Rabbit Toys: Which is The Best of 2021?

Rabbits are animals that have been gaining a place as companion pets, thanks to the fact that they are very affectionate and adorable. As their popularity grows, so does the knowledge about these pets. And it is known that they are intelligent animals and that they need toys to get out of the tedium that life in a cage can mean.

There are several toys created specifically for the fun of these rodents. And they have different functionalities. Also, it is good that they have materials that are not toxic because rabbits gnaw their objects and sometimes swallow pieces of those toys. In this article you will be able to know the options that this market has for your rabbit.

The most important

  • Rabbits are very intelligent animals. Even if they don’t protest, their life in a cage can be very boring, so give them encouragement to make their days fun.
  • There are toys to develop the mind, others to exercise the body and other special ones to bite and file the rabbit’s teeth.
  • It is important to take into account the size of the toys, the functions they have and their materials, which must be natural. These are key factors to consider when shopping for a toy for your rabbit. We will see it in more detail in the last section, dedicated to the purchase criteria.

The best rabbit toys on the market

  • Best Tree Shaped Rabbit Toy with Hanging Carrots
  • The ideal tunnel-shaped and portable rabbit toy
  • The best activity toy for rabbit
  • The perfect game board with snacks as a toy for your rabbit
  • Best Solid Ball Rabbit Toy

Best Tree Shaped Rabbit Toy with Hanging Carrots

This tree, with carrot-shaped pendants, has been made with grass and corn husks. Both materials are safe for pets. In addition, it has been created with safe dyes and non-toxic glue. It measures 40 centimeters long and 33 cm wide.

Buyers appreciate that their rabbits are entertained by this tree and that it helps them keep their teeth filed. Of course, if your rabbit gnaws more than necessary, it will last a short time.

The ideal tunnel-shaped and portable rabbit toy

This play tunnel has been created with small animals such as rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs and kittens in mind. It has 3 entrances and a top opening at the intersection of the 3 aisles. It’s foldable and portable – it’s easy to fold when you need floor space.

It has waterproof polyester material and is machine washable. The rings that give the circular shape are made of metal. Unfolded, it measures 73 X 34 cm.

The best activity toy for rabbit

This product consists of three balls of different designs and made with 100% natural materials of reed, hyacinth and rattan. No glue, plastic or metal. The objective is to prevent boredom in your pets, being able to chew on the balls without being harmful to their health. Each of them is 3 x 8 centimeters in diameter.

The perfect game board with snacks as a toy for your rabbit

This product consists of a game board with seven small holes covered. The objective is to hide food in these holes, which will be your rabbit’s reward when he manages to lift the covers. The diameter of the product is 20 centimeters. It is recommended for beginners and for rabbits or other small animals.

It is easy to wash. Inside the holes you can put food that the rodent loves, such as apple or carrot.

Best Solid Ball Rabbit Toy

This is a ball made of solid wood. Your goal is to entertain the rabbits, give them a chance to gnaw to keep their teeth healthy. It has small holes where small pieces of food can be inserted. This will make the animal have to be a strategist to get the pieces of food out of the holes.

It is a thick ball, but 7 cm in diameter. It is suitable for rabbits and weighs little, so that it is easy for the animal to move it.

Shopping Guide: What You Need To Know About Rabbit Toys

Rabbits are very tender and affectionate animals that give little homework. Therefore, they have become an ideal pet. To make your life more entertaining, rabbit toys are a good accessory. In these lines we will help you learn more about these products and about your adorable pet. And we hope to answer the most common questions about it.

What are rabbit toys and what are they used for?

Rabbit toys are utensils created for the purpose of entertaining these rodents. It is still a small market, since until recently many people were not aware of the enormous need that a rabbit has for play and activities.

Rabbits need toys to move around and keep their body and mind agile. The sedentary life for these rodents can damage their brain, and also their body, because it can lead to the animal to gain weight. There are different types of toys that can be integrated into a hutch. They can be tunnels, wooden balls and interactive games in which to find food.

Why does my rabbit need toys?

You have to know that rabbits are very intelligent animals. Even if you see him very calm for hours and he spends a lot of time in his cage without protest, if you give him the right tools, he can be very active. And the lack of mental stimulation can lead them to have health problems and feel enormously bored in their day to day.

There are veterinary experts who claim that rabbits need toys even more than cats or dogs. And it is that while those mentioned have more options to go out or look for the advantage, these rodents spend long hours in their hutches. The goal is to improve the quality of life of these precious animals.

What different functions can its toys have for a rabbit?

When choosing toys for your pet, you should bear in mind that there are many functions that these objects can fulfill. Rabbits need toys to move around and keep their body and mind agile. Or to bite down and keep your teeth healthy. In the table below you have a summary of the functions and which toys to use.

Can it be dangerous for my rabbit to gnaw plastic toys?

When you don’t provide the necessary tools to gnaw, a rabbit will chew on other objects. Normally, a large part of the toys are made of wood and natural elements. And it is that, when gnawing, the animals ingest the material of the object. This leads to the need for you to provide objects made of materials that cannot harm the animal’s health.

At the same time, prevent your rabbit from chewing on pieces of plastic, rubber, or fabric. The pieces you eat can be really bad for your stomach. There are a large number of materials that will not harm the organs of the digestive system, such as the wood of many different plants. Or others that are not easy to break.

What benefits does gnawing on toys have for a rabbit’s teeth?

Rabbit teeth are open root, meaning that they grow constantly throughout their lives. It is curious that they can increase their size up to 1.2 centimeters per month. For this matter, it is necessary to put items that can gnaw within reach of the animal so that it will wear down its teeth.

