Deworm Pets
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The New Campaign that Will Convince You Why You Should Deworm Pets

Protect your pet’s health and happiness with our new campaign on the importance of deworming. Learn about how to get started today.

That is why we want to present you the new image of the web, in which we have included all the information related to deworming of cats, the risks that exist and the parasites that can affect them. It will be linked, in this way, to what you could already enjoy about deworming the dog.

Next, we tell you the news that we have prepared for your furry friends and for you.

Deworming the dog and deworming the cat are the objectives

We expanded the web to add information about internal and external deworming of cats. As we do with dog parasites, we will help you distinguish between internal (worms) and external (ticks, fleas and other mites) so that you can find out how you’re pet can be infested and how it can affect its health.

You will be able to know, with first-hand information, the risks to which your furry is exposed. And, in addition, to which your family and you are exposed, since many diseases of dogs and cats caused by parasites are zoonotic, that is, they can be transmitted to people and affect our health.

For all this, we recommend that you go to your veterinarian and ask him about the Double Monthly Protection, that is, the internal and external protection of your dog or cat.

If you still do not know where parasites hide or you think that if your pet does not leave the house, it cannot have parasites, it is time to know that in our environment there are numerous parasites that are highly harmful and even life threatening.

Also, you can find out the risk that your pet has against the most frequent parasites, answering 6 questions of the test about the lifestyle and its environment.

Why do we recommend a monthly deworming?

Since the life cycle of certain parasites is approximately one month, when there is a risk of infection by them, monthly deworming is recommended. And if it is also the Double Monthly Protection, you can protect your furry from the most frequent internal and external parasites in your environment, at the same time.

Also, if you want we to remind you when to deworm your pet and other important days, write down all the dates in the reminder and we will notify you.

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