Found – Lowest Price: $19.99 – : Heaters

Best Seller #9

Marina Submersible Aquarium Heater, Betta Fish Tank Heater, 25-Watt, 11230

  • 25-Watt submersible heater for freshwater or saltwater aquariums
  • Easy to read temperature settings
  • Impact-resistant glass design; waterproof sealing
  • Includes bracket with suction cups for easy, secure installation
  • Bumper guard to protect fish

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The next step is adding a filter. Placing the aquarium filter on the back of the tank, I recommend placing the intake as close to the center of the aquarium as possible. Your next step is adding the aquatic heater. Now your heater should come with a minimum water recommendation line, seeing at the top of the heater …

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It’s also imperative to look into aquarium heaters, especially for when it’s colder out. The EHEIM Jager Aquarium Thermostat Heater is ideal for marine and freshwater fish. What makes this fish tank heater extremely versatile is the fact you can use it for starting tanks all the way up to 16 gallon aquariums.

Best Seller #10

Aqueon 100106252 Preset Heater,Black, 100W

  • Preset to 78 degrees, appropriate for most tropical fish.
  • Fully submersible, shatter-resistant construction
  • Automatic safety shut-off avoids overheating and damage
  • LED indicator light displays when actively heating
  • 1 year warranty
  • 100 watt is recommended for 20 and 30 gallon aquariums

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Aqueon Submersible Aquarium Heater, 150 Watts. Aqueon Submersible Aquarium Heaters are designed with thermal shatter-resistant glass, making them extremely durable. Each unit has an adjustable temperature dial for precise heating and auto-shut to avoid overheating. more

Water Heater Petco

Your Healthy Aquarium – Pet Supplies – Pet Products – Pet … To test your water at home. PETCO recommends API Water Test Kits. FISH CARE TIP Check your fish weekly. for any signs of illness. the filter and set heater between 80-82 . degrees. To treat fish, add API Freshwater Salt as directed. PETCO recommends . … Access Content

Aquarium Heater Size Guide – The Spruce Pets

For the heater wattage, the basic rule of thumb is to use between 2.5 and 5 watts per gallon of actual water volume in the aquarium. However, often more wattage is required, depending on how much you want to raise the temperature.

Ace unit doesn’t have to pay Petco in aquarium fire claim …

01/08/2013  · In May 2007, an aquarium heater malfunctioned at a plant owned by Minneapolis-based Medtronic Inc. and caused a fire. Medtronic sued Petco, from which it had purchased the heater…

Top Fin Plastic Aquarium Heaters Recalled by PetSmart …

The black cylindrical-shaped heaters are about 1.5 inches in diameter and about 13 inches tall. "Top Fin Premium Aquarium Heater," the model number and the heater’s wattage are printed on the side of the heater near the top. The lot number is printed beneath the words "Made in China." All lot numbers are included in this recall.

Petco 100 Watt Submersible Aquarium Heater | freshwater …

The shatter-resistant quartz tube has been ,Aqueon Submersible Fresh/Salt Water Aquarium 150 Watt Heater 55gal; Aquarium Heaters; Aquarium Heater 25W 110V Mini Fish Tank Water Submersible Adjustable Automatic,ShopWiki has 17 results for PETCO 200 Watt Submersible Aquarium Heater, including Petco 200 Watt Submersible Aquarium Heater (For Aquariums up to 55 gallons; 200 …