Easy Pets to Take Care of While Studying At College

Easy Pets to Take Care of While Studying At College

Busy college life? Find the perfect low-maintenance pet! Discover easy pets to take care that won’t stress your schedule.

Studying in college can be an uphill task, and during that time, several people find Comfort in pets. Animals Tend to Be a good source of companionship and fun, and therefore, that makes it a good idea to get yourself a friendly pet while you’re in college. Here are some of the best pets that you can have in your college dorm, crafted by domyhomework123.com.


Fish are beautiful creatures, and they are silent and colorful, which makes them top the list of pets to have in a college dorm. Fish can give one a sense of companionship, enlighten the living room, provide entertainment with the patterns of swimming and colors, and provide better destruction if you need to take breaks from reading. However, for you to start keeping fish in the college dorm, you need to keep in mind that you need not have large aquariums because they can get messy if you don’t take care of them well and that also the dorms have got a limited amount of space. Keeping that in mind, you can go for the goldfish or Tetris.


If you want a fun pet to have around and interact with, this is the best choice. The rodents and are great for kids, but students can also enjoy their massive advantages. They are small in size, and therefore that means you’ll need not have a lot to invest in their enclosures, but you can also fit them on a shelf. The animals are not aggressive, and they are much cleaner the most animals, and they don’t even mind cuddles. Ensure that you don’t keep them in wire mesh cages because they might grow frustrated and even want to escape.

Hermit crabs

If you’re looking for more activity than the fish, this is a perfect choice for you because these creatures also live in aquariums, which minimizes all the space they need to move around and brings down the mess to make to a lower level. Ensure that you monitor their habitat for Humanity and temperature changes which means that you need to invest in a hydrometer and thermometer.


These creatures are very interactive, but they require a high level of maintenance than the hermit crabs. Turtles Can freely move from their tanks and can walk. Caring is also much of a learning curve because they are Hardy creatures and are most active and interactive. There are several sizes of turtles, and you can choose between the medium-size or the large ones.


These small and friendly animals can get kept in the college because they do not necessarily require complicated enclosures or cages. Baby animals do not rely on a special diet, and whenever you are busy, they can always entertain themselves. One thing about them is that they very interactive and therefore you need to provide them with several toys and tunnels. For a day or two, they can get to tolerate the absence of their owners, but they tend to grow lonely after that. If you’re a student full of energy in other animals, that is the best choice for you, and you can also have them by your side whenever you’re doing your homework. If you wanted to socialize them correctly, then they can be very affectionate.

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