Cat Brush: Which is The Best of 2021?

We love cats. Surely if you have entered here and read this guide, you will also like them. They are adorable animals because they keep us company at home, they fall asleep in the most unexpected places (on the Internet router, for example) and they are very clean, in addition to not having to take them out for a walk.

Of course, they require care that, although it is not as excessive as that which must be provided to the dog, it does have its crumb. Here we are going to tell you everything about a cat brush: what it is, its advantages and disadvantages, how to use it and many more questions. We want to provide you with all the information you need so that the relationship between you and your pet is optimal.

The most important

Cat Brush
  • Taking care of your cat’s health is your duty as an owner. It not only consists of feeding him and keeping his litter box clean, but also taking care of his fur. You have to brush it once a day, it doesn’t matter if I have short or long hair.
  • One of the benefits of using a brush for your pet is that you keep the house free of dead hair. We imagine that you know what we mean, you just have to take a look at the floor of your house, the sofa and your clothes.
  • We recommend that you approach the brush in a moderate way. Do not pretend that the first time your cat knows this instrument he will be calm. We know that your pet does not like the novelty since everything that is to get out of the routine and the pre-established does not take it well. At the end we present a buying guide to know which brush to choose.

The best cat brushes on the market: our favorites

A utensil of these characteristics is not comparable to a human comb, since cats need to shed their fur, especially in spring, to cope with other temperatures. Of course, dead hair will be left where they can: on the floor, on sofas and more places in your house. Not to mention his daily baths and hairball vomiting.

  • The best brush for short-haired cats
  • The best brush for long-haired cats
  • The most functional cat brush
  • The most comfortable cat brush
  • Best stainless steel cat brush

The best brush for short-haired cats

Weight: 170g. Size: 16.5cm x 10.5cm. Blue and black colorway. It is a stainless steel bristle brush and non-slip plastic handle. Perfect for use with short and medium haired cats. Removes dead hair by up to 90%. Its effective action lies in its application on dry hair, not working well with wet coat.

The manufacturer offers a satisfaction guarantee for 45 days from the purchase of the product. It is an ideal brush for cats to prevent tangles and remove excess hair, as well as being easy to wash. As the quills are so short, there is no problem of rubbing it over your pet’s skin, even offering a good massage during the grooming process.

The best brush for long-haired cats

Weight: 225g. Dimensions: 18 cm x 12.6 cm x 6.7 cm. This brush is made of three materials: stainless steel, TPR and ABS. Green and black colorway. It is an ideal product for pets with medium and long hair. It has short steel teeth that are easy to clean: they are retracted with a button on the front of the brush.

Likewise, it also has an ergonomic non-slip handle, to be able to grip the comb with ease and not harm your pet. Another advantage of this product is that, having such fine bristles, it encourages the blood circulation of your cat, offering a relaxing massage as long as hair growth is followed.

The most functional cat brush

Weight: 18.1 g. Dimensions: 23 cm x 15 cm x 2 cm. Color: you can choose blue, red, green or pink. A mitten that performs two functions: extract dead hair and give your pet a relaxing massage. It has 180 silicone tips, excess hair sticking to the glove. Due to its soft touch, your cat will not take long to get used to brushing.

The cat brush is intended for medium and short haired felines and does not work effectively on long haired pets. It is a one-size-fits-all glove, with a velcro on the wrist to adjust correctly. When you finish using it, you can detach the hair obtained in a simple way, since it remains adhered to the mitten and matted together.

The most comfortable cat brush

Weight: 118 g. Dimensions: 10 cm x 5 cm x 2 cm. Color blue. It is a brush with stainless steel bristles and a plastic handle, ergonomically designed and with non-slip material, for a better grip. This makes you avoid having to squeeze the comb against your pet, which would do a lot of damage. A daily use of 15 minutes is recommended. Useful against dandruff and tangles.

Best stainless steel cat brush

Blade length: 6.7 cm. A comb for cats with long hair or more than 4.5 kg, made of stainless steel and ergonomic plastic handle.

An ideal product to prevent knots and tangles, since it is able to access both the upper and lower layers of the coat. Recommendation for use: once or twice a week for 10 or 15 minutes.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About The Cat Brush

Cat Brush

As you have seen, buying a brush for your pet can have some other complications. Far from consisting of buying the first comb, you should analyze the characteristics of your cat: size, age or length of the coat, among others. Next, we solve the most frequent doubts in this area.

What is a cat brush?

It is a tool designed to help your pet in its grooming and hygiene work. The cat is a very clean and independent animal, since it likes to do everything by itself. One of the things she does especially well is washing and combing her hair. Being so elastic, it reaches places on your body that were unsuspected by us.

But everything has a limit, since on some occasions you will have to help him, as a good owner. For example, if you have a cat with very long hair, chances are high that sooner or later it will choke on its own hairballs. In that case, in addition to giving it malt, you can brush it daily, as a prevention method.

What are the advantages of the cat brush?

Do not think that if you have a short-haired cat you can avoid going through this process, since, curiously, the shorter the coat, the more your pet falls, especially in the process of shedding (from spring to autumn). . That is why we recommend you invest in a good brush for kittens. Here we detail the advantages of using a brush for your pet.

