Types And Brands of Natural Food For Dogs And Cats

Types And Brands of Natural Food For Dogs And Cats

Natural eating is an increasingly widespread trend and the reason is that its positive effects on health are proven. After all, what is natural is healthier and better for the body. So if you are looking for a brand of natural food for dogs and cats, in this post we help you find it.

If natural food is healthier for you, it is also healthier for your pet

What do you prefer: a pharmacy pill with a vitamin C concentrate or have a good fresh orange juice every morning? It is clear: the natural is healthier and, in addition, it is also usually more appetizing. And that is something that happens both in food for people and for pets.

When we talk about natural food for dogs and cats, or natural food for pets , we refer to those foods that do not include artificial ingredients in their composition.

Types of natural food for dogs and cats

There are many ways to feed your pet, so it is worth having them clear before choosing:

1- Natural feed

There is a wide variety of brands of feed on the market, but not all are equally natural.

How to recognize a natural feed for dogs or cats?

If you are looking for a natural feed, then you have to look at its composition and make sure it does not include:

  • Artificial colors.
  • Artificial preservatives.
  • Artificial flavors.

Another basic aspect of what is considered natural food for dogs and cats is the fact that it respects the natural nutritional requirements and tendencies of dogs and cats. That is, that the recipe has meat as the first ingredient and not cereals, for example.

Do you want to find a natural feed for your pet? Here you have where to choose.

2- Dehydrated food

In addition to natural feed, there are practical and delicious natural pet food options, such as dehydrated diets.

This type of diet consists of dehydrated natural ingredients to which water is added at the time of the meal.

If you want to try dehydrated food for your dog or your cat, go here .

3- BARF diet

In the line of natural food for dogs and cats, you can opt for the so-called BARF (Biologicaly Appropriate Raw Food) diets .

BARF diets are diets mainly composed of raw foods and respecting the carnivorous nature of dogs and cats.

Natural Food Brand Guide

Now that you know the three natural diet options available to you, to help you choose, here are several examples that will ensure an optimal diet for your pet:

Brands of natural food for dogs and cats

Fidelity, natural food for dogs and cats

Fidelity is a newly created brand. It has an exclusive range of food for dogs and cats that is 100% complete and balanced, made with fresh meat and fish. But if Fidelity stands out for something, it is for its exclusive formula called NATURE BOOST®, which contains a combination of natural extracts with biological properties that provide health benefits for dogs and cats.

You can see the entire range of natural food for dogs and cats from Fidelity here.

Natura Diet

Natura Dieta is a high quality natural feed, manufactured in Spain with natural ingredients and that follows the nutritional profiles of the food that dogs and cats, or their ancestors, would eat in the wild or semi-wild state.

Edgard & cooper

If you are looking for a high percentage of fresh meat in the recipe, this brand may be a good choice. And, if in addition to natural food you are concerned about nature in general, Edgard & Cooper uses recyclable packaging and fights against plastic.


Acana recipes are based on the idea that the internal structure and digestive system of cats and dogs is the same as that of their wild ancestors (wolves and wild cats). In this sense, the natural food for dogs and cats Acana has high percentages of protein and excludes hyperglycemic carbohydrates, vegetable proteins and synthetic additives.

Natural diet for dehydrated cats and dogs


AltuDog is a natural food for dogs of all breeds made with fresh, high-quality ingredients. It contains first-class fresh meat, which provides highly digestible proteins, as well as fruits and vegetables, which provide vitamins and minerals naturally. In short, all the essential nutrients that your dog’s body needs to be healthy and reduce numerous diseases, allergies and food intolerances. AltuDog is a 100% natural, delicious, complete food for dogs without chemical additives.