There are diseases such as malacclusion, abscesses or anamnesis that are produced by excessive tooth growth. They can be avoided with chewable objects that are made of natural materials. If not, you may have to file the teeth at a vet, a practice that can be very annoying for the animal and that can pose risks.

What food can I hide in toys that stimulate a rabbit’s mind?

Some of the most common toys for rabbits are those in which you need to find treats, such as small pieces of food. In them, the animal has to guess how to get to its reward, thus stimulating its imagination and intellect. And that makes it a lot of fun for them.

What problems does obesity cause for a rabbit and how to avoid it with toys?

As we have already seen, some of the toys created for rabbits offer the opportunity to keep the animal active. Thus, it will be avoided that it can lead to obesity problems. If you offer encouragement to this adorable rodent, you will make it move more and that will be beneficial to its health. It should be noted that being overweight brings additional problems. These are:

  • Hygiene. The rabbit will not be able to clean itself properly because it does not reach all parts of its body. These animals are very clean and they only groom themselves often. But if they are obese they cannot. Lack of hygiene can bring additional health problems.
  • Skin problems Obesity also leads to the formation of folds in the skin. These can get damp from lack of ventilation, leading to itching and general skin problems.
  • Arthritis. It is common for a rabbit to get arthritis as it ages. Obesity aggravates it and that limits the mobility of the animal.
  • Pododermatitis. Excess weight means that the feet have to carry more kilos, which can cause injuries to the rabbit’s feet. Stones in the bladder. You have to be careful with this health problem-
  • Nutrients Fewer vitamins in your body, since obesity leads to cecotropes not being absorbed. Cecotropes provide important nutrients and help keep your digestive system in balance.

How many hours a day should I take the rabbit out of its cage to use its toys?

Although a rabbit can use its toys inside the cage, the whole day if necessary, it is very important that you allow it to spend a few hours outside of it. Remember that a cage is a home in which your pet feels protected. In addition, the rabbit also needs access to new stimuli and experts recommend that you give him the option of walking around the house or garden.

If you can, take it out the longer the better and with some supervision so that it does not chew on toxic objects. Some vets talk about giving him a minimum of two hours a day of freedom. It is worth mentioning that there are rabbits who love their routines and going out will not be a great motivation for them. But it may be the opposite. You know your pet better than anyone.

Is my rabbit sick if he doesn’t play with his toys?

If you see that, even if he has enough stimulation, your rabbit is listless, moves little and ignores his toys, he may be sick. Rabbits have a natural tendency to chew and dig, and if they don’t, there may be some irregularity. If he is old, he will do it less, of course.

If you see that nothing works, you can take him to the vet. He may have a medical condition or simply that you are not offering the necessary stimuli. Experts say that a happy rabbit jumps, rolls on the ground, gnaws on objects around him and rummages through his hay or makes holes. It is important to see it animated, because that means that you like your home.

Purchase criteria

As we have already seen, toys are essential elements for your rabbit. Maybe even more than many would have thought. Due to its importance, it is necessary that when you go to buy these products you do it in a conscious way. Next, you will find the most important criteria that you must take into account when deciding your purchase.

  • Size
  • Materials
  • Features
  • Form
  • Color

It is important that a toy fits the size of your rabbit. There are different races in these animals, which vary their size considerably. If a toy is too big, it will be difficult for the animal to handle or play with it comfortably. The same goes for toys too small for large rabbits.

Also, considering that many of the rabbit toys are created for fun gnawing. If the target is very small and the animal has large teeth, it will last too short a time. Try to adjust the toy also to the space offered by its cage or the size of the room in your house where the animal usually plays.

This issue is probably the most important when choosing a toy for your rabbit. Keep in mind that there is a good chance that your pet will chew on the whole toy and even eat the pieces. So make sure that the object is made of natural materials and that they are not toxic or do not carry paints. The most common materials are:

  • Wood from various trees
  • Natural cotton for ropes
  • Polyester (common for play tunnels)
  • Sisal rope
  • Herb
  • Corn husks

There are several main utilities for your rabbit to have fun. It is good to have several styles so that the animal can decide which one he likes best based on his hobbies or interests. As we have seen previously, the most important functions of rabbit toys are summarized in these:

  • Exercising the mind: Objects with which you have to be a strategist to get a prize like fresh fruit. They can be boards with covered holes or balls with holes where food can be introduced.
  • Exercising the body: Objects that motivate you to run. There are balls, saucers, ramps, or tunnels with multiple entrances.
  • File teeth: Tools for this important task. Thus, you help him to file his teeth so that he does not have problems with their length later.

The shape of the toys you are going to choose must be based on the usefulness of the toy. Always try to make it a comfortable chew toy for your pet. And, even if you buy utensils for another purpose, there is a great possibility that your pet is going to bite it. Better to do it with his toys than with something that is not created for this purpose.

It is common for rabbit toys to be the color of the material that was used to make them. The reason is because these objects cannot be toxic. In case they are colored objects, make sure that the manufacturer specifies that the ink that has been used has a natural origin and cannot harm your animal.


The life of rabbits indoors can be very long, since they will have their basic needs covered, but it can also be very boring. In addition, it may seem that these animals are always calm. But even if they protest little, they are actually very intelligent and need the help of objects to keep them entertained.

Rabbit toys, created with different purposes, will be a great ally to make your pet’s life not boring within its walls. Also, a rabbit has to file its teeth to be healthy. Toys will help you in this task. Also, allow him a few hours a day outside his cage to play, something that he will love.