Why Does my Cat Sleep With Me?

Many humans are used to sleeping with their cats and describe this experience as a relaxing and pleasant sensation. But what prompts cats to settle on our bodies when they see us lying down? We discover it in today’s post.

cat sleep with me

6 answers to the question Why does my cat sleep with me?

Each person and each cat has their own tastes. Some love to sleep soundly, without anything or anyone bothering them. On the other hand, there are those who need the contact and warmth of another being to fall asleep. Next we will talk about the 6 common reasons why your cat sleeps with you.

  1. For safety and protection
    Cat independence is not incompatible with kittens’ need for play and affection. Cuddling together with their caregiver provides cats with an important feeling of security . Felines, although they appear to be asleep, are usually alert to everything that happens around them. He thinks that, after all, in their hearts they are still predators, fearful of any unforeseen animal attack. Your cat is not aware that in the home, nothing bad can happen to him. Thus, lying on your chest, neck, stomach, back, feet, legs or head, you know that you can sleep soundly, free of any danger. Your cat sleeps with you because that allows him to turn off the alert that prevents him from fully relaxing.
  2. Physical and mental comfort
    Depending on whether they are adults or puppies, cats can sleep between 12 and 20 hours a day. Cats are so sleepy that throughout the day they have time to doze off in different parts of the house. But your cat is a gourmet and will not settle in just any place, it will look conscientiously for the most comfortable, soft and cozy rooms. So if you ask yourself “Why does my cat sleep with me” , perhaps he could answer you with another question: And what better place than the body and bed of my beloved human? Do not hesitate, next to you or on top of you, your cat feels in glory. “Why does your cat sleep a lot? Because you need to reserve your body heat and your energies for the truly engaged moments.
  3. Heat and warmth
    Cats love warmth and hate cold. Proof of this is to see them as they go in search of the sun’s rays that filter through the windows. It seems as if the body asks them to lie down and doze in the warm places of the home. During the day they take advantage of the warmth of the star king or the sofa that you have left warm when you get up. They also run to lie on their bed or shelter , on their blanket , or rest next to the heater radiator . But, when night falls, they run towards the bed of the human companion, in search of the warmth of his body.
  4. Protective instinct
    Cats are said to have a protective instinct, capable of sensing if we are stressed for any reason. When they detect that something is wrong, it is not strange that they nestle on top of the stressed human to comfort him with their warmth and gentle purr. It is his way of transmitting his positive energy to us and counteracting the negative that invades us. That your cat realizes your distress and wants to help you is something surprising and touching. Without a doubt, an attitude that further strengthens the ties between the two.
  5. Love and happiness
    Okay, cats are very much theirs, some more than others, and they choose the moments, but they also need human warmth and seek it on their lap to settle in their long naps or at dusk. That is one of the main answers to your question: “Why does my cat sleep with me?” Of course, when they are left alone at home, cats practice the art of dozing in other places or comfortable surfaces in the home, although somewhat colder. Therefore, when you return from work, your feline will look for the first opportunity he has to get close to you, warm up with you and show you all his love and happiness with his touch.
  6. The scent of your home
    Another reason why felines are attracted to humans and love to perch on their bodies is their smell. The olfactory capacity of kittens far exceeds ours, let’s say it can be multiplied by four. In this way, they, even if they don’t see us, know where we are and when they need us, they soon find us to feel our fragrance and warmth. For your cat, the scent of his home is you, you know! You may be interested in our post Why do cats sleep on top of people? , where we advanced the theories of some British scientists on this topic.

    To sleep or not to sleep with cats?
    There are many cats that love to rest on their human, especially when the cold rages, but this is a personal decision that we must make if we really want it and feel comfortable. Whether feeling the warmth of your feline on top or well sheltered in its rest area, happy dreams!