The 7 Reasons Why to Adopt a Cat

Here are 8 reasons to adopt a cat. Which are yours? | Flickr

Are you thinking about adopting a cat? Do not think about it another second! Discover all the benefits of doing it.

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Surely if you've gotten here is that you already have some ideas that justify one of the best decisions you will make in your life. But you may still lack one last push, a handful of arguments to wield when your grandmother of the town asks you why you did it. Why did you adopt a pussycat? Fixed that you have a mental list of all the immense benefits that will bring you (and him too, of course). In case you had not noticed the following, here are a few reasons. They are neither better nor worse than yours, they are ours. And if you add them to those you already have, when you finish reading you just have to get out of the way to the nearest animal shelter.

For solidarity

In 2017, 33,378 cats were collected by the protective societies in Spain. It's a figure from the annual study presented by the Affinity Foundation. And if the number seems high, we will tell you, to the great disgrace, that the figure has not experienced much variation in recent years. The stagnation of the number of animals who are rescued from the street speaks of a very serious problem that we suffer and that is far from remitting. And, yes, the number of cats is always significantly lower than that of dogs collected (102,234 in 2017) but this is due to several reasons. There are cats that live in colonies and that are not collected, the general sensitivity is higher towards dogs than towards cats (that classic and erroneous argument of "a cat can survive more or less well on the street") And direct abandonment influences dogs more than cats.

Why are they ordered

Cats love routines and anxiety does not go with them. A cat it will not destroy anything and will tend to do the same thing every day at the same time.

Yes, they adapt to any space.

Because they adapt to spaces

They do not need a large space, and can be accommodated in the most unexpected places of your house, either in height or at ground level. It will look for its corners in which it will spend long hours without you noticing his presence. Because, effectively, cats are very silent animals.

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Why can they stay alone (longer than a dog)?

It's not about you going to Cancun on vacation and leave it to the minimum alone. You can not do that without looking for a place to spend those days when you are not. But, a weekend? No problem! You will not have to worry about where to leave it. Why the best place for him will be his house. That is, yours. If a family member can visit you, the better. But, with food and water, nothing will happen for a couple of days.

Because they are excellent companions of children.

Yes, yes, we already know that dogs of course can be too. In any case, the relationship of the child with the cat will be different, a "friendship" more based on mutual respect. The arrival of an adopted cat will teach the child values as solidarity (for adoption) and can be started more easily than with a dog in the care of animals, having to worry mostly about providing food and water and brushing, avoiding the process of having to take it out on the street.

Because they are agile

Maybe you're wondering why this is an advantage. We assure you that you will spend hours enthralled – or gawking – watching your cat do his monerías. The agility and self-sufficiency of these animals is amazing and they keep it well into old age.

Because they are beneficial for health

Okay, this statement may sound more debatable to you. But there are many studies that show that living with a cat is good for the health of humans. They say that your company increases our self-esteem, it improves our mood (especially in those days when we do not feel like getting up), it prevents allergies in children and … well, you will even find arguments that defend that prevent our risk of heart attack. Who knows!

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Because yes, they can live with dogs

It's time to finish with one of the biggest myths of the cats and that more against him has always gone. A cat can live perfectly with a dog. More than anything because in 80% of cases it will ignore it, and in the remaining 20% ​​it will share certain games. It is enough to accustom each one to the presence of the other and that's it.

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