Buy a Dog Online: Recommendations to Avoid Problems

Buying certain dog breeds online at a cheaper price may be due to being stolen or sick.

Ensure that a licensed dog is purchased, check that it is purchased from professional breeders and agree on sale conditions that guarantee the welfare of the animal are three key aspects to ensure the safe purchase of a dog through the Internet. Animals are part of the digital market. The Network has become a showcase where everything is bought and sold. However, if we do not take precautions when buying a dog in the online market, we can be victims of fraud and protect our money business that does not ensure the welfare of the dogs. Acquiring certain breeds at cheaper prices may be due to the fact that the animals are stolen, are sick or lack the pedigree (purity of the breed) that is ensured.

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Sale of licensed animals

All animals that are acquired through the Internet must have a timely license. The fact of negotiating in the distance, without knowing the people who sell us the animal or checking the conditions in which it is, is a good cover for those who intend to cheat the consumer. The lawyer of the Protective Society of Animals and Plants of Madrid (SPAP), Arancha Sanz, explains that “most people who are engaged in the sale of animals through the Internet are not licensed, which is reportable because they must comply certain legal requirements.”

Along with these circumstances, it details how the pedigrees “also become a catcher to give cat to hare to those who buy a dog through the Internet, because more money is charged for pedigrees that are not such.” According to data from the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU), more than half of Spaniards (55%) who have dogs have opted for a purebred animal, while 19% have mixed-breed animals (mixed breeds) and 16%, a dog that is not of any race.

“Bullterrier puppies are purebred, I deliver them under veterinary supervision, wormed, identified with a microchip, really economical! With the shipment, I’ll give you your travel bag, do not think twice and call me as soon as possible.” Thousands of ads like this swarm on the Net. However, on average, Spaniards spend 325 euros to buy a dog, although there is a considerable difference in price with respect to a dog with a pedigree or breed certificate. If the animal is sold with this certificate that certifies the purity of its breed, it costs an average of 419 euros, while a dog that lacks a pedigree costs an average of 155 euros, that is, less than half.

Acquire the dog to dog breed breeders

The breeder’s breeds are the safest way to buy a dog with pedigree. These professionals know well the peculiarities of the breed that breed and meet the legal requirements that ensure the welfare of their animals. In addition, there is the possibility of visiting their facilities to verify that the dogs are healthy and well cared for.

In case of contacting a professional breeder, you may be asked to show the opening license granted by the town hall corresponding to the animal sales centers. And you should always collect the bill after purchasing the animal, to be able to claim in case there is a problem.

Not acting in this way could imply a possible irregular situation regarding the sale of animals on the Internet: be complicit in the over exploitation of females to have more litters than those recommended for their health, in order to obtain greater economic benefits. There are also cases in which dogs are acquired at reasonable prices and without pedigree, in countries such as Romania, and they are awarded pedigrees to sell them more expensive, while other times this type of business becomes a cover for the sale of stolen dogs .

Sales conditions that guarantee the welfare of the animals

One of the requirements that municipalities require to grant an opening permit to a center for buying or raising animals is to meet certain criteria, such as obtaining the declaration of a zoo nucleus. This implies that the establishment has adequate hygienic-sanitary conditions, something fundamental to guarantee the welfare of the animals.

On the contrary, when the purchase is made through the Internet, it cannot be verified if these conditions are met. The Network prevents knowing if the company has an opening license or, if it keeps dogs in its facilities, has a zoo or veterinary service to care for the animals.

Those who do not care for the welfare of the animals they sell often deliver them sick or keep them in inadequate hygienic-sanitary conditions. Even, it is a report able situation. Arancha Sanz recommends reporting these situations to anyone who detects anomalies in the sale of animals on the Internet “so that it does not happen again, because there are many irregularities with the trade in animals on the Internet”. However, he argues that “with all the animals that expect a home in the shelters, nobody should opt to buy, and less on the Internet, but to adopt.”

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Tips for buying a dog

  • Request the official sanitary card, which includes all possible information about the dog such as: breed, pedigree, vaccinations that have been applied and deworming status, although this is often practiced after the purchase. The booklet must include the stamps of the veterinary clinics, with the number of the corresponding medical collector.
  • Demand a document where the buyer states that the animal is healthy.
  • Once the dog arrives home, it is advisable to take him to the veterinarian to do a check and check that his health is adequate.
  • The dog must remain with the female, at least, until two months of age. If the animal is sold before in an establishment, it will not be a recommended establishment.
  • If you want a certain breed, you should go to a specialized breeder.
  • If you buy a dog with pedigree or purebred, you must request the certificate that accredits it.