5 Tips For Crossing Dogs of Different Breeds

5 Tips for Crossing Dogs of Different Breeds

If you are a lover of dogs and promote their reproduction, you should take into account these tips to cross dogs of different breeds.

It is possible to cross dogs of different breeds but it has its difficulty . When planning the sexual reproduction of two specimens, the entire cycle of the female must be taken into account above all. There are physical conditions that simply make procreation impossible between some different dogs. Pet experience and even character often play a role.

Owners with ambitions to breed dogs of various breeds must ensure that the best conditions are met. The ideal thing is to promote the meeting when the dog is at its most fertile point . The subject is not that straightforward and taking it lightly can backfire. Next, we will explain some tips.

Low-force crosses are the best

In nature we see crosses that simply happen accidentally or spontaneously . This is desired, since the mating process is not forced on the participants. However, there are others that are very difficult, forced and can cause damage to pets.

The dogs involved must be in good health

This goes beyond the breed: when crossing dogs, the right thing to do is that both have the best possible physical condition . In this way, procreation will take place more easily and without so much pressure on the animals. Therefore, before arranging the act, the right thing to do is to do a check-up with the veterinarian.

Be careful with the size

The difference in sizes between the two specimens must be considered . A very large dog can cause damage during sexual intercourse to a small breed dog. In these cases, procreation is also difficult when faced with the possibility of having very large puppies. These can die trapped in a very small womb and complicate the life of the mother.

Look for already verified crosses

Multiple studies, experiments and knowledge have been made on the practice of crossing dogs of different breeds. For example, there are breeds that when mixed allow a generation of healthier and stronger dogs . Some crosses have the objective of obtaining a litter that overcomes the congenital illnesses of its parents.

Crossbreeding dogs: consider the female cycle

This is a fundamental rule in every cross, regardless of the breed of the animals. But when the races are different this is usually much more important . Ideally, the female is in heat and in the period of greatest fertility; It should be noted that this measurement can change in each dog breed.

In any case, it is always important that both copies feel comfortable and do not suffer any abuse in the process. Dogs without experience in breeding can have difficulties to carry out the sexual act . In any case, you must always have a lot of patience.