  • Eliminates dead hair, as well as dandruff (which is the allergen par excellence, along with dust and pollen from plants) and all kinds of dirt.
  • Prevents hairball choking.
  • Encourage your cat’s blood circulation, making your hair look healthier and stronger. This in turn causes them to drop less.
  • By brushing him every day, his muscle tone improves over time.
  • By removing dead hair, your skin will be better oxygenated.
  • Maintains a smooth, knot-free coat, contributing to heat retention.
  • In this way, you investigate if they have parasites, such as fleas or ticks, as well as wounds on their skin.
  • It will improve your pet-owner relationship, strengthening stronger ties.
  • Brushing your cat will make it identify that moment with when it was a puppy, when its mother groomed it.

How to use the cat brush correctly?

We know that cats spend many minutes a day shamelessly grooming themselves in any corner of the house. But, did you know that you can help him in that work? With a good daily brushing you can avoid many problems, both digestive for him and hygienic for your environment. We tell you some tips on how to apply the brush on your pet.

  • First of all, feel their fur to identify possible knots and tangles, which will make the brushing process a bit difficult.
  • In case there are too many, you can always enlist the help of a specialized stylist. However, in many cases you can solve the problem by carefully cutting those tangled strands. Don’t worry if it looks bad, hair grows fast.
  • Be careful with the eyes, nose and ears, as you can hurt him. Also check that your pet has no skin wounds.
  • When you’re ready, gently slide the brush in the direction that the hair grows. In this way the follicles are not damaged.
  • Try to run the brush down his back first, as it is a place where he does not reach with his tongue.
  • The sooner you get your pet used to these moments, the more he will enjoy. As you already know, the cat is an animal of habits and routines, so use that to your advantage.
  • When you’re done brushing him, offer him a treat (a fish kibble or some malt). In this way, you will identify that this moment is good.
  • It goes without saying that the comb should always be clean, so that after each session it is convenient to wash it well.

How to use a cat brush if my pet is very nervous?

There will always be animals that are suspicious or not very affectionate, that do not enjoy the brushing process or that simply get very nervous. If that happens with your pet, you will understand that you need to take note of some precautions every time you have to comb him. That is why we offer you some quick tips.

  • Choose a safe site. Cats need their routines and habits to have their reference points and not be on alert all the time. That is why it is preferable to brush him in a place where he is comfortable and has already been before.
  • Before you start, gather all the material that you think you will need. There is nothing worse in this case than having your pet almost convinced and having to get up for a tool.
  • Keep a treat handy, especially if your cat has a really hard time. If you give him a meal that he likes at the end, he will quickly get used to it.
  • Gently and from less to more. It is also beneficial that you accustom your pet to a specific time every day.
  • As he gets used to it, you will see that it will be less and less necessary to reward him with food, just a few good caresses.

What types of cat brush are there?

When you want to buy a comb to groom your pet, many doubts may arise and you may find yourself with a few questions, such as: what type of brush does my cat need? Do I need one or more? Is it preferable that I do it or do I take my pet directly to a specialized hairdresser?

That is why you need a lot of information. We have taken the trouble to classify the different kinds of cat brushes, in such a way that you can identify the one that best suits your furry. Below you will see a table with 6 types of combs.

What happens if I don’t use a cat brush?

There are some animal owners who do not have a utensil like this in their homes. The consequences of not using a good comb for your pet are many and all negative. Not only because he could choke on hairballs, but also because he may have trouble shedding. We show you a list with some more consequences:

  • Your house will be dirtier. Cats cannot help shedding fur, it is part of their nature. Instead of blaming him, you could help him in his hygiene process with a good brushing daily, or every other day.
  • You will not keep a parasite control on your pet’s skin.
  • It will have knots all over its hair (if your pet is long-haired). This will cause it to be shaved, with the consequences that it has, such as possible skin problems.
  • Your cat will be more irritable because he will feel bad about not being able to clean himself properly.
  • You will be missing wonderful moments, although brief, with your pet. Brushing your cat is more than removing dead hair.
  • It will pass heat, not being able to optimally change the excess hair.
  • Your pet will be less likely to be in good health, as the comb stimulates circulation, gently massaging his skin.

Why is a short-haired cat brush necessary?

If you are like the vast majority of mortals, you will believe that a short-haired feline does not need a comb. Big mistake, since that belief brings many hygiene problems, both in your animal and in your home. Do you have a house full of hair? Do you see yourself in the position of passing a roller that takes all the fluff from the coats? Your cat is missing a daily brushing.

Previously, we have described reasons for daily grooming your pet, as well as possible consequences of turning a deaf ear to the recommendations. And it does not matter that your cat does not have a medium or long coat, since it still has hair, which means that the risks are there: hairballs, dirt, allergies or possible infestation of parasites, among others.

Do I buy a brush for long-haired cats or do I take him to the groomer?

