Can Dogs Eat Apples
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Can Dogs Eat Apples?

Explore the wonders of dogs and apples: Can dogs eat apples? Uncover the answer, health benefits, and safe practices. Learn more today!

Apples make a great snack for humans, But Is it actually safe for Dogs?

My answer is a Simple YES!

Dogs can for sure have apples, and it’s completely safe for them if you follow the steps and precautions below. 

So read this article completely before you start feeding apples to your dog because there are some things you should absolutely keep in mind for the safety of your dog. 

Are Apples Good for Dogs?

Apples are good for dogs as nutritious snacks, and there are some considerable amounts of Goods that your dog can gain by eating apples. Also, they are relatively cheap.

To be clear, Apples contain a good amount of “Vitamin C,” “Carbohydrates,” “Phosphorus,” and are high in “Fiber.” 

These help your dog in many different ways;

  • Vitamin C: is great for immune function.
  • Carbohydrates: is a great energy source.
  • Fiber: helps in blood sugar regulation and digestion.

Chewing apples can reduce bad breath in your dog, maintain a clean teeth, and reduce the risk of cancer and joint disease.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Feeding Apples To Your Dog

There are certain things that you should keep in mind before you feed Apples to your dog, and those are:

  • Before you start feeding, make sure to wash the apples thoroughly, they can contain pesticides or herbicides.
  • Take off the stem and the core.
  • Cut the apples into slices which will make it easier for your dog to eat.
  • Make sure to remove the seeds before you serve them.
  • Never feed the whole apple.

Follow these steps before you feed the apples, and absolutely make sure to take off the seeds because they contain cyanide which is toxic and can cause issues in delivering oxygen to the body.

Also, it is advisable to take off the stem to prevent the risk of choking hazards. 

Never feed too many apples to your dog as it can cause Diarrhea and Bellyache and if your dog is suffering from cancer, avoid feeding. 

Can Puppies Eat Apples?

Absolutely!! Just like its adults, puppies can also eat apples but make sure to keep an eye while they eat, especially if it is for the first time. Even Brandon McMillan in his Dog Training Masterclass talks about how natural fruits can help in dog behavior issues.

Can Dogs Have Apple-flavored Products?

I won’t recommend you to do so, Apple-flavored Products often tend to use artificial flavors and products like Apple Juice, Applesauce and Apple Chips contain high amounts of sugar, which can spoil the teeth of your dog, significant weight gain, and diabetes on top of that they are dehydrated and have no fiber.

Suppose if you want to feed any Apple-flavored Products, Always check the labels and instructions before you start feeding. 

However, It’s best to feed your dog organic rather than apple-flavored products.

Homemade Apple Based Treats For Dogs 

Homemade treats are great for dogs if he has gotten used to it and yes there are Apple-based treats that you can feed your dog, these are some of those:

  • Oat and Apple Pretzel 
  • Kale Apple Mint Dog Treat
  • Apple Crunch Pupcakes
  • Homemade Apple Chips

So these are some of our favourite recipes and the best homemade Apple Based Treats around that you can feed your furry ball.

Also, keep this in mind even if it is homemade these treats will also contain sugar.

Are There Dogs That Are Allergic To Apples?

Apples contain protein and dogs are allergic to protein, but this might rarely be the case, however there is risk, incase if your dog is allergic to apples it can lead to major conditions like anaphylaxis. 

If you see any signs of allergy in your dog like difficulty in breathing,sneezing, coughing, immediately stop serving apples to your dog and visit the VET as soon as possible.

But, these kinds of things are rare and to be completely thorough dogs aren’t typically allergic to apples.

Anyways, whenever you feed apples make sure to follow the steps mentioned above and always feed apples in moderation, never as a full meal. 

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