You have decided that a puppy is the next addition to your home and family. You have seen many cute puppies and you have loved each and every one of them. Puppies For Sale – So where do you start?

Before your heart melts and your reasoning skills go out the window when facing those sad and yearning puppy eyes, there are important facts that you should consider so that when that adorable puppy becomes a complete dog, this emotional love continues.

1. Determine your needs

This factor is vital to ensure a long successful life with your cute and new puppy. A happy dog ​​with an equally happy owner is the result you are looking for when considering your needs.

* Think about what size you want your future canine BFF to grow. If you have a small house or live in an apartment, do you really think that a Great Dane is your best partner?

* If you avoid exercising like the plague or if you don’t have open spaces for a dog with exercise like a Dalmatian, you will surely find damage resulting from a very boring and energized puppy.

* Are you outgoing, constantly on the move, surrounded by people? A dog of a reserved and shy nature is probably not a good option for you. Matching the personality of a race with theirs is a sure bet for a harmonious relationship?

* Very important if you have children or expect to have them in the next decade or so. Surprisingly, not all dogs are suitable for children, nor do all children admit dogs. A dog that is calm is a better option for children. A lesson in respect for puppies taught to young children definitely makes the home quieter.

2. Adoption vs. Breeder

The volumes are written on this subject for a good reason. There are millions of perfect and affectionate pets slaughtered every year because they don’t have a home and shelters often can’t afford to house them all. Too often it is for one or more of the reasons discussed above. People simply did not take the time to choose the right dog for their needs and instead make a momentum decision when seeing cute puppies they cannot resist. You can visit your local shelters before deciding to buy a puppy from a breeder. The right puppy or dog might be waiting for you to come!

Breeders are often desired when people choose to buy a puppy, especially those who feel that a purebred dog is what they need. Be very selective and discriminatory when considering raising. There are many different levels of breeders and again it is important to choose a breeder that suits your needs. If you’re not going to show your dog or keep raising your baby later in life, a frontline breeder may not be something you have to consider or pay for expenses. On the other hand, a quality breeder is important no matter what. Ask a lot of questions; carefully inspect your dogs and all areas of the facility when you visit them. If they are acting as if they had something to hide, they probably do. Buying from a bad breeder earns you nothing and allows a poor breeder to continue in business. You may be able to save a few dollars, but the long-term cost with health problems is not a saving at all.

3. How to buy a puppy: do pet stores mean a puppy?

In general, the consensus is yes. Much has been said and written about the atrocities of puppy mills. The “breeders” are not breeders at all, but quick profit seekers who are only interested in producing many puppies quickly and as cheaply as possible. Sadly, the result is careless, mistreated and unhealthy dogs and puppies. Too often, pet stores operate on the same principles, volume as quality, and puppy mills and pet stores work hand in hand. If you consider buying a puppy at a pet store, reconsider. If you cannot resist, continue very carefully. Before buying a puppy, get more information about it at

4. How to buy a puppy – Buy online

Generally speaking again, the consensus is that you do not buy a puppy on the Internet, unless it is the beautiful Bernese they sell on There are many ways in which “breeders” can paint a beautiful picture and weave a story that has no real measure. These breeders often offer to send a puppy anywhere so you never have to visit its facilities. When considering the condition of puppy mills, this makes it very convenient for a breeder who operates with deception.

5. How to buy a puppy: choose your new puppy

You have determined your needs and eliminated the races that simply will not work. Hopefully you have a list of the races that will congratulate you and your lifestyle, such as beautiful farmers. You have an idea of ​​where you will buy or adopt your cute puppy. Now is the time to let emotions enter! What races on your list do you prefer? Are there any that stand out or a few? Still undecided? Maybe a visit to a dog park would help. Often, the way a dog interacts with its owner is similar to the way that breed interacts in general. Another option would be to invest in an economic book about a specific race to help you decide. This can help you choose the best dog for your family.