Bernese Mountain Dog
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Things You Need To Consider Before Buying A Bernese Mountain Dog

Is a Bernese Mountain Dog right for you? Discover the key factors to consider before buying. Make an informed decision for a happy pup.

One of the cutest things, I have ever seen was a Bernese Mountain puppy. It looks like a miniature teddy bear. However, this adorable puppy was not cheap with an $1800 purchase price. The demand is great and the supply is limited, therefore the high price. Also, there is often expensive screening for hereditary diseases. Many people are on a waiting list of 6-12 months to get a new puppy, so price must not be an issue. Most Bernese Mountain dogs go for $800 – $2,000, with most going from $800-$1500

This wonderful large dog was almost extinct at the end of the 19th century. The Bernese Mountain dog was first brought to the United States in 1926. They are tri-color and aristocratic in appearance with a bushy tail. Bernese Mountain dogs are slightly longer in body than they are tall. With all of their hair, they shed all the time. This is a dry mouth breeder and not a drooler. As you would expect, they thrive in cold weather.

They were originally working farm dogs. They have lots of heart and seek to please making them fantastic therapy dogs.

The bad news about the high price is a short lifespan for these 100 pound dogs. Many Bernese Mountain dogs fall to cancer and only live 6-7 years. Occasionally, some will live over 10 years. Also, hip and elbow disease is common in this breed.

They love to be around people especially children, but they are independent. Many people are concerned with Bernese Mountain dogs with children because they are herders. This behavior does not lead them to trying to herd kids. However, their intelligence is often using to manipulate their owners.

Bernese Mountain dogs are sensitive and impressionable. It is easy to train these dogs, but you must use only positive training techniques. They have excellent memories and bad and or scary experiences are hard to overcome. Keeping the training sessions short will prevent boredom.

Most puppies will adjust to other pets in the family. Bernese Mountain dogs are not prone to excessive barking, but they don’t do well isolated from people and activity. Like most large dogs, they need a job to do or they could be destructive. Playing with other dogs or themselves when they feel energetic is common for this large but agile dog.

Bernese Mountain Dogs take a considerable amount of time to make them a good family dog. If you are looking for a pet to stick in the back yard and leave alone, this is the wrong dog for you.

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