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5 Essentials That Help Me Run A Profitable Pet Business

Unlock the secrets to pet business success! Discover 5 essential elements for running a profitable pet business and watch your venture thrive.

Profitability Is The Respiration Of Business – Okay, so this is an old analogy, but it’s something that is really worth thinking about for anybody running any business, but specifically for those of us who are involved in the pet industry one way or another.

An obligate ram ventilator is a creature that uses forward motion to help with respiration. Basically, some fish—like the great white shark—have to swim to breathe. Any business is the same, but substitute “breathing” for “profit”. You’ve got to make money to survive. Profitability is the respiration of business, and that’s as true with pet a business as any other.

With that in mind, in this writing a few ways of making profitable “respiration” for your pet business will be explored. These are some basic common sense tips, but a few include a bit of insight you might not have considered. There are a lot of opportunities for pet businesses out there; hopefully at minimum the following points stimulate your imagination.

1. Love Of The Job: You’ve Got To Be An Animal Person

First, if you don’t love animals, why are you in the pet business? Also, do you love the animals you’re working with? If you’re running a dog grooming service, but you’re a cat person, that’s kind of ridiculous, wouldn’t you say? Not only must you love animals, you must love the animals you’re working with regularly.

Now that’s not to say all businesses handling pets are made of employees and owners who love the animals they deal with. Just think about doctors: there are physicians out there who are really cynical about humanity. There are veterinary services who have similar avenues of thought defining how they operate.

You don’t want anything to do with anything like that. If you’re not an animal person, working with pets is a terrible idea. That’s a given. However, just because you’re an animal person doesn’t mean you love all animals. Figure out the pets you love, and build your pet business around serving them.

2. Remain Up-To-Date On The Latest Trends For Pets

Not to be graphic, but there was a trend where glittery “necklaces”, let’s call them, were being used to, shall we say, “bedazzle” the area right at the bottom of a feline’s tail. If you dare, look at them here.

Now, for most people, that kind of thing is going to immediately strike them as a terrible idea. Indeed, the website where you could buy these is no longer up; so the trend seems to have imploded; probably owing to health concerns and a lack of agreeability among felines forced to endure such “bling” by their owners.

Still, you need to know if trends like that are going around for your business. As a vet, you may want to advise against them. Conversely, if you were selling pet accessories, this might have been something you sold for a while; it does depend on your business at a certain point. Either way, you want to be up-to-date on what’s defining the “pet industry”.

3. Provide Multiple—Sometimes Surprising—Services

Your pet business needs to branch out as you master core provisions. For example, a dog grooming service might partner with a business like Instapainting to provide customers with quality portraits of their four-footed family members. Such a business might also sell brushes and other grooming implements. Figure out what collateral provisions fit your pet business.

4. Determine Whether To Serve Specific Pets

Maybe you run an obedience training school for dogs, maybe you run a feline daycare. Maybe you run both. Sometimes it’s best to only serve one sort of pet, sometimes you want to serve multiple animals.

The more you serve, the greater associated infrastructural expenses will be; but then again, you should see increased profit as well. Find out your “cruising altitude” here.

5. Hire The Right People

If you love pets and you’re doing everything right, but the only hired help you can find is some “gothic” teenager who has a bad attitude, that might not be good for your customers, or the pets they bring to your business. Definitely, be sure to source the right personnel for your pet business.

Finding Rhythm As A Pet Business

There are a lot of different ways to run a business around pets. Regardless of the way you’ve found to make it work for your situation, you want to love what you’re doing, stay up-to-date, provide diverse and sometimes surprising services, determine what sort of concentrations define what you do, and hire the right people. Get the mix right, and you’ll be profitable.

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