Why my Cat Does Not Want to Eat And is Down?

Why cat has no appetite? I Pexels

Yes lately your cat is not eating, it may be for one of these reasons. Know them and solve the problem as soon as possible.

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Do you feel your sad cat? Do you notice that your cat does not feel like eating? Do you get home and hide? If you have an affirmative answer (or several) to these questions, it is very likely that your kitten is suffering in silence. disease. At no time do we want to alarm you with this, but -according to the veterinarians of the Lindo Pulgoso Clinic- these moods are signs of ailments. Stay with us to know how to react before these feline situations that break our hearts to humans.

Following the thread of the conversation we have had with the Asturian experts, the owners of the cats should keep in mind that these pets are self-sufficient and independent. However, there are moments that involve a knot in our stomach especially if we notice that our feline he does not want to eat at the same time we find him every day melancholy and absent.

There are many causes that imply a behavior similar in cats. For this reason, it is important to go to vet from the minute you feel that your kitten does not eat or drink since a good diagnosis is key to solving the disorders and pains (in the case of having them) without later complications. Antón Muñiz ensures that the owners of the animals should never play doctors since the opinion of a professional can change and improve the life of the cat in a matter of seconds. The veterinarian states that the reasons for a cat to be decayed, to hide and not to eat -some do not drink either- are different in each cat and range from easily curable diseases to serious alterations.

1. Mouth problems

The tartar, the gingivitis and dental resorption are able to remove the desire to eat your pussycat because these diseases are caused by a huge amount of bacteria that your cat has hidden in your mouth and … you unknowingly!

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2. Allergy

This point is directly related to the intolerance from your cat to some kind of food What are you eating. How to detect it? Veterinarians advise checking your cat's hair to see what condition it is in. The moment you notice that there are bald or cutaneous buds, take it to the doctor because something is causing an allergic reaction that is taking away the desire for everything.

3. Stress

Did you move out of the house or did you just adopt your cat? These factors are very important when assessing the appetite of your feline because they generate stress and, this ailment is not friend of a voracious appetite!


As happens to humans, the same happens to cats. When we are depressed, we lose the desire to eat. Maybe your cat is suffering in silence the loss of a loved one be it cat or person.

5. Intestinal problems

These are directly related to intestinal balls or the possibility that your cat has swallowed an object. Both cause intestinal obstructions that take away the appetite of cats. But it is not the only thing, also your feline can vomit and be very sad since he is not well and that is the way he has to tell you.

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6. Poisoning

Unfortunately, this is the most serious cause since there are many cases that end badly. If you have the suspicion that someone poisoned your cat at the same time you notice that he stops eating, drinking and hides behind the sofa without any reason visit the veterinarian as soon as possible. In those cases, time is money.


The first thing you should do is go to the veterinarian to be an expert to verify what happens to your cat. Afterwards and with the problem clarified, it is essential that leave your feline calm at meal times, you put fresh water throughout the day and give him the odd whim in the way of food. For example, what cat can resist a can of tuna made with all the affection of the world to make it happy?

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