5 Tips For Hiking And Camping With Dogs

5 Tips For Hiking And Camping With Dogs

A dog is truly a man’s best friend. With a furry companion, it’d only be a great idea if you could bring them with you wherever you go. Apart from bringing your dog out for their daily walks, you might also want to tag them along if you’re planning to go hiking or camping. In this way, you’ll have a new bonding experience and be able to enjoy your adventures with your dog.

Hiking and camping with dogs would always sound like a fun idea. Apart from enjoying the natural view, you also get to have a companion with you, making the adventure more exciting. However, if it’s your first time tagging your dog along with you, you should take proper precautions for a safe experience.

Moreover, listed below are the tips for hiking and camping with dogs:

1. Check The Area Rules

Before you begin training and packing for your things, you should first confirm with the area if they could allow dogs to be with you. Some trails and wilderness might not let dogs, especially that it can be dangerous for your little pup. However, some may choose to allow pets to tag along, given that you put them on a leash and a diaper.

Ideally, you should check the rules and regulations about bringing your dog to the place. If they don’t allow your furry companion to be with you, you should consider looking for a more dog-friendly area.

2. Always Put Your Dog On A Leash 

No matter how well-trained your dog is, you should never free them as temptations could be right around the corner. If it’s your dog’s first time to be out in the woods, they might be able to see plenty of woodland creatures they’d like to play around with. If it interests them, they might chase them until they get lost in the wilderness.

To avoid losing your dog or causing them any harm, you should always put your dog on a leash. You can just choose to free them if they’re inside your tent or provide a longer leash if you’re planning to stay on your spot to roast marshmallows and play outdoor games with your family. For a safer option, you could bring an extra leash with you if your old one breaks. Along with this, ensure that your dog tag has your complete details in case they get lost.

Always Put Your Dog On A Leash

3. Bring A Dog Bowl

While some people choose to feed their dog on the ground since bringing a dog bowl with them would be an added weight and another thing to wash, you should opt for a bowl instead. If you feel your dog on the ground, they might think that everything they can find would be safe to consume. Along with this, they might also munch on some poisonous plants, which can put their lives at risk.

Ideally, you should bring a portable dog bowl with you that can be folded inside your bag. You can just clean it with water or bring biodegradable wet wipes to remove any food residue. Additionally, you should also carry an extra for their water needs.

4. Provide Proper Training

Just because you can walk for long hours doesn’t mean your dog can do the same. Even if your dog can walk non-stop for an hour when you bring them to the park, putting them in the woods might be a different scenario for your dog. The last thing you want to happen is to go on a hike and see your dog extremely exhausted, making you carry your pet to your destination or even impose health concerns.

Before hiking and camping, you should begin by having training walks and day hikes to make your dog feel comfortable with the next big thing. Along with this, you should also watch out for signs of dog exhaustion as your dog might not be able to tell you they’re exhausted until they pass out.

5. Bring Dog Necessities

As you bring your dog to a hike, expect the heat to be intense, which could burn your dog’s paws. To prevent any discomfort, you should have dog booties. Apart from sun protection, you can also protect your dog from stepping into sharp objects, which can cause bleeding and infections.

You should also bring a dog first aid kit as you can never anticipate what accidents might happen during your trip. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Moreover, you shouldn’t forget to bring enough dog food, treats, and water to fulfill their needs.


While the idea of bringing your dog with you for a hike or camp may sound exciting, you should prepare thoroughly for it. In this way, you can have a smooth and fun experience rather than face extreme circumstances, which you might not be prepared for.