Why Adopting a Puppy Is a Better Decision Than Buying One

Your children have been bothering you for a while to have a little furry friend of their own. After much reflection, you’ve decided that they are mature and responsible enough to take care of a living creature on their own.

The only problem now is choosing the right dog for your kids. You’re looking to get a puppy. 

Is adopting a puppy or buying one from the store the way to go? You’ve been told that rescue dogs have problems that store-bought ones don’t. You’re also worried about the temperament of a shelter dog.

Let us put those concerns to rest. Check out this guide to learn why you should adopt a puppy instead of buying.

You’ll Save Furry Lives

When you adopt a pet puppy, you save multiple lives. It’s unfortunate, but dogs can only stay in a shelter for so long before they are euthanized.

When you take a rescue pup out of the shelter, you stop the staff from having to make such a choice. You also make room for another dog to take their place and give them the chance to go to a loving family.  

Adoption Is Cheaper

Why Adopting a Puppy Is a Better Decision Than Buying One

You can spend thousands of dollars buying a puppy from a breeder. Why dish out that kind of money when you can get a perfectly good rescue pup from a shelter? 

The adoption fee is never more than 50 dollars or so. Each puppy has already gotten all its vaccines. Some shelters even go the extra mile by having them spayed or neutered for you. 

While you can get some pure-bred pups from the shelter, most of them are mixed breeds. Mixed breeds get a lot of flak, but the truth of the matter is they have fewer health issues than pure breeds. That saves you tons in vet bills.

You’ll Have a Perfectly Good Pupper

Many people believe that dogs land themselves in shelters because they have behavioral issues. We’re here to tell you this isn’t the case. A lot of dogs are abandoned by their owners for one reason or another. 

There’s nothing wrong with the dog. Besides, the shelter staff monitors a puppy’s behavior. They’ll be able to tell you if they won’t get along with your pet cat or if they aren’t great with kids. 

This way, you don’t end up investing in a puppy that you can’t handle. 

Adopting a Puppy Is Your Best Bet

It’s every child’s dream to have a puppy of their own. When it comes time to choose a pet for your child, adopting a puppy is going to be your best bet. 

Not only do you save the lives of amazing dogs, but it’s also cheaper to go this route. Head down to your local shelter today and find your child’s next best friend. 

That rescue pup is going to need plenty of tender love and care. Check out our blog daily for tips on how to keep your dog happy and healthy.