We understand that there are many pet owners who do not have time to take their feline to a groomer, but we are sure that you do have 5 or 10 minutes a day to brush it calmly. Many times neglect, ignorance or forgetfulness cause more than one dislike. In this question, we have a slightly complex answer.

And it is that not everything is black or white. For example, if your long-haired cat is full of knots, you should take it to the groomer to have it shaved, so you can brush it daily and its hair will grow normally. If this is not the case and your cat still does not have knots, do not worry about brushing it yourself. In this guide we detail how to comb your feline.

Is it better to buy a cat brush or bathe it?

Cat Brush

Cats are not animals that are used to bathing with water and shampoo. They prefer to groom themselves by running their rough tongue all over their body. In this way, they are always groomed and ward off bad smells. That is why for 98% of the occasions it is recommended to have a brush for your pet on hand and help him with the hygiene work.

There are certain times when it is appropriate to bathe your cat. For example, when it is stained a lot (with oil or some liquid with toxic substances) you should run it through soap and water. In these cases, remember that it is not a dog, since the reactions of both animals are as different as night and morning. Here are some little tips:

  • Take a dry towel or non-slip mat and place it on the floor.
  • Fill the bathtub with hot water. Do not put a lot of water because your cat can get scared with the depth. We want him to calm down, not make him more nervous.
  • Taking special care with the eyes and ears, gently wet the body.
  • Apply the special shampoo for cats. If possible, try to use one that does not contain odors. Of course, it is forbidden to use that of humans, because they are of different pH.
  • Once the soap has been applied, rinse it off (see the product instructions, especially if it is a shampoo for fleas and other parasites, because you may have to leave the shampoo on for a few minutes).
  • Keep in mind that, as soon as you release your cat, it will try to dry itself as it can, shaking itself or leaving everything lost. You can anticipate this situation by taking it to a warm room and drying it yourself with a dry towel. It is very likely that you will get nervous with the noise of the dryer, so we only recommend using it on those animals that are used to it.

Purchase criteria

The moment of truth has come: buy the brush for your pet. After reviewing the shopping guide, you finally decide to take the plunge, but now another question comes: which is the most convenient instrument? Let’s see below what characteristics have to be met in the cat brush, depending on what your feline needs.

  • Use
  • Pet type
  • Reliability
  • Material
  • Accessories

First of all, you have to ask yourself exactly what you are going to use this tool for. And it is that any comb you choose will not do everything. There are tools to remove superficial hair, others to remove knots and some aimed at maintaining the coat. If you want, you can take a look at the table we wrote in the previous section again.

The intention to use the comb will determine the price and satisfaction, both you and your pet, at the end of the first brushing. Consider gradually accustoming your kitten to this utensil, since, as you well know, prevention is better than cure. Trust us, you’d rather invest in a good brush than a vet.

Pet type
Another fact to consider when you need a brush for cats refers to the characteristics of your pet. As we could see above, when brushing long hair, you should choose a stainless steel brush. In this way, the blade will successfully penetrate all layers of the hair and will reach where a mitt, for example, cannot.

If, on the other hand, you have a short-haired feline, a brush that is too hard is probably not convenient, as it can irritate the skin or directly cause injury. With short fur it is convenient to use a brush with a massage function. In this way, you will be able to quickly remove all that dead hair that can fall to the ground.

Before looking exclusively at the price, you should spend some time choosing the most suitable comb. We are not saying that you always buy brand name instruments, we just want you to feel satisfied with the purchase. And don’t worry because you can have and use more than one brush, as your pet’s needs may change over time.

There are some manufacturers that give you money-back guarantees, stating that, in case you buy it and finally it is not useful, they will give you your money back without questions. It is an option to consider, and it may even be decisive in this case. The important thing is to ensure the health and hygiene of your pet, in addition to your pocket.

There is not only stainless steel when it comes to brush for cats. Perhaps a silicone comb is better for you to adhere hair and dirt (mitten type). Or maybe plastic, especially for pets with short or medium hair. And finally, you may need a rubber one.

The secret lies in gradually introducing the good habit of brushing. Anyway, choose the brush you choose, check that the material is resistant. Normally, the handle of the brushes is usually made of thick plastic, designed with ergonomics in mind, and with a non-slip surface for optimal grip.

Not all combs and brushes for your pet are the same. In the section dedicated to the classification of the best products, we were able to offer you details about such interesting accessories as a retractable or hair eject button. There are some, especially silicone ones, that allow you to remove hair and dirt with water.

You could take these accessories into account and, when the time comes, make a decision: spend little and waste time cleaning the comb or invest a little more money, with the convenience of purchasing a product that takes less maintenance. Remember that, over time, the hair that remains in the brush reduces its effectiveness.


We all love cats. They are calm animals (except when they suddenly run through the hallways of the house). Even those moments are endearing. All the more reason to take care of them, protect them and give them everything they need. And one of those needs is a good daily brushing. Your language, after all, is not enough.

We assume that, by now, after all the tips, products and recommendations that we have detailed, you will be more than decided as to which brush to buy. But remember that what you can read on the Internet can never replace the word of a veterinarian because he is the expert and knows how to effectively take care of your pet.